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Listings of Fairchild Semiconductor by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
9770002315Fairchild Semiconductor Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard )
PCDFairchild Semiconductor Refurbished OIC #2 EXPANDER
4041-6404041640Fairchild Semiconductor Refurbished 4041640 FC 10Ft IEC Power Cable Black/External
9110002982Fairchild Semiconductor Refurbished OIC #2 EXPANDER
9770000334Fairchild Semiconductor Refurbished DIGITAL SWITCHING MODULE
9770000357Fairchild Semiconductor Refurbished LARGE CIRCUIT CARD REV.01
9770001463Fairchild Semiconductor Refurbished MEMORY CARD
9770001553Fairchild Semiconductor Refurbished CUSTOMER CONTROL BOARD
M5311A01Fairchild Semiconductor Refurbished OIC #2 EXPANDER
M5312Fairchild Semiconductor Refurbished OIC #2 EXPANDER
MMBT2222AFairchild Semiconductor New NPN BJT TRANSISTOR
SC-3560CSC3560CFairchild Semiconductor New SC3560C
SL140220Fairchild Semiconductor Refurbished LSC-R2 Control Unit w CCD 1300R
SM290Fairchild Semiconductor Refurbished SM290 70/140 Satellite MODEM
T5700-9T57009Fairchild Semiconductor New T57009 Model T5700 Electric to Pneumatic Transducer 1-9 V DC
0002046720Fairchild Semiconductor 4 PORT CIRCUIT CARD
1193C50Fairchild Semiconductor 70mm Film Magazine LB-16A
98CDP0190X01XXXXXXXNFairchild Semiconductor Synthesizer 98-CDD0190-X ~V
LA-410ALA410AFairchild Semiconductor 70mm Film Magazine
RS101Fairchild Semiconductor 1 1 Redundancy Switch ~V

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