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Listings of Imagistics by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
4160Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics C150 / C180 Laser Toner
4208Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics C140 145 Drum unit
4699Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics Cyan Toner for CD1500/2000
4736Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics 476-6 Laser Toner Cartridge for the Ima
473-84738Imagistics New Pitney Bowes/ImagisticsFX 2080 printer toner
4934Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics 3520 3525 Cyan Toner
4944Imagistics New Imagistics Cyan Toner 494-4 for CM4530 Copier
4945Imagistics New 4945 PITNEY BOWES / Imagisitics CM4530 3530 DEVELOPER
6701Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics Im6530 Toner
6709Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics Waste Toner Bottle
7653Imagistics New Pitney bowes Imagistics DM 230 /330 Red ink cartridge
8061Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics 9500 Imaging Ctg Canon FX-1
8186Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics 3200 / 3400 Toner Minolta 5600
4164Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics C150 / C180 Laser Developer
4178Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics C235 C500 Drum unit
4180Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics DF260 DF360 DL260 DL360 toner.
4230Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics C400/500 Toner
4548Imagistics New Imagistics Photoreceptive Drum
4594Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics Magenta Toner for CM2020 /CM3120
4634Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics C320 Developer
4696Imagistics New Imagistics/ Pitney Bowes Black Toner for CD1500 CD2000
4705Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics Dl850 Toner
4723Imagistics New Imagistics/Pitney bowes Staples for the 9710 finisher
4724Imagistics New 472-4 staple
4931Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics cm3520/3525 cm4520/4525 Black toner
4933Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics Oce 3520 3525 Magenta Toner
494-04940Imagistics New IMAGISTICS PHOTORECEPTOR DRUM CM3530/CM4530
4941Imagistics New Genuine Black Toner 494-1 Oce Imagistics CM3530 CM4530
6702Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics Im6530 Developer same as Sharp AR810MD
6703Imagistics New Imagistics Pitney bowes drum 670-3 for the 8130 and 6530
6LA8575520Imagistics Imagistics Cleaner Drum unit OEM
6LE5073500Imagistics Imagistics Developer Unit
6LE9005700Imagistics Imagistics Developer unit OEM
7840Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics 9056 9070 Developer Mita 5685 7090
7941Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics im3510/3511/4510/4511 Photoreceptor Drum
794-27942Imagistics New 7942 DEVELOPER IM4510 IM4511 IM4512 IM3510 IM3511 IM3512
8120Imagistics Pitney Bowes Imagistics 8157 Toner Cartridge
8166Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics 2000 Series Toner Ctg
8170Imagistics Refurbished Imagistics 9910 /9930 ECO Cartridge
8175Imagistics Toner Cartridge - BLACK - 10,000 PAGES - 1500 ,1630 ,1640, 2500 ,IX260
8187Imagistics New 8187 Imagistics 3400 - Drum Unit - Page Yield = 20000
8246Imagistics New 8246 Imagistics 3500 5000 DL170 - Toner Cartridge - Page Yield = 2
8470Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics Staples for Sorters; 9404 9708 9770/97
8473Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics E1 Staples
8475Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics SERIES DL Series Staples for 9711 Finis
9470Imagistics New Pitney Bowes Imagistics 9422 sorter staples
A2176Imagistics Fusing Assembly
A3594Imagistics ADF Document Tray
A7313Imagistics Paper Cassette Tray
B4074Imagistics ADF Lower Sub Assembly
FX-2100FX2100Imagistics Imagistics FX2100 mfp
H0532Imagistics MP Paper Guide Assembly
J5951Imagistics ADF Assembly
LE8660001Imagistics ADF Lower Sub Assembly
LE8833001Imagistics ADF Document Tray
LJ7589001Imagistics MP Paper Guide Assembly
LJ7607001Imagistics Paper Cassette Tray
LM2579001Imagistics Fusing Assembly
LP2422003Imagistics ADF Assembly
4200Imagistics Pitney Bowes Imagistics black laser toner works with C140 / C14
8208Imagistics Pitney Bowes/ Imagistics 820-8 8208 Drum Unit 4130 Digital Fax
4598Imagistics Pitney Bowes Imagistics Cm2020 Magenta Imaging Unit
4613Imagistics Pitney Bowes Imagistics DL 460/550/IM 4720/5520 TONER
4937Imagistics Pitney Bowes Imagistics 3520 3525 Imaging Unit Magenta
4932Imagistics Pitney Bowes Imagistics 3520 3525 Yellow Toner
4610Imagistics Pitney Bowes /Imagistics DL460 DL550 im4720 im5520 photocondu
3714Imagistics Pitney Bowes Imagistics Dl250 Developer
6211Imagistics Imagistics/ Pitney Bowes red ink cartridge for the DM400 / DM5
4990Imagistics Pitney Bowes Imagistics im6020 / 7250 black toner
4608Imagistics Pitney Bowes Imagistics Imaging Unit Minolta DI-200
4694Imagistics Pitney Bowes Imagistics Cd2000 Img Unit Magenta Minolta CF-150
6665Imagistics Pitney Bowes Imagistics 2020 2520 3520 toner2EA/BX
7943Imagistics Pitney Bowes Imagistics black laser toner cartridge designed for
7668Imagistics Pitney Bowes Imagistics DM800 766-8 Fluorescent Red Postage Ink
4939Imagistics Pitney Bowes Imagistics CM4520 IMAGING UNIT BLACK OEM
7946Imagistics Pitney Bowes Imagistics Im3511 4511 Photoreceptor Drum
3178Imagistics Pitney Bowes Photoreceptor drum for DL 350 / 600
4097076000Imagistics Fuser Fixing Unit - 120 VolFOR USE IN MODELS: Imagistics Pit
6LA9613800Imagistics Imagistics 8130 / 6530 Developoer unit with developer 670-2
ZB3500670Imagistics Imagistics/Oce Roller Kit ZB3500670 For 3511 / 4511
ZB3500960Imagistics Imagistics / Oce Network Scanner Expansion Kit
6429779Imagistics Oce imagistics 6429779 250 sheet extra paper tray for SX2100

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