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Listings of Etasis by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
IFRP-352IFRP352Etasis Refurbished Infortrend IFRP-352 350W Power Supply Etasis Eonstar 9272CPSU-0011
014073302031Etasis AFR-3302 BOARD
ARN1-4300FARN14300FEtasis Refurbished ARN14300F 318W SWAP PSU Power Supply Unit
EFA-250EFA250Etasis Refurbished EFA250 POWER SUPPLY 250-Watts
EFAP-351EFAP351Etasis Refurbished EFAP351 350W PSU Power Supply Unit
EFAP-401FEFAP401FEtasis New EFAP401F Etasis Switching 400 Watt Power Supply EFAP-401F
EFAP-S350EFAPS350Etasis Refurbished EFAPS350 350W Internal. PSU Power Supply Unit
EFRP-302AEFRP302AEtasis Refurbished EFRP302A M1500/M2500 Power Module
EFRP-553V1EFRP553V1Etasis Refurbished EFRP553V1 550W SWAP PSU Power Supply Unit
EPR-251EPR251Etasis Refurbished EPR251 200W 200-Watts SWAP PSU ( Power Supply Unit )
EPR-2251EPR2251Etasis New EPR-2251 Power Supply case with no modules N+1 10/17/17 KDr
9272CPSU-00119272CPSU0011Etasis 350W INFOTREND PSU Power Supply Unit
EPR-407EPR407Etasis 400W PSU

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