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Listings of General Dynamics by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
631PM4956-7631PM49567General Dynamics Refurbished 631PM49567
652Z1224-1652Z12241General Dynamics Refurbished 652Z12241 81755/652Z1224-1
652Z1243-3652Z12433General Dynamics Refurbished 652Z12433 81755 652Z1243-3
652Z1245-13652Z124513General Dynamics Refurbished 652Z124513 81755 652Z1245-13 BUS CONTROLLER
652Z124813General Dynamics Refurbished 81755 652Z1248-13 SURFACE TARGET GENERATOR
652Z1290-5652Z12905General Dynamics Refurbished 652Z12905 81755 652Z1290-5 DISPLAY MEMORY
652Z1290-801652Z1290801General Dynamics Refurbished 652Z1290801 81755 652Z1290-801 DISPLAY MEMORY
652Z1296-1652Z12961General Dynamics Refurbished 652Z12961 81755 BUS CONTROL / RAM
652Z1296-3652Z12963General Dynamics Refurbished 652Z12963 81755 652Z1296-3
652Z1299-1652Z12991General Dynamics Refurbished 652Z12991 81755 652Z1299-1 PROGRAM MEMORY
652Z2253-5652Z22535General Dynamics Refurbished 652Z22535 81755 652Z2253-5 MUX INTERFACE
652Z2253-801652Z2253801General Dynamics Refurbished 652Z2253801 81755 652Z2253-801
GD8000General Dynamics General Dynamics GD8000 13.3 Core 2 Duo L9400 1.86GHz 1GB Mem

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