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Listings of Imc Networks by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
855-1093285510932Imc Networks New IMC Networks 855-10932 Interfaces: 1 x network - Ethernet 100Bas
806-3962880639628Imc Networks New 80639628 USB POWER CABLE FOR MINIMC IE Cable GIGA-MINIMC NOT FOR MINIMCG
850-1308685013086Imc Networks New 85013086 IE-POWERTRAY/18-AC FOR MINIMCS External TEMP -20C TO 70 C 100-24
850-1310085013100Imc Networks New MediaChassis/1-AC single slot single AC power for use with iMc
850-1810585018105Imc Networks New 85018105 IE-IMCV-T1/E1/J1-LINETERM TP/Fiber Fibre SM1310/PLUS-ST
854-1062385410623Imc Networks New 85410623 Condition: New in MFG box - IMC MiniMc Media converter - Exter
854-1972185419721Imc Networks IE-MINIMC DC OR PD Power TP-TX SX MM850-SC 550M External TEMP
855-1062085510620Imc Networks New 85510620 Media Converter - 1 x RJ45 1 x ST Duplex - 10/100Base-TX
855-1062185510621Imc Networks New 85510621 ROHS MINIMC TP-TX/FX-MM850-SC 300 M - 7.5 DB
855-1062285510622Imc Networks New 85510622 MINIMC TP-TX/FX-MM1300 ST - 2 KM - 12DB ROHS
855-1062385510623Imc Networks New 85510623 MINIMC TP-TX/FX-MM1300 SC - 2KM1420SA RAID 0/1/10 4 Channel SATA-2
855-1062585510625Imc Networks New 85510625 MiniMc, TP-TX/FX-SM1310/PLUS-SC - Twisted Pair to Fiber Media Converte w/ AC power adapter
855-1073085510730Imc Networks New 85510730 MINIMC-GIGABIT TX/SX-MM850-SC 300M 1000MB COPPER/1000MB Fiber Fibre
855-1073185510731Imc Networks New 85510731 MINIMCGB TX/LX-SM1310-SC 10KM 1000MB COPPER TO 1000MB Fiber Fibre
855-1092785510927Imc Networks New 85510927 Media Converter - 1 x RJ45 1 x ST Duplex - 100Base-TX 100
855-1961985519619Imc Networks New 85519619 IE MODECONVERTER SFP SFP AC Power 2 Fiber Fibre SFPS FOR 100MB 2 4GB
855-1972285519722Imc Networks New 85519722 IE MINIMC TP TX/FX MM1300 ST 2 KM HARDENED INDUST.ETHERNET
855-1972385519723Imc Networks New 85519723 IE-MINIMC TP-TX/FX-MM1300-SC Power 2KM WITH/AC Power 10/100Base-TX/100FX
85519725Imc Networks New 85519725 IE MINIMC TP TX FX SM1310PLUS MEDIAC SC 40KM HARDENED INDUS_
856-1170085611700Imc Networks New 85611700 GIGA-MINIMC/LFPT TX/SFP REQUIRE ONE IE-SFP/1250 MODULE
856-1883085618830Imc Networks New 85618830 IE Gigabit MINIMC TX SX MM850 SC 300M External TEMP 10/100Base-T 1000MB 1000SX
55-121285512128Imc Networks Refurbished 55-12128 IMC Media Converter Card TX/FX-MM1300-SC - BRAND
10-30231-310302313Imc Networks Refurbished 10302313 NETWORK INTERFACE CARD TP
50-109325010932Imc Networks Refurbished IMC NETWORKS 50-10932 IMEDIACENTER/2 2-SLOT MANAGED CHASSIS IMC
855-1062485510624Imc Networks New MINIMC TP-TX/FX-SM1310 ST - PERP 40KM - 21DB ROHS
3PCIOSD1AImc Networks Refurbished PCI 1-Port Isolated RS-232/422/485 Serial Card w/16550A
422CONImc Networks New RS232 to RS422 Universal Converter DB25StoDB25P With 12VDC Power
4710PL-04T-B204710PL04TB20Imc Networks Refurbished 4710PL04TB20 FAN 120X120X25MM 12VDC 0.20AMP
50-131005013100Imc Networks Refurbished 5013100 50-13100 MediaChassis/1 1 Slot Chassis with A/C Power Includes
50-142805014280Imc Networks Refurbished 5014280 50-14280 iMcV-T1/E1/J1 Set TP/SSFX-SM-SC 2/1Mbps RJ45 to SC T
52-105005210500Imc Networks Refurbished 5210500 Multi-Lan Ethernet Repeater 8 slot Cube Chassis with 8x Fiber Fibre/U
55-121285512128Imc Networks New 5512128 IMC NETWORKS CORP.: MCPC 100Base-TX/100Base-FX RJ45/SC-MMF 1300 10KM 100
806-3962980639629Imc Networks New 80639629 12IN USB POWER CABLE FOR MINIMCCABL ONLY
AD-1210AD1210Imc Networks New AD1210 P/N: AD1210BB3 A/C Adapter Input 120VAC 60HZ 3W Out: 12VDC 10
AD1210BB-STAD1210BBSTImc Networks Refurbished AD1210BBST CUT WIRE 12V DC 100MA AC ADAPTER
P35120100A010GImc Networks Refurbished CUT WIRE 12V DC 100MA AC ADAPTER
WS2107FL-55WS2107FL55Imc Networks Refurbished WS2107FL55 115 V AC .24AMP 50/60 HZ 120X120X38MM
806-3975380639753Imc Networks New IE-POWER/5V AC TO DC DIN RAIL POWER ADAPTER
808-3810380838103Imc Networks New IE-SFP/155-ED SM1310-LC PERP 20KM 100 TO 155MB OC3 EXT. TEMP
850-1443885014438Imc Networks New IMC NETWORKS iMcV-DS3/E3-LineTerm Fiber Converter
855-1061985510619Imc Networks New MINIMC TP-TX/SFP REQUIRES ONE PERP IE-SFP/155 MODULE
855-1094985510949Imc Networks New IMC Networks 855-10949 McBasic UTP to Fiber Media Converter. The
855-1095185510951Imc Networks
855-1972085519720Imc Networks New IE-MINIMC TP-TX/FX-MM850-ST 2KMPERP -20 C TO +70 C 10/100TX/100M
855-1972485519724Imc Networks New IE MINIMC TP TX/FX SM1310/PLUS PERP ST 40 KM HARDENED INDUST ETH
852-1013385210133Imc Networks IMC Networks 852-10133 AccessEtherLinX/4 Optical Access Media Co
852-1312485213124Imc Networks IMC Networks 852-13124 AccessEtherLinX Optical Access Media Conv
TX/FX-SM1310/PLUS-SCTXFXSM1310PLUSSCImc Networks IMC Networks 855-10932 Interfaces: 1 x network - Ethernet 100Bas
808-3820080838200Imc Networks IE SFP 1250 ED SM1310 LC 20KM PERP
808-3820180838201Imc Networks IE-SFP/1250-ED MM850-LC 550M PERP W/EXTENDED DIAG-ED OR DDMI
856-1073085610730Imc Networks GIGA-MINIMC
856-1073185610731Imc Networks GIGA-MINIMC
856-1074785610747Imc Networks GIGA-MINIMC
856-1883185618831Imc Networks IE-GIGA-MINMC
MM1300Imc Networks IMC Industrial Ethernet Switching Media Converter Module
858-1112185811121Imc Networks IE-MULTIWAY 2TX/2SFP INCLUDES PERP AC PWR IE-TEMP -10C TO +50C
855-1093085510930Imc Networks MCBASIC TX/SXMM850-SC 300M 100 PERP MBTX/100MB FX STD ALONE CONV
855-1092885510928Imc Networks MCBASIC TX/FX-MM1300-SC CPNT STANDALONE
ABDN-ER-DP553ABDNERDP553Imc Networks
851-1091285110912Imc Networks New MEDIACONVERTER/12X 1 U TALL 12-SLOT
LDVDSV2-SLDVDSV2SImc Networks BB Electronic AutoTap OBDII Streamer w Cable LDVDSV2-S

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