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Listings of Harris Semiconductor by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
101-902540-503101902540503Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 101902540503 TRUEPOINT SDM NXT1 BALANCED
101-902550-501101902550501Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 101902550501 TRUEPOINT MUX DS3 / E3
102-902510-502102902510502Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 102902510502 TRUEPOINT 5000 MODEM
8691Harris Semiconductor Refurbished TERMINAL POWERS ON YELLOWED CASE
102-902593-502102902593502Harris Semiconductor Refurbished Harris 102-902593-502 NDX-902593 SDM N-16E1 T1 BAL +2-10 10BT
040-4010114-0010404010114001Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 0404010114001 POWER SUPPLY
101-115071-001101115071001Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 101115071001 HI LEVEL MULDEX
101-115071-003101115071003Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 101115071003 CONSTELLATION HI LEVEL MULDEX
101-115076-001101115076001Harris Semiconductor Refurbished In-stock ships today! CLEI Service Ch
101-902515-504101902515504Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 101902515504 TRUEPOINT 5000 SPU MUX 4DS1
101-902520-501101902520501Harris Semiconductor REFURBISHED 101902520501 TRUEPOINT 5000 CONTROLLER
101-902555-501101902555501Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 101902555501 TRUEPOINT MUX 28T1/T3 + WS
101-902585-502101902585502Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 101902585502 TRUEPOINT SDM
101-902587-501101902587501Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 101902587501 SDM 28T1/T3 + WS
102-902530-501102902530501Harris Semiconductor Refurbished Card: Order wire NDX-902530
102-902540-503102902540503Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 102902540503 TRUEPOINT SDM NXT1 BALANCED
102-903460-501102903460501Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 102903460501 TRUEPOINT CONTROLLER V2 REV BM05
103-115071-001103115071001Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 103115071001 HI LEVEL MUX
103-902510-501103902510501Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 103902510501 Truepoint Modem NB
103-902515-504103902515504Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 103902515504 TR5000 MUX
1110402-9011110402901Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 1110402901 SPINWRITER 7710 PRINTER - SOME CHARACTERS ON SPINWHEEL BROKEN
102-904076-501102904076501Harris Semiconductor Refurbished Harris 102-904076-501 NDX-904076 Modem 140MHZ RXIF/350MHZ TXIF
EXD-161-001EXD161001Harris Semiconductor Refurbished Harris EXD-161-001 131-160101-001 021-160101-001 DAC 16x V2 Harr
136-033920-012-A136033920012AHarris Semiconductor Refurbished 136033920012A SPINWRITER 7710 PRINTER - SOME CHARACTERS ON SPINWHEEL BROKEN
1811005Harris Semiconductor Refurbished BOX
2010065-9012010065901Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 2010065901 TERMINAL WITH KEYBOARD POWERS ON YELLOWED CASE
201-902595-501201902595501Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 201902595501 TR5000 SPU PROTECTED SHELF P/O Power Off HT15218BC1SDC53V
202-902595-501202902595501Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 202902595501 HARRIS 202-902595-501 SHELF SPU 2RMS TR5000 HARRIS 202-902595-50
202-902595-511202902595511Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 202902595511 HARRIS 202-902595-511 SHELF SPU 2RMS TR5000 HARRIS 202-902595-51
202-904010-002202904010002Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 202-904010-002 Harris TRuepoint 4000 Microwave Digital Radio 3GS
390-1221-9013901221901Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 3901221901 Switch Controller Rev E
390-1222-9013901222901Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 3901222901
390-1232-9043901232904Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 3901232904
390-1236-9013901236901Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 3901236901 RCC UMB/DIAG REV R -
390-1239-9013901239901Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 3901239901
390-1243-9013901243901Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 3901243901
413-1257-0014131257001Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 4131257001
67010-00167010001Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 67010001
730-1293-9047301293904Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 7301293904
835-1282-9018351282901Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 8351282901
847456-628847456628Harris Semiconductor Refurbished 847456628 POWER SUPPLY
8665-ATA8665ATAHarris Semiconductor Refurbished 8665ATA TERMINAL AND KEYBOARD
A2-2600/883A22600883Harris Semiconductor New A22600883
ARX-H200ARXH200Harris Semiconductor Refurbished ARXH200 Harris ATSC Broadcast receiver ARX-H200
AS90172200-502AS90172200502Harris Semiconductor Refurbished AS90172200502
C2002Harris Semiconductor Refurbished BOX
C-2400C2400Harris Semiconductor Refurbished C2400
CD22M3494EHarris Semiconductor Refurbished CLEI 9019
H2010063-901H2010063901Harris Semiconductor Refurbished H2010063901 TERMINAL AND KEYBOARD
HA2-2600/883HA22600883Harris Semiconductor New HA22600883
HARRISHarris Semiconductor Refurbished 101 US STYLE KEYBOARD 10-PIN DIN CONNECTOR
NDX-902510NDX902510Harris Semiconductor Refurbished NDX902510 Truepoint 5000 NDX-902510 Modem Module
NDX-902515NDX902515Harris Semiconductor Refurbished NDX902515 Truepoint 5000 102-902540-503 E1/DS1 module
NDX-902515-M1NDX902515M1Harris Semiconductor Refurbished NDX902515M1 Truepoint 5000 NDX-902515-M1 MUX 4 DS1 NDX-902515-M1
NDX-902520NDX902520Harris Semiconductor Refurbished NDX902520 Truepoint 5000 NDX-902520 Controller Card NDX-902520
NDX-902540-M1NDX902540M1Harris Semiconductor Refurbished NDX902540M1 Truepoint 5000 NDX-902540-M1 SDM N X T1 Balanced NDX-902540-M1
NDX-902550NDX902550Harris Semiconductor Refurbished NDX902550 Truepoint 5000 NDX-902550 MUX E3 T3 + WS NDX-902550
NDX-902555NDX902555Harris Semiconductor Refurbished NDX902555 Truepoint 5000 NDX-902555 MUX 28T1/T3 + WS NDX-902555
NDX-902585-M1NDX902585M1Harris Semiconductor Refurbished NDX902585M1 Truepoint 5000 NDX-902585-M1 SDM E3 T3 + WS NDX-902585-M1
NDX-902587NDX902587Harris Semiconductor Refurbished NDX902587 Truepoint 5000 NDX-902587 SDM 28T1/T3 + WS NDX-902587
NDX-903460NDX903460Harris Semiconductor Refurbished NDX903460 Truepoint 5000 Controller V2 102-903460-501
201-902120-003201902120003Harris Semiconductor Refurbished HARRIS 201-902120-003 ISS 25A STRATEX MICROSTAR 16T1 IDU HARRIS
101-903050-501101903050501Harris Semiconductor Refurbished TRIBUTARY INTERFACE UNIT 101-903050-501
101-903460-501101903460501Harris Semiconductor Refurbished Module: HARRIS TRUEPOINT CONTROLLER V2
TM23-21Y2Y/230CVTM2321Y2Y230CVHarris Semiconductor Refurbished TM2321Y2Y230CV POWER SUPPLY
VIEWWRITERHarris Semiconductor Refurbished 9 x 4 Display 15Pin Signal Cable
SYS-350-ACSYS350ACHarris Semiconductor Harris SYS-350-AC NetVx video networking system. The NetVX video
902515-504902515504Harris Semiconductor HARRIS 103-902515-504- MUX 4DS1 UP TO 16DS1 W/KEY TR5000 HARRI
1107Harris Semiconductor Platform with Power and Air
576903-G04576903G04Harris Semiconductor Telephone Terminal Sub Assembly VTLU TA-1023/G
594-T005594T005Harris Semiconductor Terminator
H272-41CAH27241CAHarris Semiconductor 32 Port Controller
H274-41CAH27441CAHarris Semiconductor 32 Port Controller
NDX-902530NDX902530Harris Semiconductor Harris 102-902530-501 NDX-902530 0W module for the TR5000 Chassi
NDX-904076NDX904076Harris Semiconductor Harris 102-904076-501 NDX-904076 Modem 140MHZ RXIF/350MHZ TXIF f
202-902595-511202902595511Harris Semiconductor New 202902595511 HARRIS 202-902595-511 SHELF SPU 2RMS TR5000 HARRIS 202-902595-51
ST4PDMP000Harris Semiconductor HARRIS 202-902595-511 ST4PDMP000 SHELF SPU 2RMS TR5000 Configure
TR5000Harris Semiconductor HARRIS 202-902595-511 ST4PDMP000 SHELF SPU 2RMS TR5000 Configure
2010065-9032010065903Harris Semiconductor TERMINAL
101-902515-M1101902515M1Harris Semiconductor Harris 101-902515-M1 NDX-902515-M1 Truepoint 5000 NDX-902515-M1
021-160101-001021160101001Harris Semiconductor Harris EXD-161-001 131-160101-001 021-160101-001 DRXRAADAAA DAC
131-160101-001131160101001Harris Semiconductor Harris EXD-161-001 131-160101-001 021-160101-001 DRXRAADAAA DAC
DRXRAADAAAHarris Semiconductor Harris EXD-161-001 131-160101-001 021-160101-001 DRXRAADAAA DAC
NDX-903050NDX903050Harris Semiconductor Harris 101-903050-501 TR5000 Truepoint 5000 Tributary Inerface U
764-333764333Harris Semiconductor HDLU2 Line card Hex for Clearcoms
780-920780920Harris Semiconductor Harris Optic 1 Tel set White
780-922780922Harris Semiconductor Harris Optic 1 Tel set Black
780-960780960Harris Semiconductor Harris /Teltronics 12 btn Clearcom
929-029929029Harris Semiconductor Harris/Teltronios 12 btn Clearcom
929-030929030Harris Semiconductor Harris/Teltronios 24 btn Clearcom

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