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Listings of FISKARS by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
196920-10011969201001FISKARS New 12" Ptble Paper Trimmer Euro (196920)
98987097JFISKARS New Prem 8" Softgrip Pinkng Shears (198980)
100590-10031005901003FISKARS New 14"x14" Rotating Cutting Mat (100590)
12-94458697WJ1294458697WJFISKARS New Premier No 8 Pinking Shears (194450)
12-71787097J1271787097JFISKARS New Premier No8 Titanium Scissors (171780)
170810-10011708101001FISKARS New Amplify RazorEdge Shears 8" (170810)
170820-10011708201001FISKARS New Amplify Shears Craft 8" (170820F)
195310-10021953101002FISKARS New 45mm Rotary Blade Straight 5pk (195310)
199130-10011991301001FISKARS New 9" Bypass Paper Trimmer (199130)
12-94518697WJ1294518697WJFISKARS New Premier 8" Bent Scissors (194510)
195210-10011952101001FISKARS New 45mm Loop Hdle Rotry Cuter Gry (195210)
100580-10021005801002FISKARS New ProCision Trimmer Trilingual (100580)
91246935JFISKARS Pro Pruner
78846935FISKARS X27 Super Splitting Axe 36"
78506935FISKARS New 78506935 14-Inch Hatchet Axe - Hiking, Camping Hatchet
91546935JFISKARS PowerGear Lopper 32
94056949FISKARS Kangaroo Garden Bag 30 gal
96256935JFISKARS PowerGear Lopper 18
99216935JFISKARS Softouch MicroTip Pruning Snip
510011-10015100111001FISKARS Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears
510061-10015100611001FISKARS 3pc Kitchen Shear Set
510041-10015100411001FISKARS All Purpose Kitchen Shears
378571-10023785711002FISKARS X15 Chopping Axe 23.5

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