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Listings of Entrisphere by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
210-0004-01210000401Entrisphere Refurbished CLEI SBTSCG0DAB
250-0005-01250000501Entrisphere Refurbished 250000501 Entrisphere GTX module 8-Port SFP GBIC module SBUIAB5CAA CLEI SBUIAB5CAA
100-0009-01100000901Entrisphere Refurbished 100000901 Enterisphere BLM1500 Chassis DC power SBPQABVJAA CLEI SBPQABVJAA
150-0008-01150000801Entrisphere New ERICSSON BLM T101G SFU GPON ONT 2 POTS 1 ETH SBM3S00CRA CLEI SBM3S00CRA
210-0001-02210000102Entrisphere Refurbished 210000102 Entrisphere FAB Module NGC2UVHHAC CLEI NGC2UVHHAC
210-0003-02210000302Entrisphere Refurbished 210000302 Entrisphere CKM Module NGPQAFCNAC CLEI NGPQAFCNAC
210-0007-01210000701Entrisphere Refurbished 210000701 Entrisphere FAB 2 module SBC3Z30DAA CLEI SBC3Z30DAA
210-0008-01210000801Entrisphere Refurbished 210000801 Entrisphere FAB 80 Module SBC3Z0ZDAA CLEI SBC3Z0ZDAA
210-0009-01210000901Entrisphere Refurbished 210000901 Entrisphere IPG module SBC3901DAA CLEI SPC3901DAA
220-0001-01220000101Entrisphere Refurbished 220000101 Entrisphere SRC module 2-Port NGC2VW0HAA CLEI NGC2VW0HAA
220-0002-01220000201Entrisphere Refurbished 220000201 Entrisphere D3A-6 PACK D3A DS3C ATM 220-0002-01 NG15XOEAA 220-00
220-0003-01220000301Entrisphere Refurbished 220000301 Entrisphere IMA NGI6TZGGAA 220-0003-01 PACKIMA 16-PORT DS1
220-0004-01220000401Entrisphere Refurbished 220000401 Entrisphere O3A 4-Port OC3 SM NGC3Z5GHAA CLEI NGC3Z5GHAA
220-0005-01220000501Entrisphere Refurbished 220000501 Entrisphere OLT 2-Port module NGI6U1HGAA 220-0005-01
220-0005-02220000502Entrisphere Refurbished 220000502 ENTRISPHERE 220-0005-02- NGI6U1HGAB OLT 2-Port MODULE ENTRISPHE
220-0016-02220001602Entrisphere Refurbished 220001602 ENTRISPHERE 220-0016-02 SBUIACSCAA PCA0095-04 R02 GPN 4-Port C
220-0016-03220001603Entrisphere Refurbished 220001603 Entrisphere GPN 4-Port Module SBUIACWCAA CLEI SBUIACWCAA
220-0017-01220001701Entrisphere Refurbished 220001701 Entrisphere SRM OC3/OC12/OC48 12-Port SFP module SBCUAAEAAA CLEI SBCUAAEAAA
230-0001-02230000102Entrisphere Refurbished 230000102 Entrisphere DSX module 16-Port Telco NGI4NP0FAC CLEI NGI4NP0FAC
230-0001-03230000103Entrisphere Refurbished 230000103 Entrisphere Module SBUIABVCAA CLEI SBUIABVCAA
230-0004-01230000401Entrisphere Refurbished 230000401 Entrisphere D3R module 6-Port DS3 NGI680ZGAA CLEI NGI680ZGAA
240-0004-01240000401Entrisphere Refurbished 240000401 Entrisphere AP6 module 48-Port Telco module SBUIAA9CAA 240-0004
300-0022-07300002207Entrisphere New 300002207 ENTRISPHERE 300-0022-07 BLM 1500 GENERIC R3.1.9 PCMCIA 300-0022
100-0001-01100000101Entrisphere ENTRISPHERE 100-0001-01- CHASSIS ENTRISPHERE 100-0001-01-
210-0003-01210000301Entrisphere Entrisphere 210-0003-01 NGPQAFCNAA CKM Module 210-0003-01
600-0001-02600000102Entrisphere ENTRISPHERE 600-0001-02- BLM1500 FAN TRAY ENTERISPHERE 600-0001-
220-0016-01220001601Entrisphere ENTRISPHERE 220-0016-01- SBUIAB6CAA GPON OPT LN TERMN APPL ENTRI
250-0002-01250000201Entrisphere ENTRISPHERE 250-0002-01- NGI4PUAFAA 2-PT GB ETHERNET ENTRISPHERE
600-0009-01600000901Entrisphere ENTRISPHERE 600-0009-01- BLM FRU FAN TRAY ENTRISPHERE 600-0009-
230-0011-01230001101Entrisphere Refurbished Entrisphere 230-0011-01 BLM 1500 SBC3UV0DAA D1R Module Entrisphe
230-0013-01230001301Entrisphere Refurbished ENTRISPHERE 230-0013-01- D1R MODULE R03 SBC3UVNDAA ENTRISPHERE 2
BLM1500Entrisphere Refurbished Enterisphere 100-0009-01 BLM1500 Chassis DC power SBPQABVJAA Ent
D3A-6D3A6Entrisphere Entrisphere D3A-6 PACK D3A DS3C ATM 220-0002-01 NG15XOEAA Entris
NG15XOEAAEntrisphere Entrisphere D3A-6 PACK D3A DS3C ATM 220-0002-01 NG15XOEAA Entris
NGC2UV0HAAEntrisphere Entrisphere 210-0001-02 NGC2UV0HAA FAB Module 210-0001-02 Entris
NGC2VW0HAAEntrisphere Entrisphere 220-0001-01 NGC2VW0HAA SRC module 2 port 220-0001-01
NGC3Z5GHAAEntrisphere Entrisphere 220-0004-01 NGC3Z5GHAA IN O3A module 220-0004-01 Ent
NGI4NP0FABEntrisphere Entrisphere 230-0001-02 NGI4NP0FAB DSX module 16 port Telco 230-
NGI680ZGAAEntrisphere Entrisphere D3R module 6 PORT DS3 NGI680ZGAA 230-0004-01 Entrisp
NGI6TZGGAAEntrisphere Entrisphere 220-0003-01 NGI6TZGGAA BLM1500 16-PT IMA PACK 220-00
NGI6U1HGAAEntrisphere Entrisphere OLT 2 port module 220-0005-01 NGI6U1HGAA Entrisphere
NGPQAFCNAAEntrisphere Entrisphere 210-0003-01 NGPQAFCNAA CKM Module 210-0003-01 Entris
NGPQAFCNACEntrisphere Entrisphere 210-0003-02 NGPQAFCNAC CKM Module 210-0003-02 Entris
SBC3UV0DAAEntrisphere Entrisphere 230-0011-01 BLM 1500 SBC3UV0DAA D1R Module Entrisphe
SBC3Z0ZDAAEntrisphere Entrisphere 210-0008-01 SBC3Z0ZDAA FAB 80 Module 210-0008-01 Ent
SBCUAAEAAAEntrisphere Entrisphere SRM O220-0017-01 SBCUAAEAAA C3/OC12/OC48 12 port SFP
SBPQABVJAAEntrisphere Enterisphere 100-0009-01 BLM1500 Chassis DC power SBPQABVJAA Ent
SBUIAA9CAAEntrisphere Entrisphere AP6 module 48 port Telco module 240-0004-01 SBUIAA9C
SBUIAB5CAAEntrisphere Entrisphere 250-0005-01 SBUIAB5CAA GTX module 8 port SFP GBIC mo
SBUIABVCAAEntrisphere Entrisphere 230-0001-03 SBUIABVCAA DSX Module 230-0001-03

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