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Listings of Infineon Technologies by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
201695-B21201695B21Infineon Technologies New 201695B21
300680-B21300680B21Infineon Technologies New 300680B21
300682-B21300682B21Infineon Technologies New 300682B21
358349-B21358349B21Infineon Technologies New 358349B21
HYS64D128320HU-5-BHYS64D128320HU5BInfineon Technologies Refurbished Infineon 1GB DDR PC3200U 400MHz CL3 Dimm HYS64D128320HU-5-B
DY657AInfineon Technologies New
HYS144V64020WR-8-DHYS144V64020WR8DInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS144V64020WR8D 232P-SDRAM-1GB
HYS64T128021HDL-3.7AHYS64T128021HDL37AInfineon Technologies New 1GB NOTEBOOK SODIMM DDR2 PC4200533 UNBUF 1.8v 2RX8 200P 128MX6
HYS64T64000HU5AInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS64T64000HU5A 512MB 240p PC2-3200 CL3 8c 64x8 DDR2-400 DIMM T007 RFB Portugal_
HYS72D128320GBR-6-BHYS72D128320GBR6BInfineon Technologies Refurbished INFINEON 1G 1X1G Memory PC2700 DDR 333 CL2.5 ECC Registered Memory PC2700-25330-C0
HYS72D256220HBR-5-BHYS72D256220HBR5BInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72D256220HBR5B 2GB 184-Pin Memory PC3200 CL3 36c 128x4 Registered ECC DDR DIMM T027 RFB P
HYS72V64300GR-7.5-DHYS72V64300GR75DInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72V64300GR75D 512MB 168-Pin PC133 CL3 18c 64x4 Registered ECC SDRAM Memory DIMM T011 1.7
PC2-3200R-333-11-F0PC23200R33311F0Infineon Technologies Refurbished HP / Infineon 512MB pc2-3200 ECC REG
HYS64T128020HU-3S-AHYS64T128020HU3SAInfineon Technologies Refurbished 1GB 2RX8 PC2-5300U-555-12-E0
V23848-M305-C56RV23848M305C56RInfineon Technologies Refurbished V23848M305C56R INFINEON V23848-M305-C56R GBIC 850MN Transceiver MULTI RATE
140133-001140133001Infineon Technologies Refurbished 140133001 128MB DIMM MEMORY 133MHZ SDRAM
210007BInfineon Technologies Refurbished 64-Bit Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
33L5039Infineon Technologies New 1GB PC2100 Memory Equal same as IBM 09N4308 33L5039
359822-051359822051Infineon Technologies New 359822051 Infineon 1GB HYS72T128020HU-3.7-A PC2-4200 DDR2-533MHz ECC Registered 2
373029-051373029051Infineon Technologies New 373029051 MEMORY 1GB PC3200 Registered Compaq
V23848-M305-C56V23848M305C56Infineon Technologies Refurbished V23848M305C56 INFINEON V23848-M305-C56 GBIC 850MN Transceiver MULTI RATE
69000194-HO1-CSC69000194HO1CSCInfineon Technologies Refurbished 69000194HO1CSC 8M x 72 SDRAM Memory SODIMM
HYS72T64001HR-5-AHYS72T64001HR5AInfineon Technologies New HYS72T64001HR5A 512MB 240p PC2-3200 CL3 18c 64x4 Registered ECC DDR2-333 DIMM I_
C1W03411496Infineon Technologies Refurbished 128MB 100MHZ CL2 PC100-222-620
C3E13702Infineon Technologies Refurbished 128MB DIMM MEMORY 133MHZ SDRAM
C3V10822237Infineon Technologies Refurbished RAM PC133-333-520
C3W12813321Infineon Technologies Refurbished 1GB 168-Pin PC100 ECC Registered DIMM 128Mx72 SDRAM Memory
HB54R1G9F2U-B75BHB54R1G9F2UB75BInfineon Technologies Refurbished HB54R1G9F2UB75B Elida 1GB PC2100 266Mhz CL2 DDR ECC REG Memory Module
HYR186420G-845HYR186420G845Infineon Technologies Refurbished HYR186420G845 128MB 184-Pin Memory Rambus PC800-45 8d ECC RDRAM RIMM T003 RFB Germany
HYS144V16020WR8C2Infineon Technologies Refurbished BLADE 1000/2000/FIRE 256MB SDRAM Memory DV
HYS144V32020WR-8-DHYS144V32020WR8DInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS144V32020WR8D 232P-SDRAM-512MB
HYS64D128320GU-6-AHYS64D128320GU6AInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS64D128320GU6A 1GB PC2700 16-chip 184 pin
HYS64D16301GU-7-BHYS64D16301GU7BInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS64D16301GU7B 128MB Memory PC2100 133MHZ 16X64 DDR
HYS64D32020GDL-6-BHYS64D32020GDL6BInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS64D32020GDL6B 256MB Memory PC2700 CL2.5 Non-Parity DDR-333MHz 200-Pin SoDimm Infineon
HYS64D32020HDL-6-CHYS64D32020HDL6CInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS64D32020HDL6C Package includes 1 stick of Infineon HYS64D32020HDL-6-C 256MB
HYS64D64020GBDL-6-BHYS64D64020GBDL6BInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS64D64020GBDL6B 512MB 200-Pin Memory PC2700 CL2.5 16c 32x8 DDR SODIMM T005 RFB Portugal
HYS64D64020GBDL-6-CHYS64D64020GBDL6CInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS64D64020GBDL6C 512MB Memory PC2700 DDR-333MHz non-ECC Unbuffered CL2.5 200-Pin Small O
HYS64D64020GBDL-7-BHYS64D64020GBDL7BInfineon Technologies Refurbished 512MB 200p PC2100 CL2 16c 32x8 DDR SODIMM T005 RFB
HYS64D64020HDL-6-BHYS64D64020HDL6BInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS64D64020HDL6B 200P-DDR-SODIMM-512MB-PC2700.
HYS64D64320HU-5-CHYS64D64320HU5CInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS64D64320HU5C PC3200U 512MB
HYS64D64320HU-6-CHYS64D64320HU6CInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS64D64320HU6C 512MB 184-Pin Memory PC2700 CL2.5 16c 32x8 DDR DIMM T001RFB Malaysia
HYS64T128021EDLInfineon Technologies Refurbished HP PAVILION DV9 INFINEON 1GB DDR2 Notebook Laptop RAM MODULE PC2-5300S-55
HYS64T32000HU-3HYS64T32000HU3Infineon Technologies Refurbished HYS64T32000HU3 256MB 1Rx16 PC2-4200U
HYS64T32000HU-3S-BHYS64T32000HU3SBInfineon Technologies New HYS64T32000HU3SB MEMORY 256MB DDR2/PC2-5300U/667
HYS64T32000HU-5-AHYS64T32000HU5AInfineon Technologies Refurbished 256MB Infineon PC2-3200 DDR2-400 240Pin HYS64T32000HU-5-A M0137
HYS64T6400HU-5-AHYS64T6400HU5AInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS64T6400HU5A 512MB DDR2 PC2 3200
HYS64T64020HDLInfineon Technologies Infineon Technologies PC2-4200 512MB Infineon Original Notebook Laptop memory
HYS64T64020HDL-3.7-AHYS64T64020HDL37AInfineon Technologies Refurbished INFINEON HYS64T64020HDL-3.7-A DDR2; 512M; PC2-4200; NON-BUFFERED
HYS64V16220GU-7-5-CHYS64V16220GU75CInfineon Technologies Refurbished Infineon 128MB PC133 SDRAM Memory HYS64V16220GU-7-5-C
HYS64V16300GUInfineon Technologies Refurbished 128MB 133MHZ SDRAM MEMORY
HYS64V16300GU-7.5-C2HYS64V16300GU75C2Infineon Technologies Refurbished SDRAM Memory 128MB PC133-333-520 16X64 SDRAM Memory 168-Pin
HYS64V16300GU-7-C2HYS64V16300GU7C2Infineon Technologies Refurbished HYS64V16300GU7C2 128MB 168-Pin PC133 CL2 8c 16x8 SDRAM Memory DIMM RFB Portugal
HYS64V16302GU-7.5-C2HYS64V16302GU75C2Infineon Technologies Refurbished HYS64V16302GU75C2 Infineon 128MB PC133 SDRAM Memory 133MHz 168-Pin CL=2 Non-ECC 3.3-Volt 16Me
HYS64V64220GU-7.5-C2HYS64V64220GU75C2Infineon Technologies Refurbished HYS64V64220GU75C2 512MB 168-Pin PC133 CL3 16c 32x8 SDRAM Memory DIMM T018 RFB U.S.A
HYS72D128300GBR5BInfineon Technologies Refurbished INFINEON 1GB DDR PC3200R CL3 ECC 184-Pin Memory HYS72D128300GBR-5
HYS72D128320GBR-6-CHYS72D128320GBR6CInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72D128320GBR6C 1GB Memory PC2700 Registered ECC CL2.5 DDR-333MHz 2.5-Volt 184-Pin DIMM Inf
HYS72D128521GR7BInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72D128521GR7FB 1GB PC2100 ECC Registered Memory LP Low Power 266MHZ
HYS72D256220GBRInfineon Technologies Refurbished Infineon 2GB PC3200 CL3 REG ECC DDR DIMM Memory Module
HYS72D256320HBR-5-CHYS72D256320HBR5CInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72D256320HBR5C HYS64D256320HBR-5-C INFINEON 2GB 1 X 2GB Memory PC3200 DDR ECC Module
HYS72D256520GR-7-AHYS72D256520GR7AInfineon Technologies Refurbished INFINEON 2G 1X2G Memory PC2100 DDR 266 Memory PC2100-20330-N CL2 ECC Registered HYS
HYS72D32500GR-7-BHYS72D32500GR7BInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72D32500GR7B The HYS72D32500GR-7-B is a 256mb 266MHz Memory DDR PC2100 ECC Registere
HYS72D32501GR7AInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72D32501GR7A 184-Pin DDR-256MB-PC2100. ECC Registered
HYS72D64020GU-7F-BHYS72D64020GU7FBInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72D64020GU7FB 512MB 184-Pin Memory PC2100 CL2 18c 32x8 ECC DDR DIMM T026
HYS72D64300GBR6BInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72D64300GBR6B 512MB Module Memory DDR PC2700 CL=2.5 Registered ECC DDR333 2.5-Volt 64MB
HYS72D64300GBR-6-CHYS72D64300GBR6CInfineon Technologies Refurbished INFINEON 512MB Memory PC2700 DDR 333 CL2.5 ECC Registered PC2700R-25330-C0
HYS72D64320GU5BInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72D64320GU5B 512MB Module Memory DDR PC3200 CL=3 ECC DDR400 2.6V 64MB x 72 Mfr P/N
HYS72D64320HU5CInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72D64320HU6C 512MB Module Memory DDR PC2100 CL=2.5 ECC DDR266 2.5-Volt 64MB x 72 Mfr P/
HYS72D64320HU-6-CHYS72D64320HU6CInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72D64320HU6C 512MB Module Memory DDR PC2100 CL=2.5 ECC DDR266 2.5-Volt 64MB x 72 Mfr P/
HYS72T128000HP-3S-AHYS72T128000HP3SAInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72T128000HP3SA 1GB 240p PC2-5300 CL5 18c 128x4 Registered ECC DDR2-667 DIMM
HYS72T128020GU-3.7-AHYS72T128020GU37AInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72T128020GU37A 240-Pin DDR2-1GB-PC4200 ECC.
HYS72T128020HFN-3.7HYS72T128020HFN37Infineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72T128020HFN37 1GB 2Rx8 PC2-4200F-444-11-B0 Qty 8
HYS72T128020HU-3-7-AHYS72T128020HU37AInfineon Technologies New HYS72T128020HU37A 1GB Module DDR2 PC2-4200 CL=4 UNBUFFERED ECC DDR2-533 1.8-Volt 128Me
HYS72T128420EFA-3S-BHYS72T128420EFA3SBInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72T128420EFA3SB 398706-051 1GB PC2-5300F
HYS72T128420HFN-3S-BHYS72T128420HFN3SBInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72T128420HFN3SB 1GB Module DDR2 PC2-5300 CL=5 FULLY BUFFERED ECC DDR2-667 1.8-Volt 1
HYS72T256000HR5AInfineon Technologies Refurbished 2GB 1Rx4 PC2 3200R-333 ECC Registered DIMM MEMORY
HYS72T256220GR-5-AHYS72T256220GR5AInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72T256220GR5A Infineon 1GB PC2-3200 DDR2-400MHz ECC Registered CL3 Memory Modu
HYS72t256220hr-5aHYS72t256220hr5aInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72T256220HR5A Infineon 2GB PC2-3200R DDR2 ECC Registered SDRAM Memory
HYS72T256320GBR-6-BHYS72T256320GBR6BInfineon Technologies New HYS72T256320GBR6B
HYS72T64000GR-5-AHYS72T64000GR5AInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72T64000GR5A Infineon 512MB PC2-3200 ECC 400Mhz Memory Module
HYS72T64000HPInfineon Technologies Refurbished Infineon 512MB PC2-5300 ECC 667Mhz Memory Module
HYS72T64000HP-3S-AHYS72T64000HP3SAInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72T64000HP3SA Infineon 512MB PC2-5300 ECC 667Mhz Memory Module
HYS72T64000HR-5-AHYS72T64000HR5AInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72T64000HR5A Infineon 512MB PC2-3200 DDR2-400MHz ECC Registered 240-Pin DIMM
HYS72T64000HU-3.7-BHYS72T64000HU37BInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72T64000HU37B 512MB PC2-4200 ECC NON-REG
HYS72T64001HR-3.7-AHYS72T64001HR37AInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72T64001HR37A 512MB Module DDR2 PC2-4200 CL=4 REGISTERED ECC DDR2-533 1.8-Volt 64MB
HYS72V128220GRInfineon Technologies Refurbished 1GB PC100 Memory HYS72V128220GR-8 Compaq
HYS72V128220GR-8-AHYS72V128220GR8AInfineon Technologies New HYS72V128220GR8A Infineon 1GB Memory SDRAM PC100 CL=2 168-Pin Registered ECC 100MHz 3.3-Volt
HYS72V128320GR-8-C2HYS72V128320GR8C2Infineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72V128320GR8C2 1GB Module Memory SDRAM PC100 CL=2 Registered ECC 100MHz 3.3-Volt 128MB x
HYS72V128321GR-7.5-DHYS72V128321GR75DInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72V128321GR75D 1GB 168-Pin PC133 CL3 36c 64x4 Registered ECC SDRAM Memory DIMM T011 1.75
HYS72V1600GR-8-BHYS72V1600GR8BInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72V1600GR8B 128MB 168-Pin PC100 CL2 18c 16x4 Registered ECC SDRAM Memory DIMM T021
HYS72V16301GR-7.5-C2HYS72V16301GR75C2Infineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72V16301GR75C2 Infineon 128MB PC133 ECC Registered DIMM Memory 168-Pin SDRAM 13
HYS72V32120WR-8-8HYS72V32120WR88Infineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72V32120WR88 256MB 100MHZ ECC Registered MS610-DA STACKED
HYS72V32120WR-8-BHYS72V32120WR8BInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72V32120WR8B 256MB 100MHZ ECC Registered MS610-DA STACKED
HYS72V32301GR-7.5-C2HYS72V32301GR75C2Infineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72V32301GR75C2 256MB Module Memory SDRAM PC100 CL=2 Registered ECC 100MHz 3.3-Volt 32MB x
HYS72V32301GR-75-C2HYS72V32301GR75C2Infineon Technologies Refurbished Infineon 256MB 133Mhz ECC Memory HYS72V32301GR-7.5-C2
HYS72V64200GInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72V64200GR8A 512MB PC100 Memory 64X72
HYS72V64200GR-8-C2HYS72V64200GR8C2Infineon Technologies New HYS72V64200GR8C2 512MB Module Memory SDRAM PC100 CL=2 Registered ECC 100MHz 3.3-Volt 64MB x
HYS72V64300GR-7.5-C2HYS72V64300GR75C2Infineon Technologies Refurbished Infineon 512MB PC133 133MHz ECC Registered 168-Pin DIMM Memory M
HYS72V64300GR-75DHYS72V64300GR75DInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS72V64300GR75D 512MB 168-Pin PC133 CL3 18c 64x4 Registered ECC SDRAM Memory DIMM T011 1.7
HYS72V8300GUInfineon Technologies Refurbished SDRAM 8Mx72 ECC 133Mhz CL3 64MB Memory HYS72V8300GU
IMSH2GS13A1F1C-10FIMSH2GS13A1F1C10FInfineon Technologies Refurbished IMSH2GS13A1F1C10F 2GB DDR3/PC3-8500S/1066
PC100-222-622RPC100222622RInfineon Technologies Refurbished PC100222622R 1GB 168-Pin PC100 ECC Registered DIMM 128Mx72 SDRAM Memory
SKU274414Infineon Technologies Refurbished INFINEON LAN CARD
SP-LAMP-039SPLAMP039Infineon Technologies Refurbished Refurbished Infocus IN2104EP Projector Lamp
V23818-K305-B57V23818K305B57Infineon Technologies Refurbished V23818K305B57 Infineon / Finisar SFP Module 850nm Fiber Fibre 1.25Gb/s Transceiver
V23818M305Infineon Technologies Refurbished SFP MM 850nm 2.1251.0625GBd Fibre Fiber Channel Dual Rate
V23818-M305-B57V23818M305B57Infineon Technologies New V23818M305B57 1.25GB 850 NM GBIC Fibre Fiber Channel
V23818-M305-B57V23818M305B57Infineon Technologies Refurbished V23818M305B57 1.25GB 850 NM GBIC Fibre Fiber Channel
V23818-N15-L353V23818N15L353Infineon Technologies New V23818N15L353
V23829-M305-B57V23829M305B57Infineon Technologies Refurbished V23829M305B57
V23833G6005A111Infineon Technologies Refurbished XPAK 850 nm Module 10 Gigabit Pluggable Transceiver Compatible
V23833G6104A011QSInfineon Technologies Refurbished XPAK 1310 nm LONGWAVE Module 10 Gigabit Pluggable Transceiver Co_
V23848-M305-C56WV23848M305C56WInfineon Technologies Refurbished V23848M305C56W INFINEON V23848-M305-C56W GBIC 850MN Transceiver MULTI RATE
PC3200R-30331F0PC3200R30331F0Infineon Technologies 2GB DDR PC3200 CL3.0 ECC REG Memory Module
HYS72T512022ER-5-BHYS72T512022ER5BInfineon Technologies HYS72T512022ER-5-B Infineon 4GB 1X 4GB DDR2-400MHz Server Memo
HYS64T128021HDL-3.7HYS64T128021HDL37Infineon Technologies INFINEON HYS64T128021HDL-3.7-A 1GB DDR2 2Rx8 PC2-4200 LAPTOP ME
HYS64V16220GDL-7.5-CHYS64V16220GDL75CInfineon Technologies Infineon HYS64V16220GDL-7.5-C2 SD RAM 133MHz 128MB
HYS64V16220GDL-8-C2HYS64V16220GDL8C2Infineon Technologies Infineon HYS64V16220GDL-8-C2 100MHz 128MB LAPTOP RAM
HYS64V8220GDL-8-BHYS64V8220GDL8BInfineon Technologies Infineon HYS64V8220GDL-8-B SD RAM 100MHz 64MB
KT324700-001-INCE5KT324700001INCE5Infineon Technologies KT324700-001-INCE5 - 256MB Memory Module INFINEON DDR 333MHZ
M14T1664-82NCCBUM14T166482NCCBUInfineon Technologies INFINEON LAPTOP RAM 128MB SDRAM 100MHZ CL2 M14T1664-82NCCBU
D2864333MPInfineon Technologies 1GB DDR 333Mhz/PC2700 Infineon Memory
HYS64D128021EBDL-6-CHYS64D128021EBDL6CInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS64D128021EBDL6C Infineon 1GB PC2700 DDR-333MHz Non-ECC CL2.5 200-Pin SoDimm Memory
HYS64D128021GBDL-6-BHYS64D128021GBDL6BInfineon Technologies Refurbished HYS64D128021GBDL6B 1GB DDR SODIMM FOR TOSHIBA LAPTOPS MFR P/N KTT3311A/1G
NL81264D64072-D27JIBNL81264D64072D27JIBInfineon Technologies 1GB MEMORY MODULE DDR2 2700S INFINEON
HYS64V163000GUInfineon Technologies Memory 128MB 133MHz NP SDRAM
HYS72D128320HU-5-BHYS72D128320HU5BInfineon Technologies Refurbished 1GB 184p PC3200 CL3 18c 64x8 ECC 2Rx8 2.5V DDR400 UDIMM RFB
HYS72V32300GU-51HYS72V32300GU51Infineon Technologies Lot of 51 256MB PC133 ECC CL3 SDRAM HYS72V32300GU-51
HYS72V32300GU-63HYS72V32300GU63Infineon Technologies Lot of 61 256MB PC133 ECC CL2 SDRAM HYS72V32300GU-63
HYS64T6400HU-3.7-AHYS64T6400HU37AInfineon Technologies Infineon HYS64T6400HU-3.7-A 512MB DDR2 PC2-4200 Desktop Memory 5
HYS64T6400HU-3S-AHYS64T6400HU3SAInfineon Technologies Infineon HYS64T6400HU-3S-A 512MB 240p PC2-5300 CL5 8c 64x8 DDR2-
1GB-PC3200U-184P-I1GBPC3200U184PIInfineon Technologies 1GB dimm DDR-400 PC3200U. UNRegister184 pin 8c C9B2-B5-2C
2GB-PC2700R-184P-I2GBPC2700R184PIInfineon Technologies 2GB PC2700ECCREGDDR1 184PinBGAC8B3-B8-8CTH-24C spd 1
HYS72D64300GBR-5-CHYS72D64300GBR5CInfineon Technologies Infineon 512MB PC3200 DDR-400MHz ECC Registered CL3 184-Pin DIMM
HYS64D16301GU-5-CHYS64D16301GU5CInfineon Technologies 128M DDR PC3200U SDRAM Module: 400mhz CL3 16Mx64
1GB-PC3200U-184P-M1GBPC3200U184PMInfineon Technologies INFINEON 1GB DDR400CL3ECCUnbufferPC3200U-30330-B0 184Pin 1
1GB-PC3200U-ECC-184P1GBPC3200UECC184PInfineon Technologies INFINEON 1GB DDR400CL3ECCUnbufferPC3200U-30330-B0 184Pin 1
HYS72D128521GR-7F-BHYS72D128521GR7FBInfineon Technologies INFINEON 1GB DDR-266 PC2100R-20220-N128Mx72 C Ecc REG184Pin
HYS72T64400HFD-3S-AHYS72T64400HFD3SAInfineon Technologies HYS72T64400HFD-3S-A QIMONDA 512MB 1X512MB PC5300F DDR2 MEMMOR
HYS72T256000HRAInfineon Technologies PC2-3200R-333-11-H0 2GB DIMM
HYS72D64300GBR-6-C-LHYS72D64300GBR6CLInfineon Technologies Lot of 4 Infineon 512MB 184p PC2700 CL2.5 18c 64x4 DDR333 1Rx4 E
HYS72T128000HR-5-A-LHYS72T128000HR5ALInfineon Technologies Lot of 4 Infineon 1GB 240p PC2-3200 CL3 18c 128x4 DDR2-400 1Rx4
HYS64D1630AGU-6-BHYS64D1630AGU6BInfineon Technologies 128MB Infineon PC2700 DDR-333 184Pin HYS64D1630AGU-6-B M0141
HYS64D32000GU-7-AHYS64D32000GU7AInfineon Technologies 256MB Infineon PC2100 DDR266 184Pin HYS64D32000GU-7-A M0056
HYS64D3200GU-6-BHYS64D3200GU6BInfineon Technologies 256MB Infineon PC2700 SDRAM333 184Pin HYS64D3200GU-6-B M0115
HYS64T32000HU-3.7HYS64T32000HU37Infineon Technologies 256MB Infineon PC2-4200 DDR2-533 240Pin HYS64T32000HU-3.7-A M02
HYS64T32000HU-5-AHYS64T32000HU5AInfineon Technologies 256MB Infineon PC2-3200 DDR2-400 240Pin HYS64T32000HU-5-A M0137
HYS64T64000HU-3.7HYS64T64000HU37Infineon Technologies 512MB Infineon PC2-4200 DDR2-533 240Pin HYS64T64000HU-3.7-A M02
HYS64V32300GU-7.5HYS64V32300GU75Infineon Technologies 256MB Infineon PC133 SDRAM 168Pin HYS64V32300GU-7.5-C2 M0245
HYS64D32300GU-BHYS64D32300GUBInfineon Technologies 256MB DDR333MhzCL2.5 PC2700U-25330-A0184P CL9#7-2CNo-ECC/
HYS64D32309GU-6-AHYS64D32309GU6AInfineon Technologies 256MB DDR333MhzCL2.5 PC2700U-25330-A0184P CL9#7-3CNo-ECC/

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