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Listings of GRANDSTREAM by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
GVR3550Grandstream New Network Video Recorder
24V-6.25A-PS24V625APSGrandstream New Power Supply for GXW4248
DP710Grandstream New Includes Handset and Charger Unit. DP710 is the next generation
12V-5A-PS12V5APSGrandstream New GrandStream Power supply for GXW4024
5V-1.0A-PS5V10APSGrandstream New Grandstream Power Supply for 2160
GXV-HAND32xxGXVHAND32xxGrandstream New Replacement Handset for GXV32xx
GXP2000-EXTGXP2000EXTGrandstream New The GXP2000EXT module is an ideal solution for the busy enterpri
GXP2200EXTGrandstream New GXP2200EXT Expansion Module
GXW4004Grandstream New The GXW4004 FXS Series is an ideal solution for businesses looki
GXW4104Grandstream New The GXW FXO IP Analog Gateway series offers the small enterprise
GXW4108Grandstream New The GXW FXO IP Analog Gateway series offers the small enterprise
GXW4216Grandstream New The GXW4216 has 16 telephone FXS ports with both RJ11 50-pin Te
GXW4224Grandstream New The GXW4224 has 24 telephone FXS ports with both RJ11 and 50-pin
GXW4248Grandstream New The GXW4248 has 48 telephone FXS ports with both RJ11 and 50-pin
HT702Grandstream New HT702 is next generation powerful 2-port IP ATA analog telepho
HT704Grandstream New HT704 is next generation powerful 4-port IP ATA analog telepho
12V-0.5A-PS12V05APSGrandstream New GrandStream power supply for HT502/HT503
12V-1.5A-PS12V15APSGrandstream New GrandStream PS for GXW/GXE and Video
5V-PS5VPSGrandstream New GS power supply for IP phones and HT286
UCM6108Grandstream New Eight 8 PSTN Line FXO Ports. Two 2 Analog Telephone FXS Port
UCM6104Grandstream New Four 4 PSTN Line FXO Ports. Two 2 Analog Telephone FXS Ports
GXP2140Grandstream New Grandstream GXP2140 Enterprise 4-Line IP Phone
GXP2160Grandstream New GXP2160 is a 6-line enterprise VoIP phone - used
GXV3500Grandstream New The GXV3500 is a powerful next generation IP video encoder dec
GXV3610_HDGXV3610HDGrandstream New Video Compression - H.264 MJPEG. Image Sensor Resolution - 1/3
GXV3672-HD-36GXV3672HD36Grandstream Grandstream camera
GXV3674-FHD-VFGXV3674FHDVFGrandstream New Grandstream camera
GXV3674-HD-VFGXV3674HDVFGrandstream Grandstream camera
GXV_FMGXVFMGrandstream New GXV_FM Flush Mounting Kit for GXV3662HD.
GXV_PMGXVPMGrandstream New GXV_PM Ceiling Pendant Mounting Kit for GXV 3662
GXV_WMGXVWMGrandstream New GXV_WM Wall Bracket Mounting Kit for GXV3662HD.
HT502Grandstream New The inclusion of an integrated high performance NAT router and 1
HT503Grandstream New The HandyTone 503 offers the next generation of powerful afford
UCM6102Grandstream New Two 2 PSTN Line FXO Ports. Two 2 Analog Telephone FXS Ports
GXP2130Grandstream GXP2130 3-Line Enterprise HD IP Phone - Includes Power Supply
GXV3240Grandstream Line Keys - 6 lines with up to 6 SIP accounts. Speaker Phone - F
GXV3275Grandstream Line Keys - 6 lines with up to 6 SIP accounts. Speaker Phone - f
GXV3610_FHDGXV3610FHDGrandstream Network Connectivity - RJ4510M/100M auto-sensing3.5mm Line-Out.
GS-12V-0.5A-PSGS12V05APSGrandstream Grandstream 12V 5A Power Supply
GXP1610Grandstream New Grandstream GXP1610 Small Business 1-Line IP Phone
GXP1620Grandstream GXP1620 Small Business HD IP Phone
GXP1625Grandstream New Grandstream GXP1625 2 SIP acct. SMB IP Phone 3-way Multi-lan
GXP1628Grandstream New Grandstream GXP1628 BackLit VoIP Gigabit IP Phone 2 SIP Line w 8
GVR3552Grandstream GVR3552 Network Video Recorder
GXV3006Grandstream Refurbished The GXV3006 IP Video phone provides an easy and affordable solut
GXP1630Grandstream Grandstream GXP1630 Small-Medium Business IP Phone 3 Lines PoE
GXP2170Grandstream GXP2170 Enterprise HD IP Telephone
GVC3202Grandstream GVC3202 Full HD Video Conferencing System
GXP2135Grandstream GXP2135 Multi-line High Performance IP Phone
GXV3672FHD_36GXV3672FHD36Grandstream Grandstream - GXV3672_FHD 3MP Weather-Proof Infrared HD IP Camer
DP720Grandstream DP720 DECT/CAT-iq Cordless Handset
DP750Grandstream DP750 Long-range DECT/CAT-iq VoIP Base Station
GXP1615Grandstream GXP1615 Small-Medium Business IP Phone
UCM6510Grandstream New UCM6510 innovative IP PBX appliance
UCM6202Grandstream UCM6202 - 2 FXO
UCM6204Grandstream UCM6204 - 4 FXO
UCM6208Grandstream UCM6208 - 8 FXO

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