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Listings of Infortrend Technology Inc by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
IFT-3101UIFT3101UInfortrend Technology Inc New IFT3101U SCSI RAID Controller 2 Channel Ultra Wide SCSI-2-to-Ultra Wide SCSI-2 U40
IFT-3102U2GIFT3102U2GInfortrend Technology Inc Refurbished IFT3102U2G SCSI RAID Controller 8 Channel Ultra2-to-Ultra2 U80 LVD Wide SCSI-1
9273ECPSUInfortrend Technology Inc New 530 watt Power
IFT3102U2Infortrend Technology Inc New SCSI RAID Cntll 8Chan Ultra2-to-Ultra2 U80 LVD Wide SCSI
IFT9273ECPSUInfortrend Technology Inc New IFT9273ECPSU 530 Watt Power Supply
IFT-9373CDTRAYIFT9373CDTRAYInfortrend Technology Inc Infortrend EonStor SATA Hard Drive Tray IFT-9373CDTRAY w/SCREWS
9273ECFANMOD-00109273ECFANMOD0010Infortrend Technology Inc Refurbished COOLING FAN MODULE ES 3U 16BAY 400 ASIC AXIAL FAN
IFT-9273CDTRAYIFT9273CDTRAYInfortrend Technology Inc Clean Pull Infortrend IFT-9273CDTRAY SCSI /SAS / SATA 3.5 Hard D CLEI CDTRAYUPOE
IFT-9373CDTRAY-0030IFT9373CDTRAY0030Infortrend Technology Inc Clean Pull Infortrend IFT-9373CDTRAY-0030 EonStor DS 3.5 LFF SCS CLEI AY0030UPOE
IFT-9270CDTRAYIFT9270CDTRAYInfortrend Technology Inc Clean Pull Infortrend EonStor IFT-9270CDTRAY 3.5 LFF 1.5G SATA t CLEI CDTRAYUPOE
IFT-9270AN2S1SIFT9270AN2S1SInfortrend Technology Inc Clean Pull Infortrend EonStor IFT-9270AN2S1S 1.5G SATA to Fibre CLEI AN2S1SUPOE
IFT-9273A2N2S1SIFT9273A2N2S1SInfortrend Technology Inc Clean Pull Infortrend EonStor IFT-9273A2N2S1S 3G SATA to Fibre / CLEI 2N2S1SUPOE
9273ECPSU-00109273ECPSU0010Infortrend Technology Inc Refurbished 9273ECPSU-0010 Eonstor 530 Watts Hot Plug Power Supply (no fan assembly)

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