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Listings of Golden Eagle by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
PORCELAIN-BLUEPORCELAINBLUEGolden Eagle New 9005HT Blue Delft White Porcelain phone
GEE3104WHGolden Eagle New Big Button Phone with Speakerphone White
8705DGolden Eagle New Country Wood Phone MAHOGANY
NP778BLGolden Eagle New Neon Trimstyle BLUE
NP778PKGolden Eagle New Neon Trimstyle PINK
5303BLGolden Eagle New Trimstyle BLUE
5303IVGolden Eagle New Trimstyle IVORY
5303PKGolden Eagle New Trimstyle PINK
5303REDGolden Eagle New Trimstyle RED
5303WHGolden Eagle New Trimline dial in handset WHITE
5303LMGolden Eagle New Trimstyle LIME
5303BKGolden Eagle New Trimline Dial In Handset Black
NP778-PURNP778PURGolden Eagle New Neon Trimstyle PURPLE
GO-5303BLGO5303BLGolden Eagle Trimstyle BLUE
GO-5303IVGO5303IVGolden Eagle Trimstyle IVORY
GO-5303LMGO5303LMGolden Eagle Trimstyle LIME
GO-5303PKGO5303PKGolden Eagle Trimstyle PINK
GO-5303REDGO5303REDGolden Eagle Trimstyle RED
GO-5303WHGO5303WHGolden Eagle Trimline dial in handset WHITE
GO-8705DGO8705DGolden Eagle Country Wood Phone MAHOGANY
GO-NP778BLGONP778BLGolden Eagle Neon Trimstyle BLUE
GO-NP778PKGONP778PKGolden Eagle Neon Trimstyle PINK
GO-NP778PURGONP778PURGolden Eagle Neon Trimstyle PURPLE
GO-5303BKGO5303BKGolden Eagle Trimline Dial In Handset Black
GO-GEE3104WHGOGEE3104WHGolden Eagle Big Button Phone with Speakerphone White

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