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Listings of Force 10 Networks by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
CC-C-PWR-DCCCCPWRDCForce 10 Networks Refurbished Force10 CC-C-PWR-DC DC Power Entry Module CC-C-PWR-DC
CC-E1200I-2800W-ACCCE1200I2800WACForce 10 Networks Refurbished Force10 CC-E1200I-2800W-AC 752-00297-00 E Series. E1200i-AC 2800
CC-C300-FANCCC300FANForce 10 Networks Refurbished FORCE10 CC-C300-FAN 752-00298-01 8 SLOT CHASSIS FAN FOR THE THE
LC-EF-1GE-48PLCEF1GE48PForce 10 Networks Refurbished LCEF1GE48P E600/E1200 Terascale 48-port Gigabit Ethernet line card - SFP op
S60-PWR-AC-RS60PWRACRForce 10 Networks New Force10 S60-PWR-AC-R 752-00594-01 power supply for a Force10 S6
CH-E300CHE300Force 10 Networks Refurbished CHE300 Force10 6-slot E300 chassis with backplane and AC power
CH-E600I-BNA10CHE600IBNA10Force 10 Networks Refurbished CHE600IBNA10 E600i AC Chassis bundle includes 1 E600i chassis 5SFM3 1 Switch
GP-10GSFP-1SGP10GSFP1SForce 10 Networks Refurbished GP10GSFP1S FORCE 10 GP-10GSFP-1S 10GB SFP + 850nm TRANSCEIVER IN OPEN
GP-SFP2-1SGPSFP21SForce 10 Networks New GPSFP21S Force10 GP-SFP2-1S Gigabit Ethernet SFP Transceiver Module
GP-XFP-1LGPXFP1LForce 10 Networks Refurbished GPXFP1L Force10 Force10 Qualified LR/LW 10 Gigabit Ethernet XFP optics m
GP-XFP-1SGPXFP1SForce 10 Networks Refurbished GPXFP1S Force10 - Transceiver module - XFP - 10 Gigabit EN - 10GBase-SR
S4810P-FANS4810PFANForce 10 Networks Refurbished Force10 S4810P-FAN Network device fan tray Rear to Front Airflow
LC-EF3-10GE-2PLCEF310GE2PForce 10 Networks Refurbished LCEF310GE2P Force10 LC-EF3-10GE-2P Series EF 2-port 10 Gigabit EN LAN/WAN P
LC-EF-GE-48T1LCEFGE48T1Force 10 Networks Refurbished LCEFGE48T1 Force10 LC-EF-GE-48T1 48-port High Density Line Card LC-EF-GE-4
LC-ED-10GEL-2YLCED10GEL2YForce 10 Networks Refurbished Force10 LC-ED-10GEL-2Y 2-Port 10GE LAN ED Ethernet LAN-PHY Ether
S60-44T-ACS6044TACForce 10 Networks Refurbished S6044TAC 44PT 10/100/1000BT 4SFP PT 2MOD SLT 1AC Power 1FAN [S60
S50-01-PSU-VS5001PSUVForce 10 Networks Refurbished Dell FORCE10 S50-01-PSU-V 470W Redundant Power Supply
LC-EF-GE-90MLCEFGE90MForce 10 Networks Refurbished 90-Port 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet Line Card
LC-EJ-10GE-10PLCEJ10GE10PForce 10 Networks Refurbished Force10 LC-EJ-10GE-10P EXASCALE10 PORT 10 GIGABIT LINE-CARD. LC-
LC-EE-10GEW-2YLCEE10GEW2YForce 10 Networks Refurbished FORCE10 LC-EE-10GEW-2Y 2 PORT 10 GE WAN EE FORCE10 LC-EE-10GEW-2
CC-E1200I-FANCCE1200IFANForce 10 Networks Refurbished Force10 CC-E1200I-FAN 752-00296-01 Fan Subsystem for a E1200i ch
10G-XFP-LR10GXFPLRForce 10 Networks Refurbished 10GXFPLR Foundry Original 10GB LR Multirate XFP Long Reach Transceiver 1 CLEI TBD-EM1395
CH-E1200CHE1200Force 10 Networks Refurbished Force10 E1200 Series TeraScale Switching Router DC power
LC-EJ-10GE-10SLCEJ10GE10SForce 10 Networks Refurbished FORCE10 Dell LC-EJ-10GE-10S LC-EJ-10GE-10S 10-Port 10 GbE High C
CH-E600ICHE600IForce 10 Networks Refurbished FORCE10 E600I- Force10 E-Series Virtualized Core Switching 7 SLO
26K7549Force 10 Networks New IBM Force10 E600-E1200 Route Processor Module 26K7549
CC-E300-FANCCE300FANForce 10 Networks Refurbished FORCE10 CC-E300-FAN- FAN TRAY FORCE10 CC-E300-FAN-
CC-E-SFMCCESFMForce 10 Networks Refurbished CCESFM Condition: Brand-in MFG package - Force10 Switch Fabric Mo
SA-01-GE-48TSA01GE48TForce 10 Networks Refurbished SA01GE48T S50N 48-port 10/100/1000Base-T chassis with four SFP POE SA-01-G
S60-10GE-2SS6010GE2SForce 10 Networks Refurbished S6010GE2S Force10 10G SFP+ Optical Module S60 Switch Upgrade
LC-EG-10GE-4PLCEG10GE4PForce 10 Networks Refurbished LCEG10GE4P FORCE10 LC-EG-10GE-4P 4-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN/WAN FORCE10 LC
CC-E600-PWR-ACCCE600PWRACForce 10 Networks Refurbished CCE600PWRAC Force10 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz12A POWER SUPPLY CC-E600-PWR-AC
CC-E-SFM3CCESFM3Force 10 Networks Refurbished FORCE 10/Dell CC-E-SFM3 SWITCH FABRIC MODULE 3 For a E1200/E1200
CH-C300CHC300Force 10 Networks Refurbished FORCE 10 CH-C300 C-SERIES 8-SLOT CHASSIS-BASED SWITCH FORCE 10 C
CH-E300-BNA8-HCHE300BNA8HForce 10 Networks Refurbished CHE300BNA8H Force10 6-slot E300 chassis w/400GB backplane fan subsystem 2
CH-E300-BNA8-LCHE300BNA8LForce 10 Networks Refurbished CHE300BNA8L Force10 6-slot E300 chassis w/400GB backplane fan subsystem 3
E1200I-ACE1200IACForce 10 Networks Refurbished E1200IAC Force10 E1200i Series TeraScale Switching Router AC power E1200
GP-XFP-1EGPXFP1EForce 10 Networks Refurbished GPXFP1E Qualified 10G XFP optics module - ER/EW 40KM
LC-CB-10GE-4PLCCB10GE4PForce 10 Networks Refurbished LCCB10GE4P FORCE10 LC-CB-10GE-4P C300-SERIES 4-Port 10GE LN CD W/XFP REQ
LC-CB-10GE-8PLCCB10GE8PForce 10 Networks New FORCE10 LC-CB-10GE-8P 754-00126-00 8 PORT 10GE LAN CB LC-CB-10GE
LC-CB-GE-48TLCCBGE48TForce 10 Networks Refurbished FORCE10 LC-CB-GE-48T 754-00089-00 48 PORT E/FE/GE CB LC-CB-GE-48
LC-ED-1GE-24PLCED1GE24PForce 10 Networks Refurbished LCED1GE24P LC-ED-1GE-24P 24-Port SFP module
LC-ED3-1GE-12PLCED31GE12PForce 10 Networks Refurbished LCED31GE12P Force10 E300 12-Port Gigabit Ethernet Line Card with SFP Optics
LC-ED-RPMLCEDRPMForce 10 Networks Refurbished LCEDRPM Force10 Route Processor module
LC-EE-1GEFLX-12PLCEE1GEFLX12PForce 10 Networks Refurbished LCEE1GEFLX12P Force10 LC-EE-1GEFLX-12P 12-Port GigE SFP Module Line Card LC-EE
LC-EF3-GE-48TLCEF3GE48TForce 10 Networks Refurbished LCEF3GE48T Force10 LC-EF3-GE-48T Series EF 48-port High Density 10/100/100
LC-EF3-RPMLCEF3RPMForce 10 Networks Refurbished LCEF3RPM Force10 TeraScale E300 Route Processor Module RPM Series EF3
LC-EH-GE-90MLCEHGE90MForce 10 Networks New LCEHGE90M Force10 90 Port GE Line Card MRJ21 Series EH LC-EH-GE-90M
S50-01-12G-2SS500112G2SForce 10 Networks Refurbished S500112G2S S25P/S50N/S50V 2-Port 12Gigabit stacking module
S50-01-GE-48T-ACS5001GE48TACForce 10 Networks Refurbished Force10 S50-01-GE-48T-AC 48-Port Edge L3 Switch. AC Power. S50-0
LC-ED3-10GEL-1YLCED310GEL1YForce 10 Networks 1 Port 10 GE LAN ED3
PB-10GE-2PPB10GE2PForce 10 Networks Force10 PB-10GE-2P P10 2 port 10GE inspection and monitoring app
GP-10GSFP-1LGP10GSFP1LForce 10 Networks GP-10GSFP-1L-C - ProLabs GP-10GSFP-1L-C - SFP (mini-GBIC) transc
FTRX-1411D3-FCFTRX1411D3FCForce 10 Networks Force10 XFP 10GBASE-LR/LW 10 Gig
CC-E1200I-FANCCE1200IFANForce 10 Networks New Force10 CC-E1200I-FAN 752-00296-01 Fan Subsystem for a E1200i ch
LC-EG3-10GE-2PLCEG310GE2PForce 10 Networks FORCE 10 LC-EG3-10GE-2P- 754-00112-00 - 2-PORT 10GE LAN/WAN EG3
PA-10GE-2PPA10GE2PForce 10 Networks Force10 PA-10GE-2P Gateway P10 10GbE Appliance 2 Line-Rate 10
SA-01-PSU-R5SA01PSUR5Force 10 Networks New FORCE10 SA-01-PSU-R5 POWER SUPPLY 759-00041-00 REV. A
FTLX8571D3BCL-FCFTLX8571D3BCLFCForce 10 Networks Refurbished FTLX8571D3BCL-FC 850nm 10GB SFP Optic Transceiver Module
10HH5Force 10 Networks Dell Dual Port 10Gb XFP Module S50N S25N Switch S50-01-10GE-2P
3685NForce 10 Networks Dell Dual Port 10Gb XFP Module S50N S25N Switch S50-01-10GE-2P
8616-286162Force 10 Networks Refurbished Force10 8616-2 003-1353-0030 FLEXmaster 610/100 MODULE w/back ca
MPN-8682MPN8682Force 10 Networks Refurbished Force10 MPN-8682 8608 FLEXmaster 24/48VDC Chassis w/two 24/48 VD
FTLX8571D3BCLForce 10 Networks Force10 Networks 10GBASE-SR SFP+ GP-10GSFP-1S
PLRXPL-SC-S43-811PLRXPLSCS43811Force 10 Networks Force10 Networks 10GBASE-SR SFP+ GP-10GSFP-1S
LC-EE3-RPMLCEE3RPMForce 10 Networks Force10 LC-EE3-RPM Switch Control Controller Processor Card E300
LC-EF3-1GE-24PLCEF31GE24PForce 10 Networks Force10 Networks LC-EF3-1GE-24P E300 Terascale 24-Port SFP Gigab
CC-E300-PWR-ACCCE300PWRACForce 10 Networks Force10 CC-E300-PWR-AC 1200Watt AC power entry module for the E3
S60-FANS60FANForce 10 Networks Force10/Dell S60-FAN-R 752-00482-01 S60 SERIES FAN SUBSYSTEM WIT
CBL-10GSFP-DAC-0.5MCBL10GSFPDAC05MForce 10 Networks Force10 10GbE Twinax Network Connect Cable 501-00131-01 CBL-10GS
CBL-10GSFP-DAC-1MCBL10GSFPDAC1MForce 10 Networks Force10 SFP+ Twinax Copper Cable 1 Meter 10GBase-CU 501-00132-01
CC-C150-FANCCC150FANForce 10 Networks Force10 CC-C150-FAN 4 Slot Chassis Fan For C150 752-00338-00
CC-E600I-2500W-AC2CCE600I2500WAC2Force 10 Networks 2500Watt Force10 SPS5884 E600 AC Power Supply CC-E600I-2500W-AC2

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