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Listings of Hyundai by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
01K1144Hyundai New
311821Hyundai Refurbished SIMM 60NS
32200070-16T3220007016THyundai Refurbished 3220007016T 72-Pin SIMM 60NS
637892-403637892403Hyundai Refurbished 637892403 MEMORY MODULE PULLED FROM PACKARD BELL
P227DLHyundai Refurbished MON/HYUNDAI LED MONITOR 21.5
6BR-8AF6BR8AFHyundai Refurbished 6BR8AF SIMM
9552.C29552C2Hyundai New 9552C2 PULLED from New system. System Board ( Motherboard ) from Case
HB56A232BT-7BHB56A232BT7BHyundai Refurbished HB56A232BT7B 72-Pin SIMM 70NS TIN LEADS NON-PARTY
HG32606Hyundai Refurbished HG32606
HT12X12-100HT12X12100Hyundai Refurbished HT12X12100 12.1-inch. 1024X768 LCD Raw AG
HT140WXB-100HT140WXB100Hyundai New HT140WXB100 -BOEhydis LCD panel
HT156WXB-100HT156WXB100Hyundai New HT156WXB100 BOE LCD Screen
HYM71V32C735 AT4-HHYM71V32C735AT4HHyundai New HYM71V32C735AT4H 256MB Module Memory SDRAM PC133 CL=3 Registered ECC 133MHz 3.3-Volt 32MB x
HYM71V653201Hyundai Refurbished 256MB MODULE Memory SDRAM PC100 CL=2 NON-ECC 100MHZ 3.3-Volt 32MB X 64 MFR_
HYM71V65M1601Hyundai New 128MB SDRAM DIMM PC100 Memory HYM71V65M1601
HYM7V631601Hyundai Refurbished 128MB Memory SDRAM PC133 CL2 non-ECC 133MHz 3.3-Volt 168-Pin DIMM O
HYM7V631601BTFG-75BAHYM7V631601BTFG75BAHyundai Refurbished HYM7V631601BTFG75BA 133Mhz Sync 128MB Memory HYM7V631601BTFG-75BA
HYM7V64400Hyundai Refurbished 32MB SDRAM DIMM ECC Memory HYM7V64400
HYM7V64401TRG-10HYM7V64401TRG10Hyundai Refurbished HYM7V64401TRG10 32MB Module Memory SDRAM PC100 CL=2 non-ECC 100MHz 3.3-Volt 4MB x 64 Mfr P
HYM7V651601Hyundai Refurbished MM- SDRAM Memory DIMM 100MHz 64MB
HYM7V65801Hyundai New 64MB PC100 SDRAM Memory Module TC-10S Power Macintosh G4 Cube.
TH-10STH10SHyundai Refurbished TH10S RAM PC100-322-620
1036D:1036DHyundai Refurbished MEMORY MODULE PULLED FROM DELL XM575 OR DELL 466/MX 72PIN
0512HE3Hyundai Refurbished 64MB RDRAM MEMORY
17XD0408-117XD04081Hyundai New 17XD04081 19-Inch MONITOR .26 DOT PITCH 1600x1200 MAX RESOLUTION
2032CHyundai Refurbished 72PIN TIN SIMM
320670-001320670001Hyundai Refurbished 320670001 MEMORY DIMM 64MB HYM7V65801 ATFG-10S BA PC100-322-620 320670
327168-001327168001Hyundai Refurbished 327168001 COMPAQ 327168-001 MEMORY SDRAM 16MB HYM7V64200T
40002Hyundai Refurbished 30-Pin SIMM 60NS
5000238Hyundai Refurbished MEMORY HYM7V65801BTFG-10SSM-A PC100-322-620 64MB 5000238
864V166D3DT4YDGHyundai Refurbished Hyundai 128MB PC100-3 100Mhz DIMM Memory 864V166D3DT4YDG
90000-20739-01A900002073901AHyundai Refurbished 900002073901A MEMORY 64MB 90000-20739-01A SY8472V REV.A4 SIEMENS HYB39S648
CKL8J7HMGB-01CKL8J7HMGB01Hyundai Refurbished CKL8J7HMGB01 Mono Graphics Card ISA 8 Bit full length DB9F
CMV995A00AFS71-HIA-0CMV995A00AFS71HIA0Hyundai New CMV995A00AFS71HIA0 19-Inch MONITOR .26 DOT PITCH 1600x1200 MAX RESOLUTION
E4006600301AHyundai Refurbished Mono Graphics Card ISA 8 Bit full length DB9F
E40080001Hyundai Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard ) FOR SUPER-16
E40080004Hyundai Refurbished Mono Graphics Card ISA 8 Bit full length DB9F
E4008100401Hyundai Refurbished Mono Graphics Card ISA 8 Bit full length DB9F
GMM26416233ENTHyundai Refurbished GMM26416233ENT G7JI 128MB SDRAM PC100-322-620 168PIN
GMM77316380CTHyundai Refurbished HYUNDAI GMM77316380CT G-5 128MB 16X72 DRAM MEMORY
HB140WX1-100HB140WX1100Hyundai New HB140WX1100 Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HB140WX1-200HB140WX1200Hyundai New HB140WX1200 Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HB156WX1-100HB156WX1100Hyundai New HB156WX1100 Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HB56D13Hyundai Refurbished SIMM
HCM-1410HCM1410Hyundai New HCM1410 CGA MONITOR 9-Pin CABLE
HCM-1410HCM1410Hyundai Refurbished HCM1410 CGA MONITOR 9-Pin CABLE
HCM-4238HCM4238Hyundai Refurbished HCM4238 14-Inch SVGA MONITOR
HG32606-FHG32606FHyundai Refurbished HG32606F HG32606-F
HMM1201Hyundai Refurbished
HMM1210Hyundai New CompatibleMonitor
HN-4848FHN4848FHyundai Refurbished HN4848F VGA 14-Inch
HT101HD1-100HT101HD1100Hyundai New HT101HD1100 Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HT101HD1-102HT101HD1102Hyundai New HT101HD1102 Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HT101HD1-103HT101HD1103Hyundai New HT101HD1103 Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HT101WSB-101HT101WSB101Hyundai New HT101WSB101 Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HT121WX2-103HT121WX2103Hyundai New -BOEhydis 12.1-Inch (1280x800) WXGA TFT Active Matrix (Bare LCD, No Plastics)
HT133HD1-200HT133HD1200Hyundai New HT133HD1200 Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HT13X13-241HT13X13241Hyundai Refurbished HT13X13241 HYUNDAI HT13X13-241
HT140WXB-101HT140WXB101Hyundai New HT140WXB101 Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HT140WXB-300HT140WXB300Hyundai New HT140WXB300 Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HT140WXB-501HT140WXB501Hyundai New HT140WXB501 Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HT140WXB-601HT140WXB601Hyundai New HT140WXB601 Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HT141WX1Hyundai New 14.1-inch WXGA LCD SCREEN
HT141WX1-100HT141WX1100Hyundai New HT141WX1100 -BOEhydis 14.1-inch 1280x800 WXGA TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop
HT141WX1-101HT141WX1101Hyundai New HT141WX1101 -BOEhydis 14.1-inch 1280x800 WXGA TFT Active Matrix wi
HT141WX1-102HT141WX1102Hyundai New HT141WX1102 -BOEhydis 14.1-inch 1280x800 WXGA TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop
HT14X14-101HT14X14101Hyundai Refurbished HT14X14101 -BOEhydis 14.1-inch 1024x768 XGA TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop
HT154WX1-101HT154WX1101Hyundai New HT154WX1101 -BOEhydis 15.4-Inch 1280x800 WXGA TFT Active Matrix wi
HT156WX1-100HT156WX1100Hyundai New HT156WX1100 Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HT156WXB-500HT156WXB500Hyundai New HT156WXB500 Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HT156WXB-500-0HT156WXB5000Hyundai New HT156WXB5000 Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HT15X11-100HT15X11100Hyundai Refurbished HT15X11100 15-Inch LCD Display Panel XGA/ 1024X768
HT15X22-200HT15X22200Hyundai Refurbished HT15X22200 15
HT17E11-200HT17E11200Hyundai Refurbished HT17E11200
HT17E11-300HT17E11300Hyundai Refurbished HT17E11300 17 Hyundai LCD
HT32620S-CHT32620SCHyundai Refurbished HT32620SC HYUNDAI HT32620S-C
HY514400J-70HY514400J70Hyundai Refurbished HY514400J70 30-Pin SIMM WITH PARITY
HY5164S-12HY5164S12Hyundai Refurbished HY5164S12
HY51C4256S-10HY51C4256S10Hyundai Refurbished HY51C4256S10 20-Pin DRAM
HY51V16404BHyundai Refurbished EDO DRAM Asynchronous 16MB Memory HY51V16404B
HY534256S-70HY534256S70Hyundai New HY534256S70 20-Pin D-RAM 4X256K MEMORY FOR LEGACY VIDEO CARDS 70 NS
HYB39S64800AT-10HYB39S64800AT10Hyundai Refurbished HYB39S64800AT10 MEMORY 64MB 90000-20739-01A SY8472V REV.A4 SIEMENS HYB39S648
HYM4V33100DTYG-75CEHYM4V33100DTYG75CEHyundai Refurbished HYM4V33100DTYG75CE 4MB AGP AIMM
HYM532100AM-70HYM532100AM70Hyundai Refurbished HYM532100AM70 4MB Module FastPage non-Parity 60ns 5v 72-Pin 1MB x 32 Mfr P/N
HYM532100AM-70FHYM532100AM70FHyundai Refurbished HYM532100AM70F 72PIN TIN SIMM
HYM532120W-70HYM532120W70Hyundai Refurbished HYM532120W70 72-Pin TIN SIMM
HYM532200AM-70HYM532200AM70Hyundai Refurbished HYM532200AM70 72-Pin simm tin 8MB
HYM532200M-70THYM532200M70THyundai Refurbished HYM532200M70T 30-Pin SIMM WITH PARITY
HYM532204AMHyundai Refurbished 72PIN TIN SIMM
HYM532204AM-60FSMHYM532204AM60FSMHyundai Refurbished HYM532204AM60FSM 8MB Module Memory EDO non-Parity 60ns 5v 72-Pin 2MB x 32 Mfr P/N HYM53
HYM532220W-70HYM532220W70Hyundai Refurbished HYM532220W70 MEMORY MODULE PULLED FROM PACKARD BELL
HYM532224AW-60HYM532224AW60Hyundai Refurbished HYM532224AW60 8MB Module Memory EDO non-Parity 60ns 5v 72-Pin 2MB x 32 Mfr P/N HYM53
HYM532410AM-70HYM532410AM70Hyundai Refurbished HYM532410AM70 16MB DRAM Stick for Apple MAC M3076 Performa PC 72-Pin 1 Side
HYM532410M-70HYM532410M70Hyundai Refurbished HYM532410M70 Memory module pulled from Dell XM575 or Dell 466/MX 72-Pin
HYM532414Hyundai Refurbished 9840 BM-60 BC 16MB Memory HYM532414
HYM536100M-70NTHYM536100M70NTHyundai Refurbished HYM536100M70NT DRAM MEMORY MODULE
HYM536410AM-70HYM536410AM70Hyundai Refurbished HYM536410AM70 HYU MEMORY 16MB 70NS
HYM5V64414AKG-60HYM5V64414AKG60Hyundai Refurbished HYM5V64414AKG60 32MB 168-Pin 60ns 16c 4x4 2K Memory EDO DIMM
HYM5V72A3204Hyundai Refurbished 256MB Module Memory EDO ECC Buffered 60ns 168-Pin 3.3-Volt 32MB x 72 Mfr P
HYM71V751601Hyundai Refurbished 64MB 100MHZ MEMORY
HYM76V16635HGT8-HSMHYM76V16635HGT8HSMHyundai Refurbished HYM76V16635HGT8HSM 128MB Memory SDRAM PC133 CL2 non-ECC 133MHz 3.3-Volt 168-Pin DIMM O
HYM7V631601BHyundai Refurbished MEMORY 128MB PC133 HYM7V631601B TFG-75SM-A 168PIN
HYM7V64200THyundai Refurbished COMPAQ 327168-001 MEMORY SDRAM 16MB HYM7V64200T
HYM7V651601BHyundai Refurbished MEMORY HYM7V651601B TFG-10SSM-A 323013-001 128MB 100MHz SDRAM
HYM7V65400Hyundai Refurbished MEMORY 32MB HYM7V65400 DTFG-10S AA PC100-322-620 168PIN
HYM7V65801AHyundai Refurbished MEMORY 64MB HYM7V65801A TFG-10SSM-A 323012-001
HYM7V65801BHyundai Refurbished 64MB Module SDRAM Memory PC66 CL=2 non-ECC 66MHz 3.3-Volt 8MB x 64 Mfr P/N
HYM7V72A801Hyundai Refurbished MEMORY 64MB HYM7V72A801 TFG-10 AA 168P
HYM7V73AC1601Hyundai Refurbished 128MB Memory SDRAM PC133 CL=3 168-Pin Registered ECC 133MHz 3.3
HYM7V75A1601Hyundai Refurbished 128MB Module Memory SDRAM PC100 CL=2 ECC 100MHz 3.3-Volt 16MB x 72 Mfr P/
HYM7V75A801Hyundai Refurbished MEMORY - 64MB
HYM7V75AS801Hyundai Refurbished Memory 64MB 100MHZ ECC SDRAM - Netfinity 7100
HYMP512S64CP8Hyundai Refurbished Refurbished Hynix.Memory 1 GB SO DIMM 200-pin Connector DDR2 SDRAM 667 MHz (PC2-5300) Unbuffered Non-ECC
HYMR13216H-653HYMR13216H653Hyundai Refurbished HYMR13216H653 64MB RAMBUS Non-ECC Memory-600
MG-MMGMHyundai Refurbished MGM
SAM2001Hyundai Refurbished
SO0864HYLG1NHyundai Refurbished MEMORY MODULE
V995Hyundai New V995 19-Inch MONITOR .26 DOT PITCH 1600x1200 MAX RESOLUTION
GMM2649233ETG-7JGMM2649233ETG7JHyundai 64MB 168p PC100 CL3 8c 8x8 SDRAM DIMM
HYM71V16M655Hyundai Hyundai HYM71V16M655 SD RAM 100MHz PC100-322-620
HYM7V64801Hyundai Hyundai HYM7V64801 100MHz 64MB PC100 SDRAM 144-pin SODIMM Memory
61949Hyundai HYUNDAI 4MB SIMM GP26B3-8C inside 501-1926
NT116WHM-N10NT116WHMN10Hyundai Hyundai-BOEhydis Lcd Screen
2402P-143352402P14335Hyundai Hyundai 2400 bps Modem HMD-2402P
71V32635HCT8PKHyundai AJJ 256MB 168p PC133 CL2 16c 16x8 SDRAM DIMM
E4602722001AHyundai Hyundai 2400 bps Modem HMD-2402P
HMD-2402PHMD2402PHyundai Hyundai 2400 bps Modem HMD-2402P
HYM532414AM-60HYM532414AM60Hyundai New HYM532414AM60 16MB Module Simm 4x32/16M-Memory EDO - 4x32-60ns Memory EDO 72p 16M SIMM 5v M
HYM71V16C735-AT8HYM71V16C735AT8Hyundai 128MB 168p PC133 CL3 9c 16x8 Registered ECC SDRAM DIMM
HYM71V651601TH-10SHYM71V651601TH10SHyundai 128MB 168p PC100 CL3 8c 16x8 SDRAM DIMM T016
HYM71V653201TH-10SHYM71V653201TH10SHyundai 128MB 168p PC100 CL3 16c 8x8 SDRAM DIMM
HYM71V753201TH-10SHYM71V753201TH10SHyundai 256MB 168p PC100 CL3 18c 16x8 ECC SDRAM DIMM
HYM72V75S6401KN-10SKHYM72V75S6401KN10SKHyundai 512MB 168p PC100 CL3 36c 32x4 Registered ECC SDRAM DIMM
HYM7V651601ATFG-10SHYM7V651601ATFG10SHyundai 128MB 168p PC100 CL3 16c 8x8 SDRAM DIMM
HYM7V65801ATFG-10SHYM7V65801ATFG10SHyundai 64MB 168p PC100 CL3 8c 8x8 SDRAM DIMM-RFB Korea
HYM7V65801BTFG-10SHYM7V65801BTFG10SHyundai 64MB 168p PC100 CL3 8c 8x8 SDRAM DIMM RFB Korea
HB140WX1-301HB140WX1301Hyundai Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HB140WX1-400HB140WX1400Hyundai Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HB140WX1-401HB140WX1401Hyundai Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HB140WX1-601HB140WX1601Hyundai Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HYM566A4TNG-60BHYM566A4TNG60BHyundai HYUNDAI 32MB ECC Buffer FPM SIMM168Pin60ns 18c5V CL6#7-B4-
128MB-PC100-168P-H128MBPC100168PHHyundai 128MB PC100-NonECC-NonREG DIMM 168Pin C64-1C
HYM71V65M801Hyundai Hyundai 64MB PC100 SODIMM Memory New HYM71V65M801
HT121WX2Hyundai Hyundai-BOEhydis LCD Screen
HYM566A410ATNG-60HYM566A410ATNG60Hyundai HYUNDAI 32MB ECC Buffer FPM SIMM168Pin60ns 18c5V CL6#6-B4-
HYM572A100ATNG-60BHYM572A100ATNG60BHyundai HYUNDAI 8MB ECC Buffer FPM SIMM168Pin60ns 18c5V HEM3B#2-48

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