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Listings of Fci by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
24P172-224P1722Fci New 24P1722 FCI Electronics BNC Connector Kit 24P172-2
28P218-128P2181Fci New 28P2181 FCI Electronics BNC Coaxial Connector Kit 28P218-1
30P109-130P1091Fci New 30P1091 FCI Electronics BNC Connector Kit 30P109-1
39K5937Fci Refurbished FCI Backplane Vertical PCB Connector Receptacle 150 POS 2MM VERT
450491Fci New External 3 feet SCSI Cable VHDCI68-VHDCI68
62674-321121ALF62674321121ALFFci New 62674321121ALF LOT OF 100 PIECES CONN FPC/FFC 32POS .5MM VERT SMD
892057Fci New FCI Company Connector Kit 892057
MBG4S1Fci New FCI Connector Strain Relif 4 Pos. Assembly MBG4S1
10081530-11107LF1008153011107LFFci FCI DDR3 DIMM Connector 250-Pin Black 10081530-11107
10081530-12218LF1008153012218LFFci FCI DDR3 DIMM Connector 240-Pin Blue 10081530-12218L

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