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Listings of IBM by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
81Y9604IBM REFURBISHED IBM FRU Power supply, ac for DS3400
81Y9650IBM New IBM.Hard Drive 900 GB Serial Attached SCSI 2.5" 10000 rpm Hot Swap Removable
81Y9651IBM New 81Y9651 900GB 2.5" SAS 10K 6Gb/s HS Hard Drive
81Y9651IBM Refurbished 81Y9651 900GB 2.5" SAS 10K 6Gb/s HS Hard Drive
81Y9654IBM New IBM.Hard Drive 900 GB Serial ATA-600 (6 Gbit/s) 2.5" 10000 rpm Simple Swap Removable
81Y9670IBM New 300GB 15000RPM 6GBPS SAS 2 5IN SFF HS Hard Drive
81Y9671IBM New 81Y9671 300GB 2.5-inch SAS 15K 6Gb/s Hot Swap Hard Drive
81Y9671IBM Refurbished 81Y9671 300GB 2.5-inch SAS 15K 6Gb/s Hot Swap Hard Drive
81Y9690IBM New 1TB 7,200RPM 6Gbps NL SAS 2.5-Inch SFF Hot Swap Hard Drive
81Y9691IBM New 81Y9691 1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive 6 Gbps NL SAS 2.5-inch Small Form Factor Slim Hot-Swap Hard Drive
81Y9731IBM New 81Y9731 1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive 6 Gbps SATA 2.5-inch SFF Slim Hot-Swap ha
80F8975IBM New 80F8975 1 week LT
81Y9758IBM Refurbished 3TB 81Y9758 SAS 7200RPM hard drive 3.5-Inch-Inch-Inch Internal 6-Gbps FOR SYSTEM X
81Y9778IBM New IBM.Hard Drive 3 TB Serial ATA-600 (6 Gbit/s) 3.5" 7200 rpm Simple Swap Removable
81Y9794IBM New RR 2TB 81Y9794 SATA 7200RPM Hard Drive Internal 6GBPS NL G2HS HDD
81Y9798IBM Refurbished IBM 3 TB Hard Drive 7200RPM 6 Gbps NL SATA 3.5-Inch G2 hot-swap
81Y9814IBM 3TB 81Y9814 SATA 7200RPM 3.5-Inch-Inch-Inch 6-Gbps NL 35 G2SS Hard Drive
81Y9872IBM New 1TB 7.2K 2.5" 6Gb SAS NL Hot Swap Hard Drive for DS3524 EXP3524 81Y9872
81Y9872IBM Refurbished 1TB 7.2K 2.5" 6Gb SAS NL Hot Swap Hard Drive for DS3524 EXP3524 81Y9872
81Y9886IBM New IBM 3TB 7200RPM 6GB SAS NL-3.5-Inch Hard Drive
81Y9886IBM Refurbished 81Y9886 3TB 7200RPM 6GB SAS NL-3.5-Inch Hard Drive
81Y9891IBM 300GB 81Y9891 SAS 15000RPM 6GBINT 2.5-inch Hard Drive FOR DS3524 EXP3524
81Y9903IBM New 200GB SAS 2.5-Inch Solid State Disk Drive 2.5
81Y9915IBM New 81Y9915 900 GB 2.5" Internal Hard Drive - SAS - 10000 rpm
81Y9915IBM Refurbished 81Y9915 900 GB 2.5" Internal Hard Drive - SAS - 10000 rpm
81Y9948IBM New IBM-Hard Drive 900GB 2.5in 10K 6Gb SAS HDD
00E7108IBM Refurbished SAS 6GB 2-PORT PCIE2 X8SSD RAID
8202-197282021972IBM Refurbished 82021972 8202-1972 146GB Hard Drive 15000RPM U320
8203-197282031972IBM Refurbished 82031972 8203-1972 146GB Hard Drive 15000RPM U320
8203 327982033279IBM Refurbished 82033279 Cheap 146.8GB 15000RPM Hard Drive Ultra320 SCSI Disk Drive
8203-358582033585IBM Refurbished 82033585 IBM 8203-3585 300GB Hard Drive 15000RPM U320
8204-197282041972IBM Refurbished 82041972 8204-1972 146GB Hard Drive 15000RPM U320
8204-327982043279IBM Refurbished 82043279 8204-3279 146GB Hard Drive 15000RPM U320
8204-358582043585IBM Refurbished 82043585 IBM 8204-3585 300GB Hard Drive 15000RPM U320
8205-197282051972IBM Refurbished 82051972 8205-1972 146GB Hard Drive 15000RPM U320
8209IBM Refurbished 16GB 2x 8GB for IBM Power7 blade
8212-16U821216UIBM Refurbished 821216U ThinkCentre M52 P4 531 HT 512MB80GB SATADVDGNICWXPPRe
8212K3UIBM Refurbished 8212K3U IBM/Lenovo ThinkCentre M52 PD 3GHz/4mb, 512MB, 80GB, DVD, GNIC (with keyboard and mouse only) 03/28/17 KDr
8215-D1U8215D1UIBM Refurbished 8215D1U 8 Pro ThinkCentre M52 P4 630,POV, 512MB,80GB,DVD,GNIC,WXPP (please call to confirm specs available) 03/28/17 KDr
8218IBM Refurbished 18GB disk
8226-0018226001IBM Refurbished 8226001 Token Ring MAU RJ45
8245-1248245124IBM Refurbished 8245124 24-PORT 10/100Base-T MANAGED STACKABLE ETHERNET HUB
82560D3IBM Refurbished 2GB IDE Hard Drive
80F8976IBM New 80F8976 1 week LT
80F8988IBM New 80F8988 1 week LT
8271-E248271E24IBM New 8271E24 24-Port 10Base-T Switch w/2 fixed 10/100Base-TX 1 opt. Expansion
8272-2168272216IBM Refurbished 8272216 8272-216 85H5023 16-Port LANSTREAMER SWITCH
8286125IBM Refurbished 5170 FD/ Hard Drive CONTROLLER CARD
82G1842IBM Refurbished 2.88MB FLOPPY DRIVE
82G3278IBM Refurbished 82G3278 KEYBOARD 82G2383
82G3624IBM Refurbished Hot-Swap Backplane
82G5772-8PORT82G57728PORTIBM Refurbished 82G57728-Port Artic 8-Port ISA Card 8-Port w/daughter Board Board
82G5926IBM Refurbished 6384 270MB IDE Hard Drive
82G5927IBM Refurbished 364MB IDE Hard Drive PS/2 TYPE 9576I/9577I
82G5928IBM Refurbished 540MB HDA Hard Drive
82G5929IBM Refurbished Hard Drive 728MB IDE
82G5931IBM Refurbished 360MB SCSI-2 Hard Drive
82G5932IBM Refurbished 540MB 3.5-Inch SCSI-2 HARD DRIVE
82G5933IBM Refurbished 82G5933 728MB SCSI HARD DRIVE DSAS-3720
82H5503IBM Refurbished Hard Drive 1.4GB 2.5-Inch THINKPAD 750/755/760 OTHER MODELS
82H8162IBM Refurbished 82H8162 CPU CARD Assembly P133
82H8489IBM Refurbished 2.1GB 2.5-Inch HARD DRIVE
82H8490IBM Refurbished 2.1GB IDE LP Low Profile Hard Drive
82H8843IBM Refurbished Hard Drive 1.4GB 2.5-Inch THINKPAD 750/755/760 OTHER MODELS
82H8884IBM Refurbished 9546 1.4GB Hard Drive
8303-52U830352UIBM Refurbished 830352U NETVISTA P4 1.8GHZ 256MB40GB845G48XETHWXPPREFXX9
8305-42U830542UIBM Refurbished 830542U NETVISTA P4 2.4GHZ 256/40GB CD-ROM DESKTOP
56P0020IBM Refurbished User Interface Complete
83240D3IBM Refurbished MAXTOR 3.2GB IDE Hard Drive 83240D3 03B 16A 11A FJC CL03B IBM
47J0210IBM Refurbished IBM ORIGINAL 8GB 2Rx8 PC3L-10600R 1333MHz DDR3 VLP ECC REGD MEMO
836752IBM Refurbished Modem Cable Assembly; CABLE External EIA 5360
46W9250IBM New IBM BladeCenter HS22V System Board - MAKO TLA - MT 7871
83H6289IBM Refurbished LCD rear cover 9548-40U Thinkpad 770
83H6309IBM Refurbished LCD front cover 9548-40U Thinkpad 770
2727263LIBM New 3592 Tape JD 10TB IBM labeled
83H6339IBM Refurbished AC Adapters 92P1041/or Substitute Part Number 56-Watts UltPort 2-Pin/2 Prong
83H7086IBM Refurbished 2640 3GB Hard Drive
83H7102IBM Refurbished 2645 5GB Hard Drive
83H7105IBM Refurbished 4.5GB Ultra SCSI 16-bit Hard Drive
83H7126IBM Refurbished 83H7126 DIMM ADAPTER CARD 8MB
83X7488IBM Refurbished MCA Token Ring NIC ( Network Interface Card ) - Long 83X7488A
83X9180IBM Refurbished 83X9180 28-Pin TOKEN RING RPL CHIP
80F8995IBM New 80F8995 1 week LT
8482-1RU84821RUIBM Refurbished IBM xSeries 206 P4/2.8GHz/512MB/36.4GB/48X/FDD/En
8482-2RU84822RUIBM Refurbished 84822RU xSeries 206 P4 3.0GHz 1GB 36GB SCSI
8482-2SU84822SUIBM Refurbished IBM XSERIES P4/3.0GHZ SERVER
8482-4MU84824MUIBM Refurbished 84824MU xSeries 206 P4 3.2GHz 1GB 36GB SCSI
2727263LIIBM New 3592 Tape JD 10TB IBM labeled and initialized
8491-G4U8491G4UIBM Refurbished 8491G4U x306m 2.8GHz/800/4MB 1GB RAM SATA/SAS Open Bay
84G0505IBM New AC ADAPTER 100-240V 15V 1.3A FOR Thinkpad 730T
84G1203IBM Refurbished Thinkpad 344MB 2.5-Inch 17mm IDE Hard Drive 84G1203
84G1210IBM Refurbished 340MB HARD DRIVE FOR Thinkpad 360/750/C/CS/755
84G1747IBM Refurbished Thinkpad 344MB 17mm IDE Hard Drive 84G1747
84G1750IBM Refurbished Thinkpad 344MB 17mm IDE Hard Drive 84G1750
84G2098IBM Refurbished THINKPAD 30-Watts 10-20V AC ADAPTER Thinkpad 355/360/700/720/750/755
84G2128IBM Refurbished AC ADAPTER FOR Thinkpad 355/360/750/755
84G2153IBM Refurbished Memory 16MB ThinkPad 360/755
84G2253IBM Refurbished ThinkPad DC to DC 84G8352 Board Assembly 84G2253
84G2269IBM Refurbished FDD 1.44MB Floppy Drive 3 Mode - ThinkPad 360
84G2277IBM Refurbished 4-Pin 10-20V 1.5-3.0A THINKPAD 355 THINKPAD 355CS THINKPAD 360
84G2300IBM Refurbished 2619 System Board ( Motherboard ) thinkpad 355
84G2356IBM Refurbished ac 4-Pin 20-10V 2-3.38A ThinkPad AC ADAPTER 355-360 P/N 84G43_
84G2981IBM Refurbished Thinkpad 344MB 2.5-Inch 17mm IDE Hard Drive 84G2981
84G2986IBM Refurbished 810MB HARD DRIVE THINKPAD 750 ETC
84G3014IBM New 344MB 2.5-Inch IDE Hard Drive for Thinkpad
84G3015IBM Refurbished 340MB HARD DRIVE FOR Thinkpad 360/750/C/CS/755
84G3074IBM Refurbished ThinkPad Internal 1.44MB 3.5-Inch Floppy Drive 84G3074
84G3476IBM Refurbished 527MB IDE 3.5-Inch hard drive
84G3493IBM Refurbished 364MB 3.5-Inch 50-Pin HARD DRIVE
84G3494IBM Refurbished 540MB 3.5-Inch SCSI-2 HARD DRIVE
84G3495IBM Refurbished 728MB SCSI 50-Pin 3.5-Inch Hard Drive
84G3902IBM Refurbished Hard Drive 170MB IDE 3.5-Inch - ValuePoint
84G3905IBM Refurbished HARD DRIVE 212MB 3.5-Inch IDE
84G4319IBM Refurbished THINKPAD 540MB IDE Notebook Laptop Hard Drive W/CASE TP360/TP755 DBOA-2540
84G4337IBM Refurbished 10.4-Inch LCD DISPLAY ASSEMBLY FOR JAPAN TP755C
84G5658IBM Refurbished ThinkPad AA615 Inverter Board Assembly 84G5658
84G6108IBM Refurbished 527MB IDE 3.5-Inch hard drive
84G6536IBM Refurbished TrackPoint Cap - ThinkPads 2-Pack
84G8419IBM Refurbished 540MB 3.5-Inch SCSI-2 HARD DRIVE DSAS-3540
84G8443IBM Refurbished 540MB 3.5-Inch SCSI-2 HARD DRIVE
84G8452IBM Refurbished 350MB 3.5-Inch SCSI Hard Drive 50-Pin - DSAS-3360
84G8454IBM Refurbished 500MB 50-Pin SCSI Hard Drive DSAS-3540 APPLE
84G8685IBM Refurbished GXT150M Graphics Adapter
84G9435IBM Refurbished 1080MB AT Hard Drive IDE 3.5-Inch
84G9478IBM Refurbished 1.08GB Hard Drive SCSI 50-Pin LOW Profile
84H3427IBM Refurbished 16-Slot Memory Board
84H9678IBM Refurbished SSA Raid Controller
95Y2396IBM Refurbished IBM FLEX SYSTEM FC5022-2 PORT 16GB FC ADAPTER 88Y6370
80F8996IBM New 80F8996 1 week LT
49Y7427IBM Refurbished IBM 900gb 10k 2.5 6GBPS SAS Hot Pluggable Hard Drive
8573-0618573061IBM Refurbished 8573061 PORTABLE MODEL P70 386 8MB 200MB PLASMA
85F0000IBM Refurbished Hard Drive SCSI Adapter.W/CACHE
85F0012IBM Refurbished 3.5 HD 400MB 50PIN HARD DISK DRIVE SCSI 85F0012
85F0063IBM Refurbished 32-Bit SCSI Adapter W/CACHE
85F0072IBM Refurbished Enhanced External 2X CD-ROM II Drive
85F0480IBM Refurbished Adapter Memory Expansion 2-8MB - 8550/55/60
85F9089IBM Refurbished 9406 FN2619 TOKEN RING ADAPTER MODULE
85F9107IBM Refurbished Ethernet IOA - IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD
85G0968IBM Refurbished 810MB Hard drive for Thinkpad
85G0969IBM Refurbished 810MB Hard drive for Thinkpad
85G1489IBM Refurbished Thinkpad 755xx TFT 10.4-Inch LCD Panel 85G1489
85G1897IBM Refurbished 85G1897 VIDEO CONVERTER CABLE 85G1880
85G1914IBM Refurbished IBM CD ROM TP755CD/CDV 9545
85G2540IBM Refurbished 1080MB AT Hard Drive IDE 3.5-Inch
85G2716IBM Refurbished Drive Hard 540MB
85G3627IBM Refurbished 1215MB IDE 2.5-Inch Hard Drive DPRA-21215
85G3630IBM Refurbished 85G3630 1GB Hard Drive for laptop thinkpad
85G3631IBM Refurbished 1080MB 2.5-Inch Hard drive pulled from 365X Thinkpad
85G3634IBM Refurbished 1080MB 2.5-Inch IDE THINKPAD HARD DRIVE
85G3656IBM Refurbished 1GB SCSI 50-Pin 3.5-Inch Hard Drive
85G3666IBM Refurbished 1.08GB SCSI 50-Pin Hard Drive CR: DP
85G3674IBM Refurbished HARD DRIVE 540MB. IDE 3.5-Inch
85G3679IBM Refurbished 1215MB 2.5-Inch IDE Notebook Laptop Hard DRIVE
85G3840IBM Refurbished 540MB IDE 3.5-Inch Hard Drive
85G3847IBM Refurbished 527MB IDE 3.5-Inch 3H Hard Drive
85G3869IBM Refurbished HARD DRIVE MODEL# DALS-3540 FRU P/N 82G5932
85G3870IBM Refurbished 540MB 3.5-Inch SCSI-2 HARD DRIVE MLC E16092
85G3871IBM Refurbished 85G3871 540MB 3.5-Inch SCSI-2 Hard Disk Drive
85G4952IBM Refurbished 35-Watts 4-Pin AC ADAPTER TP350/TP360/TP370C 2610/2620/9545
85G5928IBM Refurbished 540MB IDE 3.5-Inch
85G6693IBM Refurbished ac 4-Pin AC ADAPTER 10-16V 2.2-3.2A ThinkPad TP 701 365 560_
85G6698IBM Refurbished 16VDC 2.2A 10VDC 3.2A 100/240VAC Thinkpad Adapter
85G6701IBM Refurbished ac 4-Pin AC ADAPTER 10-16V 2.2-3.2A ThinkPad TP 701 365 560_
85G6704IBM Refurbished Manufacturer: Model: 85G6704 Alt p/n: fru part # 85G6705- 91
85G6705IBM Refurbished IBM AC ADPT 30W TP760 9546/2625/2610
85G6733IBM Refurbished ac 4-pin THINKPAD 760 AC 16V 2.2A Compatible IBM#02K3381 11J9991
85G6734IBM Refurbished A/C Adapter: 16V 2.2A
85G6735IBM Refurbished ac 4-Pin THINKPAD 760 AC 16V 2.2A Compatible #02K3381 11J9991_
85G6958IBM Refurbished 810MB Notebook Laptop HARD DRIVE
85G8386IBM Refurbished 500MB IDE 2.5-Inch Hard Drive DBOA-2540
85G9169IBM Refurbished External FDD Floppy Drive DISKETTE Drive Cable 2640
85H3629IBM Refurbished PCMCIA 16/4 TURBO Token Ring PC CARD ADAPTER
85H4630IBM Refurbished 28.8K/14.4K Data/Fax Modem PC Card 85H4630
85H7427IBM Refurbished token ring 16/4
85H9928IBM Refurbished Etherjet PCI 10/100Base-T W/ WOL ( Wake On Lan )
85Y5862IBM Refurbished V7000 300 GB 2.5-inch 10k Hard Drive 3203
44W2171IBM New 44W2171 IBM Fibre Channel RAID controller replacement with 512MB DIMM (For a single-controller DS3400 storage subsystem) w/o battery
8640PB0IBM Refurbished P2 266 64MB RAM 0GB Hard Drive W Ultra SCSI
8645-1SF86451SFIBM Refurbished 86451SF x220 P3 933Mhz 128MB
8648-2AU86482AUIBM Refurbished 86482AU xSeries 226 Xeon 3.2GHz 512MB 2Gb RAM CD Server - Tower
8651-RM08651RM0IBM Refurbished IBM Netfinity 7000 PPRO/200/512KB/256MB/NO Hard Drive/RACK
8652-21Y865221YIBM Refurbished 865221Y Netfinity 4000R P3 500MHz 256MB
8652-31Y865231YIBM Refurbished 865231Y Netfinity 4000R P3 650MHz 256MB
8652-51Y865251YIBM Refurbished 865251Y 4000R 650Mhz 256MB 9.1GB Hard Drive
8652-61Y865261YIBM Refurbished 865261Y Netfinity 4000R P3 650MHz 256MB
8654-11Y865411YIBM Refurbished 865411Y x330 P3 800MHz 256MB
8655-11Y865511YIBM Refurbished 865511Y Netfinity 3500 M10 P3 500MHz 128MB 9GB
8655-31Y865531YIBM Refurbished 865531Y Netfinity 3500 M10 P3 600MHz 128MB
8656-1RY86561RYIBM Refurbished 86561RY Netfinity 4500R P3 733Mhz 128MB RAM
8656-4RY86564RYIBM Refurbished 86564RY Netfinity 4500R Pentium III Server
8656-6RY86566RYIBM Refurbished 86566RY IBM eserver xSeries 340 - 8656 - 128 MB RAM - 1 GHz
8657-31Y865731YIBM Refurbished 865731Y Netfinty 3500 M20 P3 733MHz 256MB 9GB
8658-11Y865811YIBM Refurbished IBM NTFINITY 5100 PIII 667MHZ 256MB SDRAM
8658-41Y865841YIBM Refurbished 865841Y Netfinity 5100 PIII866 128MB
8658-4RY86584RYIBM Refurbished 86584RY Netfinity 5100 PIII866 128MB
8658-51Y865851YIBM Refurbished 865851Y Netfinity 5100 P3 933MHz 1GB RAM Tower
8665-3RY86653RYIBM Refurbished 86653RY NETFINITY 7600RXEON 700 2MB CACHE 512MB RAM
86655RYIBM Refurbished Netfinity 7600 Xeon 700MHz 2MB
8666-3RY86663RYIBM Refurbished 86663RY Netfinity 7100 Rackmount XEON 700 256mb ram
8668-21X866821XIBM Refurbished 866821X X232 P3 1.13Ghz 256MB RAM
8668-22X866822XIBM Refurbished 866822X X232 Tower P3 1.13GHz 256MB RAM
86682RXIBM New IBM XSERIES 232 PIII/1.13GHZ/512KB/256MB/NO Hard Drive/DUAL ULTRA160 SC
8668-44X866844XIBM Refurbished 866844X X232 Tower P3 1.26GHz 512MB RAM
8668-4TX86684TXIBM Refurbished 86684TX X232 P3 1.26Ghz 256MB RAM
8670-11X867011XIBM Refurbished 867011X xSeries 345 Xeon 2.0GHz 1GB RAM open bay
8670-21X867021XIBM Refurbished 867021X xSeries 345 Xeon 2.2GHz 1GB RAM open bay
8670-22X867022XIBM Refurbished 867022X xSeries 345 Xeon 2.2GHz 1GB RAM open bay
8670-31X867031XIBM Refurbished 867031X x345 Xeon 2.4GHz 1GB RAM open bay
8670-38X867038XIBM Refurbished 867038X x345 Xeon 2.4GHz 1GB RAM open bay
8670-51X867051XIBM Refurbished PULSAR 1500VA RT2U OL DUAL Conversion
8670-52X867052XIBM Refurbished 867052X xSeries 345 Xeon 2.67GHz 2GB RAM 2 x 18GB
8670-61X867061XIBM Refurbished 867061X x345 Xeon 2.8GHz/533 1GB RAM 36GB
8670-71X867071XIBM Refurbished 867071X x345 Xeon 3.06GHz/533 1GB RAM open bay
8670-91X867091XIBM Refurbished X345; 3.06GHz-1MB 512MB
8670-F1X8670F1XIBM Refurbished 8670F1X xSeries 345 Xeon 3.06GHz 1GB RAM
8670-K1X8670K1XIBM Refurbished 8670K1X xSeries 345 Dual 2.66GHz 512MB
8670-L1X8670L1XIBM Refurbished 8670L1X XSERIES 345 XEON 2.8GHZU/320CDNICPCIRACK
8670-M1X8670M1XIBM Refurbished 8670M1X x345 Xeon 3.06GHz/533 1GB RAM open bay
8670-M8X8670M8XIBM Refurbished 8670M8X x345 Xeon 3.06GHz/533 1GB RAM open bay
8674-11X867411XIBM Refurbished 867411X xSeries 330 Open Bay
8674-31X867431XIBM Refurbished xSeries 330 1.26GHz Open Bay
8676-11X867611XIBM Refurbished 867611X x335 Xeon 2.8GHz 1GB RAM
8676-21X867621XIBM Refurbished 867621X x335 Xeon 3.06GHz 1GB RAM
8676-41X867641XIBM Refurbished 867641X x335 Xeon 2.0Ghz 512MB
867642XIBM Refurbished x335 server
8676-61X867661XIBM Refurbished 867661X X-SERIES 335 XEON 2.4GHZ 512MB 0HDR SERVER
8676-71X867671XIBM Refurbished IBM X SERIES 335 XN2.6GHZ/512MB SERVER
8676-81X867681XIBM Refurbished 867681X x335 Xeon 2.8GHz 512MB
8676-G1X8676G1XIBM Refurbished 8676G1X xSeries 335 Xeon 3.2Ghz 1GB RAM 18GB SCSI w Rails
8676-L1X8676L1XIBM Refurbished PP BID X 335 2.8 512 512/0GB WITH 32P9202 X330 RAIL KIT 1 6952
8676-M1X8676M1XIBM Refurbished 8676M1X xSeries 335 3.06GHz Xeon 512MB
8677-1XX86771XXIBM Refurbished 86771XX Bladecenter Chassis
8677-2XX86772XXIBM Refurbished 86772XX xSeries Bladecenter Chassis
8677-3RU86773RUIBM Refurbished 86773RU BladeCenter Chassis 2 x 2000-Watts Power Supply Management Module
8677-3XU86773XUIBM Refurbished 86773XU BladeCenter Chassis 2 x 2000-Watts Power Supply Management Module
867841XIBM Refurbished Blade Server Dual 2.4GHz 512MB Warranty 3/06
8678-61X867861XIBM Refurbished 867861X hs20 blade 1x Xeon 2.8ghz/512/400 512mb Memory
86821RYIBM Refurbished IBM Netfinity 6000R PIII Xeon 700MHz 512MB NO Hard Drive 4U Rack
8682-2RY86822RYIBM Refurbished 86822RY NETFINITY 6000R 700/2mb xeon 512mb ram 3x18gb
8682-4RY86824RYIBM Refurbished 86824RY X350 Xeon 700 512MB RAM
8682-5RY86825RYIBM Refurbished 86825RY xSeries 350 Server
8686-1SQ86861SQIBM Refurbished 86861SQ x360 2 x Xeon 2.0GHz 1M 2GB RAM Open Bay w Rails
8686-2RQ86862RQIBM Refurbished 86862RQ x360 2 x Xeon 2.5GHZ 1GB RAM rails
8686-3RQ86863RQIBM Refurbished 86863RQ x360 2 x Xeon 2.8GHZ 1GB RAM rails
8686-3RX86863RXIBM Refurbished 86863RX x360 Dual Xeon 1.6GHz 2GB RAM Rails
8686-3RY86863RYIBM Refurbished 86863RY x360 Dual Xeon 1.6GHz 2GB RAM Rails
8686-4RX86864RXIBM Refurbished Oce Plotter Double Matte Film 54-Inch X 125ft 3mil
8686-5RX86865RXIBM Refurbished 86865RX xSeries 360 QUAD 1.5GHz XEON MP 2G Memory Server
8687-3RY86873RYIBM Refurbished 86873RY xSeries 440 Dual Xeon 2.4GHz 2GB RAM
8687-4RY86874RYIBM Refurbished 86874RY xSeries 440 Quad Xeon 2.4GHz 2GB RAM
8687-5RX86875RXIBM Refurbished 86875RX xSeries 440 2 x Xeon 1.9GHz 2GB RAM
8687-7RX86877RXIBM Refurbished 86877RX xSeries 440 Dual Xeon 2.0GHz/2M 2GB RAM 2x36GB
86F0714IBM Refurbished 2GB SCSI 3.5-Inch Half Height Hard Drive 68-Pin
86F0734IBM Refurbished 2GB SCSI-2 F/W Fast Wide Hard Drive
86F0746IBM Refurbished 2GB SCSI II Hard Drive
86G7812IBM Refurbished 2GB HARD DRIVE 6606 W/TRAY
86G8695IBM Refurbished SCSI 68-Pin HARD DRIVE 3.5-Inch
86G9024IBM Refurbished 1GB Hard Drive
86G9049IBM Refurbished RS/6000 1GB 7200RPM 50-Pin SCSI-2 Hard Drive
86G9054IBM Refurbished 86G9054 SCSI HARD DRIVE
86G9090IBM Refurbished 2GB SCSI Hard Drive Fast SCSI
86G9146IBM Refurbished Hard Drive 2GB SCSI-W DFHS
86g9153IBM New Hard Drive SCSI 68-Pin 2.1GB /N 70H0958
86H0323IBM Refurbished 8274 chassis w dual power supply
86H0587IBM Refurbished 8274 Remote Management. Module
86H1879IBM Refurbished TOKEN RING ADAPTER PCI WOL ( Wake On Lan )
86H1880IBM Refurbished PCI TR WOL ( Wake On Lan )
86H1896IBM Refurbished 16/4 PCI TOKEN RING ADAPTER
86H2423IBM Refurbished NETFINITY7000 100/10 ETHERJET PCI Adapter
86H3029IBM Refurbished 8274 12-Port 10/100Base-T TX Switch Card
45D7238IBM New 0/32 GB DDR3 Memory 4X8 GB DIMMS - 1066 MHz
45D7242IBM New IBM 16GB DDR3 1066MHZ DIMM 5601
74Y5511IBM Refurbished 6-slot SAS SFF Media Backplane SATA
03N5880IBM Refurbished U320 4 Pack Backplane For Disk Mirroring 80P5105 6593
6161039IBM Refurbished DOOR SENSOR SEE ALSO 64X8673 6115573
00Y2448IBM New 600GB 2.5 in. 15K SAS HDD
87664UXIBM New 87664UX 4U Rackmount Tape Storage Enclosure 8766-4UX
8769-1VX87691VXIBM Refurbished 87691VX VXA 320 1U Autoloader
7870-G2G7870G2GIBM Refurbished IBM SYSTEMX HS22 CTO 1X E5620 QC 2.4GHZ 6GB RAM
45K0679IBM Refurbished IBM 320GB SATA 2.5 5400RPM slim 3Gbs HDD
81Y9759IBM Refurbished 3 TB 7200 rpm NL SAS 3.5-inch Hot-Swap hard drive
81Y9775IBM Refurbished IBM 3 TB Hard Drive 7200RPM SATA 3.5-inch Hot-Swap hard -drive
80F8997IBM New 80F8997 1 week LT
85Y6161IBM Refurbished IBM V7000 BATTERY BACKUP
80F9325IBM New 80F9325 1 week LT
87G1676-001A87G1676001AIBM Refurbished 87G1676001A 4/8Gig 4MM DAT DDS-2 SCSI SE Internal Tape Drive 5.25-Inch Beige Front
87G6290IBM Refurbished 9406 POWER SUPPLY MODULE
87H3320IBM New 87H3320 Adapter Artic 186 8-Port ISA
87H3330IBM Refurbished 87H3330 IBM ARTIC 8 PORT ISA ADAPTER
87H3670IBM Refurbished 87H362501USA ARTIC 960HX 16MB MEMORY OPTION
87H3675IBM Refurbished ARCTIC 186 8-Port PCI ADAPTER
87H3750IBM Refurbished Artic186 Model II ISA/PCI Adapter
87H4659IBM New 87H4659 Thinkcentre M55E System Board
87H4659IBM Refurbished 87H4659 Thinkcentre M55E System Board
87H4891IBM Refurbished HARD DRIVE 320GB SATA 7200RPM
2096-R072096R07IBM Refurbished SYSTEM Z9 BC
80F9343IBM New 80F9343 1 week LT
88088NUIBM Refurbished THINKCENTRE M55 1 X PENTIUM D 3.4Ghz / 4MB / FSB 800Mhz / 1
02R4084IBM New P4 Netvista 8035 System Board ( Motherboard )
96P1248IBM Refurbished IBM 96P1248 200/400 GB ULTRIUM LTO 3 INTERNAL FH SCSI LVD TAPE D
8832-21X883221XIBM Refurbished 883221X HS20 BLADE SERVER XN 2.8GHZ 2X 256 0GB
8832-9TX88329TXIBM Refurbished 88329TX Bladeserver HS20 Dual Xeon 2.4GHz 1GB RAM
8832-G1X8832G1XIBM Refurbished 8832G1X Bladeserver HS20 Xeon 3.2GHz 533 1GB RAM
8832-L1X8832L1XIBM Refurbished eServer BladeCenter HS-20 8832L1X Xeon Bladeserver OEM w/X
8832-M1X8832M1XIBM Refurbished 8832M1X BladeCenter HS20- Xeon 3.06GHz 512KB 512MB SDRAM DIMM Open ba
8835-51X883551XIBM Refurbished 883551X x325 AMD 2.0GHz 512MB
8835-61X883561XIBM Refurbished 883561X IBM TYPE 8835 / 61X SERVER 325 AMD Opteron NO RAILS
8836-1MU88361MUIBM Refurbished 88361MU O4 2.8 2 36 1024 FD
8836-1SU88361SUIBM Refurbished 88361SU Rackmount x306 P4 2.8GHz 512MB
8836-2MU88362MUIBM Refurbished 88362MU x306 P4 3GHz/1M 512MB 36.4GB SCSI
8836-2SU88362SUIBM New 88362SU Rackmount x306 P4 2.8GHz 512MB RAM 0 x SATA
8836-2SU88362SUIBM Refurbished 88362SU Rackmount x306 P4 2.8GHz 512MB RAM 0 x SATA
8836-4MU88364MUIBM Refurbished 88364MU xSeries 306 P4 3.2GHz
8836-4SU88364SUIBM Refurbished 88364SU Rackmount x306 P4 3.2GHz/800/1MB 512MB
8836-5SU88365SUIBM Refurbished 88365SU Rackmount x306 P4 3.4GHz 512MB
8837-01U883701UIBM Refurbished 883701U XEON 2.8GHZ/1MB CACHE DUAL Processor
8837-05U883705UIBM Refurbished 883705U x336 Xeon 2.8GHz 800MHz 2M 1GB RAM open bay
8837-11U883711UIBM Refurbished X336 3.0GHZ/1MB 1GB ECC SCSI HS Hot-Swap
8837-15U883715UIBM Refurbished 883715U x336 Xeon 3.0GHz/800MHz 2M 1GB RAM
8837-1RU88371RUIBM Refurbished 88371RU XSERIES 336 XEON 3.0GHz 2x 512MB 0GB HS Hot-Swap SCSI DVD
8837-21U883721UIBM Refurbished 883721U x336INTEL XEON 3.2GHz/800MHZ 2x512MB
8837-25U883725UIBM Refurbished 883725U XSERIES 336 XEON 3.2GHz 2x 512MB 0GB HS Hot-Swap SCSI DVD REF
8837-31U883731UIBM Refurbished 883731U 8837 RACK - 1 X XEON 3.4Ghz - RAMD
8837-35U883735UIBM Refurbished 883735U XSERIES 336 XEON 3.4GHz 2x 512MB 0GB HS Hot-Swap SCSI DVD REF
8837-41U883741UIBM Refurbished 883741U xSeries 336 Xeon 3.6GHz/800MHz/1M 2GB RAM SCSI w Rails
8837-45U883745UIBM Refurbished 883745U xSeries 336 Xeon 3.6GHz/2M 2GB RAM SCSI w Rails
8837-55U883755UIBM Refurbished IBM XSERIES 336 1x Xeon 3.8GHz/800MHz 1MB L2 Cache 2x 512MB 40
8837-56U883756UIBM Refurbished 883756U XSERIES 336 XEON 3.8GHz2x512MB 0GB SATA DVD REF
8837-D1U8837D1UIBM Refurbished X336; 1x Xeon dual core 2.8GHz/800MHz 4MB L2 cache 2x 1GB
883951XIBM New 883951X HS40 1x MP 2.2GHz X
8839-61X883961XIBM Refurbished 883961X HS40 Blade 2.7GHz Xeon MP 2GB memory 0 x Hard Drive
8839-71X883971XIBM Refurbished HS40 4 x Xeon MP 3.0GHZ/4M 4GB RAM 40GB IDE
8840-01U884001UIBM Refurbished 884001U x346 Xeon 2.8GHz 1GB RAM WITHOUT RAILS
8840-11U884011UIBM Refurbished x346 Xeon 3.0GHz/800MHz 1MB L2 2x512MB O/Bay HS Ultra320 SCSI 6
8840-15U884015UIBM Refurbished X346 Rackmount X/3.0 2MB 1GB Ultra320 NO Hard Drive
8840-16U884016UIBM Refurbished 884016U x346 Xeon 3.0GHz/2M 1GB RAM w Rails
SLG9MIBM Refurbished 2.13GHZ 6CORE SLG9M CPU
8840-21U884021UIBM Refurbished 884021U X346 XEON 3.2GHZ 1MB
8840-25U884025UIBM Refurbished 884025U x346 Xeon 3.2GHz 2M 1GB RAM open bay w Rails
8840-31U884031UIBM Refurbished 884031U X346 XEON 3.4GHZ 1MB
8840-35U884035UIBM Refurbished Xseries 346 Xeon Dp 3.4G 2Mb 1Gb 2X512Mb 6Hs GBE ( Gigabit Ethernet ) 2U Rackmount
8840-36U884036UIBM Refurbished 884036U xSeries 346 Xeon 3.4GHz/2M 2GB RAM open bay
8840-41U884041UIBM Refurbished X346 - 3.6GHz/800MHz 1MB 1GB 400MHz DDR2 Memory PC3200
8840-42u884042uIBM Refurbished 884042u 2x 3.6ghz/1mb 2GB Memory Scsi cardDvdFL 1X PS
8840-45U884045UIBM Refurbished IBM eServer Xseries 346 2U Server -Xeon 3.6GHz2m 1GB DDR2 DVD-RO
8840-55U884055UIBM Refurbished 884055U x346 Xeon 3.6Ghz 2Mb
8840-D8840DIBM Refurbished 8840D xSeries 346 DC Xeon 2.8GHz/4MB 2GB RAM
8840-D1U8840D1UIBM Refurbished X346; 1x Xeon dual core MP 2.8GHz/800MHz 2x 2MB L2 cache
8843-01U884301UIBM Refurbished 884301U BladeCenter HS20 Dual 2.8GHz 2G RAM
884305UIBM Refurbished HS20 1x Xeon 2.8GHz/800MHz
884311UIBM Refurbished IBM HS20 XN3.0GHZ 2x512MB NO Hard Drive BLADE SERVER
8843-25U884325UIBM Refurbished 884325U Bladeserver HS20 Xeon 3.2GHz 2M 1GB RAM
8843-2RU88432RUIBM Refurbished 88432RU HS20 XEON 3.2G 2MB 1GB
884331UIBM New 884331U HS20 3.4GHZ 800MHZ 1MB L2 1GB
8843-31U884331UIBM Refurbished 884331U HS20 3.4GHZ 800MHZ 1MB L2 1GB
8843-41u884341uIBM Refurbished IBM BladeCenter HS20 1x Xeon 3.6GHz1MB L2 Cache 1GB RAM/NO Har
8843-41X884341XIBM Refurbished 884341X Bladeserver HS20 Dual Xeon 3.6GHz 1M 1GB RAM 73.4GB SCSI
8843-45U884345UIBM Refurbished 884345U HS20 1x3.6GHz-2MB 800Mhz 1GB 0 Hard Drive Blade
88434TUIBM Refurbished BladeCenter HS20, 1 x Xeon 3.6 GHz/1 MB, RAM 1GB, HD 0GB, FDD, Optical Drive - None, LAN Fast EN, Gigabit EN, Gigabit EN, Blade, No License - No OS Installed
884355UIBM Refurbished BladeCenter HS20, 1 x Xeon 3.8 GHz/2 MB, FSB 800 MHz, RAM 1GB, HD 0GB, RAID ( Ultra320 SCSI ) ( LSI53C1020 ), Floppy - None, Optical Drive - None, LAN EN, Fast EN, Gigabit EN, Blade, No License - No OS Installed
8843-M5U8843M5UIBM Refurbished 8843M5U Bladeserver HS20 Xeon 3GHz 1M 1GB RAM low voltage
8847-24X884724XIBM Refurbished 884724X xSeries 343 Dual 2.4GHz/533 2GB RAM 146.8GB Hard Drive dc power
8849-10U884910UIBM Refurbished 884910U xSeries 306m P4 3GHz/1M 512MB 0 x SATA
8849-30U884930UIBM Refurbished 884930U xSeries 306m P4 3.2GHz/2M 512MB 0 x SATA
8849-AC18849AC1IBM Refurbished 8849AC1 xSeries 306m P4 3.2GHz/2M 512MB 0 x SATA
8850-55U885055UIBM Refurbished 885055U LS20 DUAL CORE AMD Opteron 2.0GHZ/1MB
8850-65U885065UIBM Refurbished 885065U LS20 AMD DUAL CORE 2.2GHZ 2MB
8850-66U885066UIBM New 885066U BC LS20 2.2G DC 1MB 1G OH
8850-66U885066UIBM Refurbished 885066U BC LS20 2.2G DC 1MB 1G OH
8850-71U885071UIBM Refurbished BladeCenter LS20, 1 x Opteron 2.4 GHz/1 MB, FSB 800 MHz, RAM 1GB, HD 1x0GB, RAID (Ultra320 SCSI), Floppy - None, Optical Drive - None, LAN EN, Fast EN, Gigabit EN, Blade, No License - No OS Installed,
8850-76U885076UIBM Refurbished 885076U 1 x 2.4ghz dual core 1GB 0GB Hard Drive
8852-4XU88524XUIBM Refurbished HS20 BladeCenter NO Processor NO RAM NO HD 8852-4XU
8852-HC18852HC1IBM Refurbished 8852HC1 BladeCenter H Chassis w 2 x 2900W Power Supplies
8853A1UIBM Refurbished BladeCenter HS21 Quad-Core E5310 1.6GHz/1066MHz-8MB 2GB SAS
8853-AC18853AC1IBM Refurbished 8853AC1 HS21 BLADE SERVER Assembly BOARD
8853-C2U8853C2UIBM Refurbished OPEN BOX COMPLETE BC BladeCenter HS21 E5345 X2.33GHZ-8MB 2GB Quad-Core 2G
8853G6UIBM Refurbished 8853G6U HS21 Quad Core E5450 3.0GHz/1333MHz Blade
8853-H1U8853H1UIBM New Open Box 8853H1U Bladeserver HS21 Dual-Core Xeon 2.33GHz 1GB RAM
8853J2UIBM Refurbished BC BladeCenter HS21 X/1.6 Quad-Core 1P 2GB SAS GETH Gigabit Ethernet
8853L1UIBM Refurbished BladeCenter HS21 DC 5110 1.6Ghz/1066MHz-4MB 1GB SAS
8853-L2u8853L2uIBM Refurbished 8853L2u HS21 BLADE XEON-DC 5120 1.86G 1GB 2X512MB SAS
8853-l3u8853l3uIBM Refurbished BladeCenter HS21 DC 5130 2.0GHz/1333MHz-4MB 1GB SAS
8853-L4U8853L4UIBM Refurbished HS21 BLADE XEON-DC 5140 2.33G 1GB 2X512MB SAS [8853L4U
8853-L5U8853L5UIBM Refurbished BladeCenter HS21 DC 5150 2.67GHz/1333MHz-4MB 1GB SAS
8853-L6u8853L6uIBM Refurbished BladeCenter HS21 8853 - Blade - 2-way - 1 x Dual-Core Xeon 5
8853-PRL8853PRLIBM Refurbished 8853PRL HS21 2 x Quad-Core E5450 3.0 GHz/12M 16GB RAM 4 x 4GB no Hard Drive
8862-1RX88621RXIBM Refurbished 88621RX xSeries 365 1 x Xeon 2.0GHz 1M 1GB RAM
88622RXIBM Refurbished X SERIES SERVER XEON 2.5Ghz. 2048MB RAM CD Floppy Drive RACK MOUNTED
8862-3RX88623RXIBM Refurbished 88623RX xSeries 365 1 x Xeon 2.8GHz 2M 1GB RAM
8862-4RX88624RXIBM Refurbished 88624RX xSeries 365 1 x Xeon 2.2GHz 1GB RAM
8862-5rx88625rxIBM Refurbished 88625rx X365 2X 2.7GHZ/2MB 400FSB 2GB RAM
8862-6RX88626RXIBM Refurbished X365 2X XEON MP 3.0GHZ/400MHZ 4MB 2GB O/BAY 2X
8863-1RU88631RUIBM Refurbished 8863-1RU eSERVER xSeries 366 Xeon 3.1 Rack-mountable - 3U - Intel CPU - Dual-core - 2GB RAM - 3.16 GHz - 3 USB port - Hot Plug - Wake On LAN - 1300 watt
88631SUIBM Refurbished x3850 1x3.16GHz/1MB L2 2GB RAM Open Bay single power
8863-2RU88632RUIBM Refurbished xSeries 366 Xeon MP 3.66GHz 1MB L2 667MHzFSB 2GB Open Bay 8x
88632SUIBM Refurbished System x3850 8863 - Rack - 4-way - 1 x Xeon MP 3.66Ghz - Rackmount
8863-3RU88633RUIBM Refurbished 88633RU xSeries 366 1 x Dual Core Xeon 2.67GHz/667/1M 2GB RAM
88633SUIBM Refurbished X SERIES 366 2.6GHZ 2GB SERVER
8863-4RU88634RUIBM Refurbished 88634RU xSeries 366 DC Xeon 3.0GHz/4MB 2GB RAM open bay
88634SUIBM Refurbished 88634SU x3850 1xD Core Xeon 7040 3.0GHz 667MHz 2x1MB L2 2x1GB 2xGB E
8863-E6U8863E6UIBM Refurbished 8863E6U xSeries 366 Xeon 3.16GHz 2GB RAM 2 x 1GB DVD Open Bay
88642RUIBM Refurbished 886461Y NETFINITY 5600 1X866MHZ 256MB Pedestal System
8864-4RU88644RUIBM Refurbished 88644RU X3850 2X3.30GHZ/667MHZ DC 4GB RAM
88645RUIBM Refurbished System x3850 8864 - Rack - 4-way - 2 x Dual-Core Xeon 7150N
8865-1RU88651RUIBM Refurbished xSeries x260, 1 x Xeon MP 3.16 GHz/1 MB, FSB 667 MHz, RAM 2GB, HD 0GB, SAS ( SAS ) - PCI-X / 266 MHz ( Adaptec AIC-9410 ) ; IDE ( ATA-33 ), FDD, CD, LAN EN, Fast EN, Gigabit EN, rack, No License - No OS I
8865-2RU88652RUIBM Refurbished XSERIES 260 XEON 3.66GHz 1MB 2GB 2X1GB CD-ROM Rackmount SAS GBE ( Gigabit Ethernet ) USB
8870-12X887012XIBM Refurbished 887012X xSeries 445 4 x Xeon 2.2GHz 1GB RAM
8870-1RX88701RXIBM Refurbished 88701RX xSeries 445 4 x 2.0GHz/1M 2GB RAM
8870-22X887022XIBM Refurbished 887022X xSeries 445 4 x Xeon 2.7GHz 2GB RAM
8870-2RX88702RXIBM Refurbished 88702RX xSeries 445 2 x Xeon 2.5GHz 2GB RAM
8870-3EX88703EXIBM Refurbished 88703EX xSeries 445 2 x 3.0GHz 2GB RAM open bay DVD
8870-3RY88703RYIBM Refurbished 88703RY xSeries 445 2 x Xeon 3.0GHz 2GB RAM
8870-42X887042XIBM Refurbished XSERIES 445; 4 XEON 3.000GHZ/2MB PROCESSORS 4GB RAM U_
8870-4EX88704EXIBM Refurbished 88704EX xSeries 445 4 x Xeon 3.0GHz 4GB RAM 2 x 36GB Hard Drive w Rails
8870-4RX88704RXIBM Refurbished 88704RX xSeries 445 4 x Xeon 2.8GHz 2GB RAM
8870-4RY88704RYIBM Refurbished 88704RY xSeries 445 4 x Xeon 3.0GHz 2GB RAM
8872-1RU88721RUIBM Refurbished xSeries 460 2x Xeon 2.83GHz 4MB 2GB 0GB DVD RPS Redundant Power Supply
8872-2RU88722RUIBM Refurbished 88722RU xSeries 460 4 x 3.0GHz8MB/667MHz 4GB - 3U
88723RUIBM Refurbished X-Series 460 Xeon MP 3.33ghz/8mb2Proc 2GB SAS 2.5
8872-8RU88728RUIBM Refurbished 88728RU x3950 2 x Dual-Core 3GHz/4MB 2GB RAM
8874-1RU88741RUIBM Refurbished IBM Xseries Mxe 460 Rack X-Cart: full-featured
8877-4RU88774RUIBM Refurbished 88774RU x3755 Server 2 x Dual Core Opteron 2.6GHz 2GB RAM
88784RUIBM Refurbished 88784RU 3950 servers NOB
88785RUIBM Refurbished 2 x Xeon 3.5GHz - 4GB DDR2 SDRAM Memory for x3950
8886-374788863747IBM Refurbished 88863747 Feature #3747 300GB Hard Drive 15000RPM 6Gbps SAS for BladeCen-
8886-374988863749IBM Refurbished 88863749 Feature #3749 146GB Hard Drive 15000RPM 3.5-inch SAS for BladeCen-
88F1172IBM Refurbished 3490-CXX READ CARD
88G1023IBM Refurbished Notebook Laptop ThinkPad System Board ( Motherboard ) Assembly 88G1023
88G3842IBM Refurbished 701X 16-Port CLUSTER #8130
88G4921IBM Refurbished 4x SCSI Internal CD-ROM 88G4917 CR-504-B
88G6404IBM Refurbished External SSA Copper Cable, 5.0 m (16.4 ft)
88P5837IBM Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard ) THINKCENTRE P4 W/O POV
88P5870IBM Refurbished CPU P4 3.0GHZ 800MHZ 512K 478-Pin
88P9671IBM Refurbished AMD Opteron 1.6GHz/400MHz w Heat Sink
88P9729IBM Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard ) FOR X-SERIES 335
88P9755IBM Refurbished xSeries 345 System Board ( Motherboard )
88P9756IBM Refurbished xSeries 345 System Board ( Motherboard ) 533MHz FSB
88Y6058IBM New IBM Cisco 1000BASE-T SFP Transceiver
88Y6062IBM Refurbished IBM Cisco 1000 Base SX SFP Transceiver
88Y6406IBM New QLogic 20-port 4/8 Gb SAN Switch Module for IBM BladeCenter - Switch - plug-in module - for BladeCenter H 7989, H 8852, HT 8740, HT 8750, S 7779, S 8886, T 8720, T 8730
88Y6406IBM Refurbished QLogic 20-port 4/8 Gb SAN Switch Module for IBM BladeCenter - Switch - plug-in module - for BladeCenter H 7989, H 8852, HT 8740, HT 8750, S 7779, S 8886, T 8720, T 8730
24R0448IBM New 3592-JJ IBM Branded 60GB
24R2138IBM New VXA Cleaning Tape IBM Backordered
8928-589285IBM Refurbished 89285 QUAD COLOR I CGA CARD DJ968DQDCLR892802
00RX927IBM New 1.8TB 2.5 10K 12GB SAS HDD
WD2500JSIBM Refurbished WD2500JS 250GB SATA 3GB 7200RPM 8MB 3.5-inch Hard Drive
59Y6265IBM Refurbished Refurbished IBM IBM MAX5 for System x - Memory expansion chassis - 1U
89-9991-008899991008IBM Refurbished 899991008 10.05GB 2.5-Inch 4200 RPM Hard Drive TRAVELSTAR ATA/IDE JAN-02 MLC: F80199
89H4940IBM Refurbished 9.1GB SCSI Hard Drive IN TRAY
89P5089IBM New USB Optical Wheel mouse 89P5089
89P5089IBM Refurbished USB Optical Wheel mouse 89P5089
80F9344IBM New 80F9344 1 week LT
89P6791IBM Refurbished ThinkCentre Celeron PGA 478B All Copper Core Heat Sink
89P7933IBM Refurbished P4 System Board ( Motherboard ) THINKCENTRE A50/S50 W/10-100 Ethernet W/O POV
89P7935IBM Refurbished P4 System Board ( Motherboard ) W/GIGABIT Ethernet W/O POV THINKCENTRE NOTES
89P7944IBM Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard ) Intel 865G GNIC Gigabit Ethernet No POV AGP for Netvista M50
89P7952IBM Refurbished THINKCENTRE System Board ( Motherboard ) A5x S5x
89P8300IBM Refurbished PS/2 104 KEY BLACK KEYBOARD
89P8900IBM Refurbished Preferred Pro USB Fingerprint Keyboard Black Blue
89P9200IBM New 104 KEY Keyboard BLACK ENGLISH
89P9200IBM Refurbished Keyboard Ps2 Black Pre. Pro
8B036J0021324IBM New 36GB 10000RPM Ultra320 80-Pin Hard Drive
8B146J0IBM New 146GB SCSI HD 10000RPM hard drive Hot-Swap
8B146J008132CIBM New 146GB Ultra320 10000RPM Hard Drive 80 PIN_
8D073J002495EIBM Refurbished 73.4GB 3.5-inch 10000RPM Hard Drive ESERVER XSERIES SCSI U320 FGCA DOM: 29APR20
8D073J0025924IBM Refurbished 73.4GB 3.5-inch 10000RPM Hard Drive ESERVER XSERIES SCSI U320 FGCA DOM: 29APR20
8E073J0IBM New 8E073J0 73.4GB 15000RPM Ultra320 Hot-Swap Hard Drive for X-Series
8E073S0IBM Refurbished 73GB 15000RPM SAS Hard Drive mw
8E073S0047828IBM Refurbished 73GB 15000RPM SAS Hard Drive mw
8J073S0IBM New 73GB 10K 3.5 SAS Hard Drive
8J073S0028327IBM New 73.4GB 10000RPM SAS HARD DRIVE
8J073S0029527IBM New 73.4GB 10000RPM SAS HARD DRIVE
8J300S0IBM New IBM 300GB SAS 10000RPM 3.5-inch HOT-SWAP Hard Drive
8JES326B-0A28JES326B0A2IBM Refurbished 8JES326B0A2 8275-326 Ethernet Switch Backplane 8JES326B-0A2

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