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Listings of Force Computers by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
SPARC/CPU-10/64-1252SPARCCPU10641252Force Computers Refurbished/used SPARCCPU10641252 SPARC 10- VME SBC 64MB
106098Force Computers Refurbished Force PowerCore CPCI-6750
106433Force Computers Refurbished Pentium/CPCI-720/128-233-L512-0
107982Force Computers Refurbished 15SLOT PICMG Backplane 10PCI/3
108234Force Computers Refurbished POWERCORE CPCI-680
108406Force Computers Refurbished FORCE I/O BOARD
109005Force Computers Refurbished 20ST PICMG13 64 BIT PCI6IS
501885Force Computers Refurbished SPARC 10- VME SBC 64MB

Pages: 1
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