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Listings of Fiberxon by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
FTM-33X1C-X10GFTM33X1CX10GFiberxon Refurbished FiberXON FTM-33X1C-X10G 10G 1310nm XFP Transceiver Module FTM-33
FTM-3012C-SLGFTM3012CSLGFiberxon Refurbished SFP
FTM-3101C-L15GFTM3101CL15GFiberxon Refurbished FTM3101CL15G 155Mb SONET OC-3 100MbE 15Km SFP LC Connector 1310nm RoHS
FTM-3120C-L10GFTM3120CL10GFiberxon Refurbished FTM3120CL10G 2Gb FC 1GbE 10Km SFP LC Connector 1310nm RoHS Compliant Fl
FTM-3120C-SL10GFTM3120CSL10GFiberxon Refurbished FTM3120CSL10G 2Gb FC 1GbE 10Km SFP LC Connector 1310nm RoHS Compliant Fl
FTM-33X0C-X10CGFTM33X0CX10CGFiberxon Fiberxon 10G 1310nm XFP Transceiver FTM-33X0C-X10CG
FTM-33X0C-X10IGFTM33X0CX10IGFiberxon Refurbished FTM33X0CX10IG 10Gb/s XFP 10Km 10GbE-XFP-10 10GBase-X FTM-33X0C-X10iG LC C
FTM-33X0C-X10IG-ETSFTM33X0CX10IGETSFiberxon New FTM33X0CX10IGETS Fiberxon Source Photonics 1310nm 10GB XFP Module
FTM-5101C-L80GFTM5101CL80GFiberxon Refurbished FTM5101CL80G 155Mbps 80km SFP with Lever Latch Sonet OC3 LC Connector 155
FTM-5112C-L80GFTM5112CL80GFiberxon New FTM5112CL80G Fiberxon 1.25G Lever-Latch SFP Transceiver FTM-5112C-L80G
FTM-8012C-LFTM8012CLFiberxon New FTM8012CL
FTM-8012C-SLGFTM8012CSLGFiberxon Refurbished FTM8012CSLG 1Gb 4050-00010 / Fiberxon FTM-8012C-SLG 1Gb SX Mini-GBIC SFP 85
FTM-83X0C-X03CGFTM83X0CX03CGFiberxon Fiberxon 10G 1310nm XFP Transceiver FTM-83X0C-X03CG
FTM-83X0C-X03GFTM83X0CX03GFiberxon Refurbished FTM83X0CX03G 10Gbs XFP SW 850nm 300m OC192-SR 10GE 10GBase-SR 10GBASE-S
FTM-9723S-SLGHIG-M02FTM9723SSLGHIGM02Fiberxon New 2/1Gb Fiberxon FTM-9723S-SLGHiG-M02 Fiber Optic Transceiver SFP
FTM-9723S-SLGHIG-M03FTM9723SSLGHIGM03Fiberxon 2/1Gb Fiberxon FTM-9723S-SLGHiG-M02 Fiber Optic Transceiver SFP
FTM-6128C-L8057FTM6128CL8057Fiberxon 155Mbps-2.67Gbps 80km CWDM FC 1GbE SFP with Lever Latch SDH/
FTM-9723S-SLGHIG-M01FTM9723SSLGHIGM01Fiberxon 2/1Gb Fiberxon FTM-9723S-SLGHiG-M01 Fiber Optic Transceiver SFP

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