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Listings of Gvc by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
03K021Gvc Refurbished PCI NETWORK CARD
08F217Gvc Refurbished GVC 56K V92 Internal PCI Data Fax Modem
0969NUGvc Refurbished MODEM PCI GVC SF-1156IV/R9E D P/N 0969NU REV.A00
09N5387Gvc Refurbished GVC Conexant PCI 56K Data/Fax Modem
1156HV/A2B1156HVA2BGvc New 1156HVA2B
138650-001138650001Gvc Refurbished 138650001 56K PCI MODEM
146139-002146139002Gvc Refurbished 146139002 56K PCI MODEM
166358-002166358002Gvc Refurbished 166358002 56K V.90 PCI FAX/MODEM
168757-B21168757B21Gvc Refurbished 168757B21 56K V.90 PCI FAX/MODEM
50699307Gvc Refurbished ISA MODEM
5634BTSGvc Refurbished Modem ISA 5634BTS FCC REG.NO: F17TAI-25018-M5-E b.18
94-143-277889414327788Gvc Refurbished 9414327788 ISA MODEM
A99-1167JPA991167JPGvc Refurbished A991167JP PCI NETWORK CARD
CRN-002/A1BCRN002A1BGvc Refurbished CRN002A1B GVC / Sony Internal PCI Modem
D-1156IV/P2D1156IVP2Gvc Refurbished D1156IVP2 56K PCI MODEM
DF-1156IVDF1156IVGvc Refurbished DF1156IV PCI NETWORK CARD
DF701Gvc Refurbished MB Audio/Video 56-m13-14 pga 370atx w/NIC ( Network Interface Card )
F1114HV/R2F1114HVR2Gvc Refurbished ISA MODEM
F-1114HVR2F1114HVR2Gvc Refurbished F1114HVR2 modem ISA F-1114HV/R2 50602309 b.5
F-1156HV-A2BF1156HVA2BGvc Refurbished F1156HVA2B modem ISA F-1156HV/A2B 56K DK4DF1156HVA2B b.5B
F-1156HVA5F1156HVA5Gvc Refurbished F1156HVA5 Modem ISA F-1156HV/A5 b.5B
F-1156IV+/R9AF1156IVR9AGvc Refurbished F1156IVR9A 56K V.90 PCI FAX/MODEM
F-1156IV/A3F1156IVA3Gvc Refurbished F1156IVA3 PCI NETWORK CARD
F-1156IV/R6F1156IVR6Gvc Refurbished F1156IVR6 HP GVC Diamond Multimedia PCI Modem Card F-1156IV/R6
F-1156IV/R9AF1156IVR9AGvc Refurbished GVC Conexant PCI 56K Data/Fax Modem
FR550Gvc Refurbished MB rev E02 98-m19 Socket 790-233MHz 2xSDRAM 4x72-pin SI
G97Gvc Refurbished GVC 56Kbps PCI Modems Model F-1156I/R2F
GISA-56AKCGISA56AKCGvc Refurbished GISA56AKC modem ISA126B1640000A F17TAI-25018-M5-E;C59BT8622Ab.5
HUB-G009HUBG009Gvc Refurbished HUBG009 GVC HUB-G009 8-Port HUB NO AC ADAPTER
KB3404-02KB340402Gvc Refurbished KB340402 ISA MODEM
KB3517Gvc Refurbished 56K V.90 PCI FAX/MODEM
KB3518Gvc Refurbished PCI NETWORK CARD
KB9101Gvc Refurbished PCI NETWORK CARD
M1448LGvc Refurbished MONITOR
NIC-1010TI/Z1NIC1010TIZ1Gvc Refurbished NIC1010TIZ1 PCI NETWORK CARD
SF-1133HVT2SF1133HVT2Gvc Refurbished modem ISA FCC ID: DK4SF1128HVT2 b.5
SF-11561/R2FSF11561R2FGvc Refurbished SF11561R2F GVC 56K V92 Internal PCI Data Fax Modem
SF-1156HVR19SF1156HVR19Gvc Refurbished SF1156HVR19 modem ISA DK4DF1156HVR19; 51903B06 98-084-106427b.5
SF-1156IVR9ESF1156IVR9EGvc Refurbished MODEM PCI GVC SF-1156IV/R9E D P/N 0969NU REV.A00
F-1156IVF1156IVGvc MODEM PCI GVC SF-1156IV/R9E D P/N 0969NU REV.A00
F-1156IV/R9EF1156IVR9EGvc MODEM PCI GVC SF-1156IV/R9E D P/N 0969NU REV.A00
SF-1133HV/R16SF1133HVR16Gvc GVC SF-1128HV/R16 V.34 56K MODEM I444

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