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Listings of Intermec by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
0115Intermec Refurbished ACCESS POINT
030202901Intermec New 030202901 Internal Power Supply Unit,120VAC 60Hz, 5V DC 600 mAh
203-183-210203183210Intermec New ENET IEEE 802.3 MODULE FOR PC23CTLR
054896Intermec Refurbished Main Logic PCB - 4400A
057617-002057617002Intermec Refurbished 057617002 Main Logic Board MAXICHIP FIRMWARE
058217-001058217001Intermec Refurbished 058217001 PRINTHEAD ASSEMBLY FOR 4400 THERMAL PRINTER
058273-004058273004Intermec Refurbished 058273004 FRAM WITH PRINTHEAD Assembly AND CALBES
058996-009058996009Intermec New 058996009 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
059003S-001059003S001Intermec New Printhead 203 dpi 4.09 in 5 mil for 3400 3400 A-B-C
059689S-008059689S008Intermec Refurbished 059689S008 INTERMEC 3240 - TAKE-UP CLUTCH ASSEMBLY
061542-002061542002Intermec New 061542002 Platten Roller Intermec 3600 Series (SB-146)
061551-003061551003Intermec New 061551003 MAIN MOTOR DRIVE Assembly STEPPER 3600/3600A/3600B/4420
061551-003061551003Intermec Refurbished 061551003 MAIN MOTOR DRIVE Assembly STEPPER 3600/3600A/3600B/4420
062430S-002062430S002Intermec Refurbished 062430S002 062430S-002 Printhead for 4400 Printer 203
062682S-00062682S00Intermec New 062682S00 406-DPI printhead
062682S-001062682S001Intermec New 062682S001 Replacement Print Head for 3440 /4440/3400e/4440e 406-DPI
062927S-001062927S001Intermec Refurbished 062927S001 CLUTCH Assembly RBN T/U SPARE INTERMEC 3600
063179-008063179008Intermec Refurbished 063179008 MAIN LOGIC BOARD PCB Printed Circuit Board Assembly. - 3600A/3600B
063716S-001063716S001Intermec New 063716S001 4420 PRINTHEAD- 4.4-Inch 203 DPI
063716S-001063716S001Intermec Refurbished 063716S001 4420 PRINTHEAD- 4.4-Inch 203 DPI
063716S-002063716S002Intermec New 063716S002 REPLACEMENT PRINTHEAD:4420/e 4.4-Inch 203-DPI SP
065655-009065655009Intermec Refurbished 065655009 MAIN LOGIC BOARD PCB Printed Circuit Board - 4420B
066070-010066070010Intermec Refurbished 066070010 II 3400D Main Logic Board
066070-011066070011Intermec Refurbished 066070011 MAIN LOGIC BOARD PCB Printed Circuit Board - 3400C
066070-012066070012Intermec Refurbished 066070012 MAIN LOGIC BOARD PCB Printed Circuit Board - 3400C
068435-001068435001Intermec Refurbished 068435001 LABEL MARK Sensor W CABLE Assembly for INTERMEC 3440 D E
069448S-002069448S002Intermec New Pulls 069448S-002 3400 BarCode Label Printer 203dpi Printhead Assembly (pulled from a new demo head)
072884Intermec New 072884 Easylan 10I2 Ethernet Card - 3400E/4420/4440 CLEI 3400E/4420
072894Intermec New 10Base-T Ethernet Board - 3400/4420 CLEI 3400/4420
072894Intermec Refurbished 10Base-T Ethernet Board - 3400/4420 CLEI 3400/4420
1-010043-9001010043900Intermec New 1010043900 Replacement Print head for PM4i 200-DPI / 7MIL
1-010043-9101010043910Intermec New 1010043910 PRINTHEAD 203-DPI 203-DPI 170-220 MIL
1-010044-9001010044900Intermec New 1010044900 Replacement PRINTHEAD FOR PM4I 300-DPI / 7 MIL
1-010102-90101010290Intermec New EasyCoder F2- Thermal Printhead Assembly - 203DPI
1-010103-90101010390Intermec Refurbished 101010390 REPLACEMENT PRINTHEAD FOR F4/ F4Ci203 DPI
1-040082-9001040082900Intermec New 1040082900 PX4I 203-DPI REPLACEMENT THERMAL PRINTHEAD ASSEMBLY
1-040082-9001040082900Intermec Refurbished 1040082900 PX4I 203-DPI REPLACEMENT THERMAL PRINTHEAD ASSEMBLY
1-040083-9001040083900Intermec New 1-040083-900 PRINTHEAD REPLACEMENT FOR PX4i 300-DPI
1-040084-9001040084900Intermec New 1040084900 PRINTHEAD Replacement:PX6i THERMAL 203-DPI
1-040230-93104023093Intermec New 104023093 Platen roller- 501XP / PX4i (SB-129)
11066706Intermec New THERMAMAX 1500 STANDARD WAX Ribbon BLACK 170 2 MM X 152
11084106Intermec New THERMAMAX 1500 - STANDARD WAX Ribbon 104.1 MM X 152 M
1-110501-00111050100Intermec New 111050100 501 PRINTHEAD CLEANING CARD 25 PER BOXALSO FORC4E43400e
1-206248-01120624801Intermec New 120624801 Guide Link PM4I
1-206278-04120627804Intermec New 1-206278-04 Tear Bar - Intermec F4 / PF4i / PM4i (SB-39G) Compatible only
1-301100-90130110090Intermec New 130110090 Printheads EasyCoder 301 E4 replacement printhead 203-DPI CLEI 301
CK71AA6EN00W1100Intermec New 1GHz Refresh,AlphNum,5603ER,No C,WLAN,WEH-P,WWE,SS
CK3XAA4M000W4100Intermec New CK3XA, Alphanum, EX25, , WLAN,
141-000044-962141000044962Intermec New 612 INTERMEC PD41 - TPH module 200 dpi-612 30 Day warranty
141-000045-962141000045962Intermec New 612 INTERMEC PD41 - TPH module 300 dpi-612 30 Day warranty
318-039-012318039012Intermec New Battery Pack,CN50,Ext, 3.9Ah L i-Ion,AB25
1-936009-9001936009900Intermec Refurbished 1936009900 REAL TIME CLOCKRTCPROGRAMMEDSPARE
1-971630-90197163090Intermec Refurbished 197163090 PM4i - PCBA - MAIN LOGIC BOARD - PF/PM/PX SERIES SB-39_ CLEI PM4I
1-974028-0251974028025Intermec New 1-974028-025 Power cable - 8 ft 1-974028-025
1-995101-54199510154Intermec New 199510154
2701Intermec Refurbished INDUSTRIAL LASER SCANNER
PM43A14000011201Intermec New PM43A FT NA ABGNWIFI LG L HGR PRNT RTC US
203-670-001203670001Intermec New 203670001 POWER SUPPLY 12V 4.2A HIGHLY PROPRIETORY 3 PRONG UNIT
CN70EQ6KN00W1100Intermec New Qw,EA30,NoC,WLAN,WEH-P,WWE,SS
225-687-002225687002Intermec New 700 Series Adapter Snap-on Modem
236-164-002236164002Intermec New 6.5FT USB CABLE WITH KEYBOARD EMULATION
236-194-001236194001Intermec New CABLE-DB9 TO DEX USE WITH SNAP- ON RS-232/DEX ADAPTER #850-558-002
236-209-001236209001Intermec New 236209001 CK3 CABLE Assembly USB-A TO USB MICROB
236-219-001236219001Intermec New 3FT TO 8FT CABLE USB POWERED COILED
23LM-C035-22V23LMC03522VIntermec Refurbished 23LMC03522V
2K210-0804C2K2100804CIntermec Refurbished 2K2100804C PRINTHEAD ASSEMBLY FOR 4400 THERMAL PRINTER
318-011-007318011007Intermec Refurbished 318011007 BATTERY PACK3.7-Volt 2400MAH Single CELL ROHS
318-030-003318030003Intermec Battery Pack 7.4-Volt 2.30AH
3400A000Intermec Refurbished Intermec 3400A Thermal Barcode/Label Printer Serial interface
3400A010Intermec Refurbished BARCODE PRINTER - SERIAL - 3400A
3400B0000000Intermec Refurbished BARCODE PRINTER - SERIAL - 32K RAM - INTERMEC 3400B
3400B0010000Intermec Refurbished 3400B Barcode Printer Serial Interface
3400DIntermec New Intermec EasyCoder 3400D Model D Ethernet Thermal Label Printer 203DPI with network
3400DIntermec Refurbished Intermec EasyCoder 3400D Model D Ethernet Thermal Label Printer 203DPI with network
3400D0010000Intermec Refurbished 3400D0010000 3400D Thermal Barcode/Label Printer with power cord
3400D0110000Intermec Refurbished EasyCoder 3400 Direct Thermal-Thermal Transfer Label Ticket T_
3400D0410000Intermec Refurbished 3400D0410000 Intermec 3400D Thermal Barcode Label Printer with Ethernet
3400E00400200Intermec Refurbished EasyCoder 3400e Direct Thermal, Transfer Label, Ticket & Tag Printer
3400E01000400Intermec Refurbished EasyCoder 3400E 400-DPI Thermal Printer 1MB DRAM 128KB Flash CLEI 3400 with network card
3400E01400200Intermec Refurbished EasyCoder 3400E 200-DPI Thermal Printer EasyLan 10I 1MB DRAM 1 CLEI 3400
3400E01400400Intermec Refurbished EasyCoder 3400E 400-DPI Thermal Printer EasylAN 10I 1MB DRAM 1 CLEI 3400
350-23502Intermec Refurbished 3502 INDUSTRIAL LASER SCANNER
871-228-201871228201Intermec New Single Dock, CK3 (AD20)
3100Intermec Refurbished - 3100 Thermal Barcode/Label Printer
3600Intermec Refurbished 3600 Main Logic Assembly - Intermec 3600A (SB-51 & SB-202)
3400Intermec Refurbished EasyCoder 3400A/B/C/D/E Thermal Printer
1282Intermec Refurbished INTERMEC LASER PEN
4400Intermec Refurbished Thermal Printer Rev C and D
4400CIntermec Refurbished - EasyCoder 4400C Thermal Barcode/Label Printer
4400C0200000Intermec Refurbished EASYCODER 4400 THERMAL LABEL PRINTER
1-040082-02104008202Intermec Refurbished 1-040082-02 PA30 PX4I 203 dpi Thermal Printhead
PC43DA00100301Intermec New PC43D DT 300DPI AMERICAS PWR PRNT
501XPIntermec Refurbished - 501XP Thermal Barcode/Label Printer
590442-002590442002Intermec Refurbished 590442002 Transformer 100/120v - 4420/4440 -
4440E01400400Intermec Refurbished EasyCoder 4440 Thermal transfer 406 dpi 8 ips 4.4 print wid
805-611-001805611001Intermec New Vehicle dock mounting kit consists of one 4.75 adjustable pivot
850-567-001850567001Intermec New 850567001 Snap-on Adapter: USB
851-082-003851082003Intermec New Universal POWER SUPPLY,12 VDC 50W FW5012, NOT FOR NORTH AMERICA
852-915-001852915001Intermec New BATTERY CHARGER-QUAD FOR PB32 PB50 AC ADAPTER REQ #DQ8524
871-035-001871035001Intermec New VEHICLE DOCK CK70/71 USB/RS232 805-638-001 MNT KIT & Power REQ.
871-230-101871230101Intermec New 871230101 QUAD CHARGER CK3 AC20 REQUIRES POWER SUPPLY 851 061 207 AND COUN_
871-236-001871236001Intermec New 871236001 CK3 NON-POWERED VEHICLE HOLDER DOES NOT INCL HW FOR MTNG
PC4B00000000Intermec Refurbished Easycoder PC4B Direct Thermal Printer
8E100-000518E10000051Intermec Refurbished 8E10000051 THERMAL PRINTHEAD FOR 3600
PC4A00001000Intermec Refurbished Intermec EasyCoder C4 - Label printer - B/W - direct thermal - R
9510Intermec Refurbished 9510 Base no power supply
9512Intermec Refurbished Wedge Config 9512B010203 with 2 Line LCD Screen 2xDB25 1xDB9
9710Intermec Refurbished 9710F02 Wedge Reader
9730Intermec Refurbished MICRO BAR 3-Port
066070-013066070013Intermec Refurbished 066070013 MAIN LOGIC BOARD PCB Printed Circuit Board - 3400C
C6925-9212KC69259212KIntermec Refurbished C69259212K MAIN STEPPER MOTOR WITH CABLE Assembly.
061578-001061578001Intermec Refurbished NOB HP Proliant MicroServer G7 N40L AMD Turion II Neo 1.5GHz 4GB
1-971045-0011971045001Intermec Refurbished Intermec PM4iEasyLAN Ethernet Interface Kit
4420B00000100Intermec Refurbished EasyCoder 4420 ~ Thermal label printer 4.4 in. 112 mm print w
DX2A2BB10Intermec New 4-position Battery Charger CK CK70/71 NA Power Cord
E06175Intermec New 4PK BLACK 4INX 6IN L6003025P Q1LABL
E15520Intermec New LABEL,2.25X1.25,PAPER,DURATRAN 8/CARTON,1793/ROLL
EASYCODER 3400EASYCODER3400Intermec Refurbished - 3400A/B/C/D Thermal Barcode/Label Printer
EASYCODER 3400AEASYCODER3400AIntermec Refurbished - 3400A Thermal Barcode/Label Printer
EIA606-014EIA606014Intermec Refurbished EIA606014 POWER TRANSFORMER FOR 4420 PRINTER
MICROBARIntermec Refurbished MICROBAR 9730
IN-BH2435-03INBH243503Intermec Refurbished N95 SILVERTAN UNLOCKED GSM 3G System HSDPA W/ 5 Megapixels CAMERA PHONE GP
PC23DA0010021Intermec New PC23d, Display, adjustable gap RTC, 203 dpi,Power Cord
815-068-001815068001Intermec New 1810 INTERMEC HOLSTER FOR CK70 / CK71 WITHOUT SCAN HANDLE
PC41A001000Intermec Refurbished Intermec EasyCoder PC41 Thermal Label Printer
PC43DA00000201Intermec PC43d, Icon, 203 DPI,Power Cord
PC43DA00100201Intermec PC43d, Display, adjustable gap RTC, 203 DPI, Power CORD
PD41AC1100002030Intermec CHINA/FP/LAN/1284/LTS/300-DPI
PD42A01000012020Intermec New PD42AUS/IPLEASYLAN ENETLTS TT 200-DPI
PF2IB40100001120Intermec New Intermec EasyCoder PF2i 2-Inch 203Dpi Direct Thermal Label Printer
PF4IIntermec New Intermec PF4I 203DPI Thermal Printer -612 30 Day Warranty
PM43A01000000201Intermec New PM43, OB,ROW,Ethernet,HGR,TT203,US PC -TOP RUNNER
PM43A11000000201Intermec New PM43 TT 203DPI Ethernet FULL TOUCH Printer ROW FIXED HANGER US PC
PM4C010000300020Intermec Refurbished INTERMEC PM4i Thermal Printer -612 30 Day Warranty
PM4D010000000020Intermec Refurbished PM4DDT/TTRUNIV FW16M/32M 203 DPI
PM4G011000300020Intermec Refurbished Easycoder PM4i USB / Serial / Ethernet / Direct / Thermal La_ CLEI PM4I
PM4IIntermec Refurbished EasyCoder PM4i Industrial Barcode Shipping Label Thermal Printer
PX4C010000000020Intermec New PX4C DT/TT Direct Thermal Thermal Transfer 203DPI 16MB/32MB Printer ETHERN SELF STRIP+LABEL TAKEN S
PX6C010000000020Intermec New 9 in/s - 203 DPI - 32 MB RAM - 16 MB Flash - Fast Ethernet - Series
805-814-001805814001Intermec New 1810 INTERMEC VEHICLE MOUNTING KIT 21/4 DUAL BALL MOUNT
SG20T1D-USB001SG20T1DUSB001Intermec New USB Kit,1D Imager w/ cable
SR61THP-002SR61THP002Intermec New Intermec SR61THP High Performance Rugged EA30 2D Imager/Scanne
068832-001068832001Intermec Refurbished ETHERNET ASSY - VERT - INTERMEC 3400 SERIES SB-136
3240B0110000Intermec Refurbished Intermec 3240B Direct Thermal /Transfer PRINTER
655-156-001655156001Intermec New TEAR BAR Assembly REPLACED 1-206278-04
0058-044-01005804401Intermec Refurbished 005804401 ETHERNET Interface OPTION WITH PARALLEL I/O ADAPTER
0-230019-10023001910Intermec Refurbished 023001910 MICROBAR 9730
852-073-001852073001Intermec New Desktop Adapter USB CN50 Series - Docking - Mobile Computer -
0-360039-00036003900Intermec New 036003900 1800 ScanPlus SR 0-360039-00 CCD
0-360058-01036005801Intermec New 036005801
0-366030-00036603000Intermec Refurbished 036603000
046791Intermec Refurbished POWER SUPPLY - 120V - INTERMEC 9510 / 9511 / 9512 / 9154
046792Intermec Refurbished POWER SUPPLY
052713-002052713002Intermec Refurbished - Parallel Interface PCB - 3400A
053866Intermec Refurbished I/O SLOT COVER
054896-001054896001Intermec Refurbished 054896001 MAIN LOGIC BOARD Assembly - INTERMEC 4400A
055028Intermec Refurbished HEAD LIFT ASSEMBLY - 4400A
055028-001055028001Intermec Refurbished 055028001
055028-002055028002Intermec Refurbished 055028002
055028-003055028003Intermec Refurbished 055028003
055028-004055028004Intermec Refurbished 055028004
055028S-001055028S001Intermec Refurbished 055028S001
055028S-002055028S002Intermec Refurbished 055028S002
055028S-003055028S003Intermec Refurbished 055028S003
055028S-004055028S004Intermec Refurbished 055028S004 HEAD LIFT Assembly INTERMEC 4400
056830Intermec New INTERMEC 3400A-D / 3240 / 3400/4400 - CENTRONIC PARALLEL I/O BOA
057026-002057026002Intermec Refurbished 057026002 COAX INTERFACE FOR 3400 3600 AND 4400 THERMAL Printer
057617Intermec Refurbished PCBA - MAIN LOGIC BOARD ASSY - INTERMEC 4100B SB-27
057617-003057617003Intermec Refurbished 057617003
057617S-001057617S001Intermec Refurbished 057617S001
057617S-002057617S002Intermec Refurbished 057617S002
057617S-003057617S003Intermec Refurbished 057617S003
057775Intermec New HOOK LATCH
057775-001057775001Intermec New 057775001
057775S-001057775S001Intermec New 057775S001
058509-001058509001Intermec Refurbished 058509001
058509-002058509002Intermec Refurbished 058509002
058509S-001058509S001Intermec Refurbished 058509S001
058509S-002058509S002Intermec Refurbished 058509S002
058509S-004058509S004Intermec Refurbished 058509S004
058996Intermec New
058996-003058996003Intermec New 058996003 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
058996-005058996005Intermec New 058996005 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
058996-007058996007Intermec New 058996007 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
058996-008058996008Intermec New 058996008 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
058996S-007058996S007Intermec New 058996S007 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
058996S-008058996S008Intermec New 058996S008 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
058996S-009058996S009Intermec New 058996S009 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
058996S-010058996S010Intermec New 058996S010 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
059003-001059003001Intermec New Printhead 203 dpi 4.09 in 5 mil for 3400 3400 A-B-C
059016-001059016001Intermec Refurbished 059016001 Transformer 100V/120V - 3400A/3400B
059021-001059021001Intermec Refurbished 059021001 Main Motor Stepper w/Cable Assembly. - 3400A/3400B
059021-002059021002Intermec Refurbished 059021002 Main Motor Stepper w/Cable Assembly. - 3400A/3400B
059021S-001059021S001Intermec Refurbished 059021S001 Main Motor Stepper w/Cable Assembly. - 3400A/3400B
059021S-002059021S002Intermec Refurbished 059021S002 Main Motor Stepper w/Cable Assembly. - 3400A/3400B
059028Intermec Refurbished Platen Gear - 3400A/3400B CLEI 3400
059028-006059028006Intermec Refurbished 059028006 Platen Gear - 3400A/3400B
059028-007059028007Intermec Refurbished 059028007 Platen Gear - 3400A/3400B
059028S-007059028S007Intermec Refurbished 059028S007 Platen Gear - 3400A/3400B
059052-002059052002Intermec Refurbished 059052002 Control Panel PCB Assembly. w/Bezel - 3400C/4420E
059115-005059115005Intermec Refurbished 059115005
059124-003059124003Intermec Refurbished 059124003 CLAMP LINER HUB
059245-008059245008Intermec Refurbished 059245008 CAMERA CONTROLLER
059367-002059367002Intermec Refurbished 059367002 I/O CARD
059511Intermec Refurbished Gear / Pulley Cluster Right Lock - 3400A/3400B CLEI 3400
059511-005059511005Intermec Refurbished 059511005 Gear / Pulley Cluster Right Lock - 3400A/3400B
059511S-005059511S005Intermec Refurbished 059511S005 Gear / Pulley Cluster Right Lock - 3400A/3400B
059689Intermec Refurbished PULLEY TAKE-UP CLUTCH - INTERMEC 3400 / 3240 / 3440 SB-134
059689-006059689006Intermec Refurbished 059689006 Pulley Take-Up Clutch - 3400A/3400B CLEI 3400
059689-008059689008Intermec Refurbished 059689008
059689S-006059689S006Intermec Refurbished 059689S006
059729-001059729001Intermec Refurbished 059729001
059729-002059729002Intermec Refurbished 059729002
059729-003059729003Intermec Refurbished 059729003 LABEL MARK SENSOR 4440B/4420
059729SIntermec Refurbished MARK LABEL SENSOR W/CABLE ASSY - 3400 / 3440 / 3600 SB-135
059729S-001059729S001Intermec Refurbished 059729S001
059729S-002059729S002Intermec Refurbished 059729S002
059729S-003059729S003Intermec Refurbished 059729S003
059885-003059885003Intermec Refurbished - Power Supply - 4400B/4400C/4400D
059886-003059886003Intermec Refurbished 059886003 EASYCODER 4400 POWER SUPPLY
059911001Intermec Refurbished 4400 Sensor
059912-001059912001Intermec Refurbished 059912001 INTERMEC PCB ASSEMBIY SENSOR4400
059912S-001059912S001Intermec Refurbished 059912S001 PCB ASM SENSOR
0-604027-01060402701Intermec Refurbished 060402701
060543-003060543003Intermec Refurbished 060543003 DUAL MOTOR ASSEMBLY
061392-001061392001Intermec Refurbished 061392001 FINDER CARD
061510-002061510002Intermec Refurbished 061510002 C30 POSTNET PROCESSOR
061542Intermec New
061542-001061542001Intermec New 061542001
061542-003061542003Intermec New 061542-003 Platen Roller - 3600A/3600B CLEI 3600 (Compatible only)
061542-004061542004Intermec New 061542004
061542-005061542005Intermec New 3600 Platen Roller
061542-006061542006Intermec NEW INTERMEC 3600 SERIES PLATEN ROLLER
061542SIntermec New
061551Intermec Refurbished Main Motor Drive Assembly Stepper - 3600/3600A/3600B/4420 CLEI 3600/4420
061551-001061551001Intermec Refurbished 061551001 MAIN MOTOR DRIVE Assembly STEPPER 3600/3600A/3600B/4420
061551-002061551002Intermec Refurbished 061551002 MAIN MOTOR DRIVE Assembly STEPPER 3600/3600A/3600B/4420
061551S-001061551S001Intermec Refurbished 061551S001 MAIN MOTOR DRIVE Assembly STEPPER 3600/3600A/3600B/4420
061551S-002061551S002Intermec Refurbished 061551S002 MAIN MOTOR DRIVE Assembly STEPPER 3600/3600A/3600B/4420
061551S-003061551S003Intermec Refurbished 061551S003 MAIN MOTOR DRIVE Assembly STEPPER 3600/3600A/3600B/4420
061569Intermec Refurbished Drive Gear/Pulley Cluster Right - 3600A/3600B/4420 CLEI 3600/4420
061569-001061569001Intermec Refurbished 061569001 Drive Gear/Pulley Cluster Right - 3600A/3600B/4420
061569-002061569002Intermec Refurbished 061569002 Drive Gear/Pulley Cluster Right - 3600A/3600B/4420
061569-003061569003Intermec Refurbished 061569003 Drive Gear/Pulley Cluster Right - 3600A/3600B/4420
061569S-001061569S001Intermec Refurbished 061569S001 Drive Gear/Pulley Cluster Right - 3600A/3600B/4420
061569S-002061569S002Intermec Refurbished 061569S002
061569S-003061569S003Intermec Refurbished 061569S003
061811-002061811002Intermec New 061811002
062396-002062396002Intermec Refurbished 062396002 INTERMEC 3400/4420 SERIES - PLASTIC MOUNT FOR GAP SENSOR
062430Intermec Refurbished PRINTHEAD - 203DPI - INTERMEC 4400 SERIES SB-25A / SB-34
062430-001062430001Intermec Refurbished 062430001 INTERMEC 4400 Series - PRINTHEAD 203DPI - NEW-612 30 Day Warranty
062430-002062430002Intermec Refurbished 062430002
062430S-001062430S001Intermec Refurbished 062430S001
062624-001-G062624001GIntermec New 062624001G
062624-002062624002Intermec New 062624002 3240 Platen Roller (Generic)
062624-002-G062624002GIntermec New 062624002G
062624-003062624003Intermec New 612 INTERMEC 3240 - ROLLER PLATEN-612 30 Day warranty
062624-003-G062624003GIntermec New 062624003G
062646-002062646002Intermec New INTERMEC 3240 - CBL Assembly GAP SENSE
062785Intermec Refurbished 512K MEMORY EXPANSION INTERMEC 3240B / 3400D / 3600B SB-101
062862-002062862002Intermec Refurbished 062862002
062927Intermec Refurbished RIBBON PULLY -TAKE UP CLUTCH - INTERMEC 4420/4440 SB-139 / #31
062927-001062927001Intermec Refurbished 062927001 Take-Up Clutch Assembly. - 3600
063436-001063436001Intermec Refurbished 063436001 INTERMEC 3240 - Cable Assembly LABEL TAKEN
063436S-001063436S001Intermec Refurbished 063436S001
063469-001063469001Intermec Refurbished 063469001
063469-002063469002Intermec Refurbished 063469002 INTERMEC 3240 - COLLET HUB CLUTCH
063470-001063470001Intermec Refurbished 063470001
063471Intermec Refurbished MEDIA SUPPORT PLATE - BLACK - INTERMEC 3400 / 3440 SB-302
063471-001063471001Intermec Refurbished 063471001 3400E MEDIA SUPPORT PLATE
063643-004063643004Intermec Refurbished 063643004 AUTO PEEL MOTOR
063716-001063716001Intermec New INTERMEC Easycoder 4420 - PRINTHEAD Assembly - 203 DPI - 4.4
063716-002063716002Intermec New INTERMEC Easycoder 4420 - PRINTHEAD ASSY - 203 DPI - 4.4
064397-001064397001Intermec New 612 INTERMEC 3240 - SWITCH ROCKER TOP OF FORM-612 30 Day warra
065075-001065075001Intermec Refurbished 065075001
065075-006065075006Intermec Refurbished 065075006
065344-001065344001Intermec Refurbished 065344001 FINDER CARD
065396-002065396002Intermec Refurbished 065396002 FINDER CARD
065587-001065587001Intermec Refurbished 065587001 C30 POSTNET PROCESSOR
066211-004066211004Intermec Refurbished 066211004 System Board ( Motherboard ) FOR 3400D PRINTER
066268-001066268001Intermec New 066268001 Operator Control Panel PCB - 3400C/4420E -
066454-001066454001Intermec Refurbished 066454001 READER ASSEMBLY
066632-001066632001Intermec Refurbished 066632001 POWER SUPPLY CARD
066638-002066638002Intermec Refurbished 066638002 CAMERA CONTROLLER
066639-002066639002Intermec Refurbished 066639002 CAMERA CONTROLLER
066695-001066695001Intermec Refurbished 066695001 I/O CARD
066696-001066696001Intermec Refurbished 066696001 I/O CARD
066845Intermec New CABLE, 151X TO T2455,6FT
066900Intermec New
067470-003067470003Intermec Refurbished 067470003 C30 POSTNET PROCESSOR
067470-005067470005Intermec Refurbished 067470005 C30 POSTNET PROCESSOR
067471-003067471003Intermec Refurbished 067471003 C30 MASTER PROCESSOR
067472-003067472003Intermec Refurbished 067472003 C30 SLAVE PROCESSOR
067472-005067472005Intermec Refurbished 067472005 C30 SLAVE PROCESSOR
067653-001067653001Intermec Refurbished - Main Logic PCB - 4400C/4400D
068151-001068151001Intermec New 068151001
068435Intermec Refurbished MARK LABEL SENSOR W/CABLE ASSY - 3400 / 3440 / 3600 SB-135
068435S-001068435S001Intermec Refurbished 068435S001
068435S-002068435S002Intermec Refurbished 068435S002
068486Intermec New
068486-003068486003Intermec New 068486003 CENTRONIC PARALLEL I/O BOARD - INT
068487Intermec New
068487-003068487003Intermec New 068487003 3400d parallel card
068487S-003068487S003Intermec New 068487S003
068832Intermec Refurbished - Ethernet Interface PCB - 34XX
069228Intermec Refurbished II
069444-002069444002Intermec Refurbished CABLE ASSEMBLY WAND 10 PIN 8 FEET 128D
069448-002069448002Intermec New 069448002
070064-001070064001Intermec New 070064001 PS-2 DIRECT CONNECT WITH W/LOCK
071848Intermec Refurbished HEATSINK FOR MAIN PCBA - INTERMEC 3400D/4420/4440 #177 / SB-137
071848-003071848003Intermec Refurbished 071848003
071848S-002071848S002Intermec Refurbished 071848S002
071848S-003071848S003Intermec Refurbished 071848S003
072750-001072750001Intermec New 072750001 INT 44xx Paper Path Assembly
072807-001072807001Intermec Refurbished EASYLAN TO System Board ( Motherboard ) CABLE FOR INTERMEC 3400E PRINTER
072894-001072894001Intermec Refurbished 072894001 10Base-T Ethernet Board - 3400/4420
072894S-001072894S001Intermec Refurbished 072894S001 10Base-T Ethernet Board - 3400/4420
073339-001073339001Intermec Refurbished 073339001 EASYCODER 3400E MOTOR PLATE ASSEMBLY
073341-001073341001Intermec Refurbished 073341001 44XX MOTOR PLATE ASSEMBLY
074500-001074500001Intermec Refurbished 074500001 EASYLAN TO SYSTEM BOARD CABLE FOR INTERMEC 3400E PRINTER
4420A00000100Intermec Refurbished Thermal transfer 203 dpi 8 ips 4.5 print width parallel se
0-900029-01090002901Intermec New 090002901
1-010043-90101004390Intermec New 101004390 Printhead 203dpi for PF4i PM4i
1-010105-9001010105900Intermec New 612 INTERMEC PD41 - Thermal printhead 200 dpi-612 30 Day warrant
1-010110-90101011090Intermec NEW GENERIC PLATEN ROLLER - INTERMEC PX6i
1-040083-01104008301Intermec New 104008301
1-040086-9001040086900Intermec New 1040086900
1-040109-02104010902Intermec New 1-040109-02 PX4I PA30 Label Stop Sensor Assembly
1-040163-00104016300Intermec New 104016300 PX6i - Knob crank shaft assembly -612 30 Day Warranty
1-040198-90104019890Intermec New 104019890 PX6i ribbon supply unit assembly
1-040216-00104021600Intermec New INTERMEC PX4i/PX6i - Guide Cable
1-040230-20104023020Intermec New 104023020
1-040230-90104023090Intermec New 104023090 Platen / Pressing / Ribbon Return Roller 501 Series
1-040248-02104024802Intermec New 104024802 Intermec Crank Shaft Cam Handle for PX4i/PX6i Printers -612 30
1-040254-90104025490Intermec New 104025490 Head pressure link assembly PX4i -612 30 Day Warranty
1-040321-00104032100Intermec New 104032100 SPRING FOR LABEL SLACK ABSORBER - INTERMEC 501 SERIES (SB-143
1-040329-00104032900Intermec New 1-040329-00 Edge Guide
1-040443-11104044311Intermec New 612 INTERMEC 501 / 601 / PX SERIES SB-96 - BOBBIN PLATE -612 3
1-040602-00104060200Intermec Refurbished 104060200
1-040609-00104060900Intermec Refurbished 104060900
850-565-001850565001Intermec New 1810 INTERMEC ETHERNET SNAP-ON ADAPTER FOR 70 SERIES
10969521Intermec Refurbished TRANSFORMER FOR 3100 PRINTER
11043304Intermec New 7421/7422 TERMAMAX RIBBONS 3-Inch X 3-588-Inch
1-196260-90119626090Intermec New 119626090 PX6i - Hinge kit - Includes hinges front cover/side door
1-196260-90119626090Intermec Refurbished 119626090 PX6i - Hinge kit - Includes hinges front cover/side door
1-206039-02120603902Intermec Refurbished 120603902
1-206043-01120604301Intermec New 1-206043-01 203DPI Printhead for PM4I PF4i (Media Thickness max 175)
1-206113-00120611300Intermec Refurbished 120611300
1-206113-01120611301Intermec Refurbished 120611301
1-206141-00120614100Intermec New 120614100 PM4i - Door Front-612 CLEI PM4I
1-206147-01120614701Intermec New 120614701 PM4I Label Stop Sensor
1-206147-01120614701Intermec Refurbished 120614701 PM4I Label Stop Sensor
1-206203-95120620395Intermec New 1-206203-95 PLATEN ROLLER / LINER DRIVE ROLLER - F4 / PF4i / PM4i
1-206206-02120620602Intermec Refurbished 120620602
1-206210-00120621000Intermec Refurbished 120621000
1-206247-01120624701Intermec New 120624701 INTERMEC EASYCODER PF4I - Edge Guide
1-206247-01120624701Intermec Refurbished 120624701 INTERMEC EASYCODER PF4I - Edge Guide
1-206250-00120625000Intermec Refurbished 120625000
1-206266-01120626601Intermec New 120626601 PM4i - Bobbin Plate CLEI PM4I
1-206286-01120628601Intermec Refurbished 120628601
1-206288-00120628800Intermec Refurbished 120628800 Plastic Retaining Clip for Shaft Guide - Intermec F4 / PF4
1-206301-90120630190Intermec New 120630190 CAM HANDLE Assembly PM4I
1-206335-90120633590Intermec Refurbished 120633590 EasyCoder F4 - Side door for 8-inch Roll Cover light gray No
1-206335-95120633595Intermec Refurbished 120633595 EasyCoder F4 - Side door for 8-inch Roll Cover blue gray-Incl
1-206358-04120635804Intermec New 120635804
1-206359-04120635904Intermec New 120635904
1-2063681206368Intermec Refurbished 1206368
1-206383-90120638390Intermec New 120638390 PM4i - Media supply roll post assembly-612 CLEI PM4I
1-206383-90120638390Intermec Refurbished 120638390 PM4i - Media supply roll post assembly-612 CLEI PM4I
1-206384-05120638405Intermec Refurbished 120638405 EDGE GUIDE LARGE
1-206438-01120643801Intermec Refurbished 612 INTERMEC PM4i - EDGE GUIDE SMALL-612 30 Day warranty
1-206562-90120656290Intermec Refurbished 120656290 INTERMEC EASYCODER PF4I - Quick Load Guide Kit 2 Inches
1-206564-90120656490Intermec Refurbished 120656490 EasyCoder F2- Door Short light gray
1-206569-90120656990Intermec Refurbished 120656990 INTERMEC EASYCODER PF4I - Quick Load Guide Kit 4 Inches
1-206571-90120657190Intermec Refurbished 120657190 INTERMEC EASYCODER PF4I - Liner Takeup Unit Assembly
1-206960-11120696011Intermec Refurbished 120696011 MAIN DRIVE MOTOR Assembly
12084106Intermec New RIBBON,4.10 X 6000 ,PREMIUM WAX RESIN,FOR 3400/4420/40/F4
1271-A011271A01Intermec New Dumb Pencil Wand/Barcode Wand;coiled; High Resolution Hi-Res;
1272-A011272A01Intermec New 1272A01 Barcode WAND MED-RES
141-000042-902141000042902Intermec New 612 INTERMEC PD41 - Sensor label module-612 30 Day warranty
144-816-004144816004Intermec Refurbished 144816004 I/O ASSEMBLY FOR 5055 TERMINAL
1516-A021516A02Intermec New 1516A02 Laser Barcode Hand Scanner with 583380-008 RJ45 to DB25S Interface Cable
1516-A021516A02Intermec Refurbished 1516A02 Laser Barcode Hand Scanner with 583380-008 RJ45 to DB25S Interface Cable
1518-A021518A02Intermec Refurbished 1518A02 Laser Barcode Hand Scanner 10 Conductor RJ type Interface
157278Intermec Refurbished MAIN DRIVE MOTOR INTERMEC 4100
1800SRIntermec New like new CCD Scanner
1800SRIntermec Refurbished like CCD Scanner
1-936009-0101936009010Intermec Refurbished 1936009010
1-956009-90195600990Intermec Refurbished 195600990 REAL TIME CLOCK - NON-ROHS - INTERMEC PF/ PM/ PX (SB-71)
1-959006-13195900613Intermec Refurbished 195900613
1-959033-0021959033002Intermec New 1959033002
1-959070-00195907000Intermec Refurbished 195907000
1-971031-0011971031001Intermec Refurbished 1971031001 POWER SUPPLY Assembly
1-971033-0011971033001Intermec Refurbished 1971033001
1-971130-9011971130901Intermec New 612 INTERMEC EASYCODER PF/PM/PX - MAIN LOGIC BOARD-612 30 Day wa
1-971131-0011971131001Intermec Refurbished 1971131001 INTERMEC PF/PM/ - Power Supply Assembly -612 30 Day Warranty
1-971131-0021971131002Intermec Refurbished 1971131002 INTERMEC PF/PM/ - Power Supply Assembly -612 30 Day Warranty
1-971133-0011971133001Intermec Refurbished 1971133001 CONSOLE PANEL ASSEMBLY W/LCD - INTERMEC F2/F4/PF2i/PF4i (SB-72C)
1-971133-9001971133900Intermec Refurbished 1971133900
1-971143-8001971143800Intermec New 1971143800 UART+IND INTERFACE RS232 KIT ASXINDUSTRIAL INTERFACE CARD
1-971145-0011971145001Intermec Refurbished 1971145001 EASYLAN ETHERNET BOARD ONLY - INTERMEC PF / PM SERIES SB-104
1-971145-8001971145800Intermec New 1971145800 EASYLAN ETHERNET KIT 10/100Base-T BI-DIRECTIONAL
1-971145-8001971145800Intermec Refurbished 1971145800 EASYLAN ETHERNET KIT 10/100Base-T BI-DIRECTIONAL
1-971151-9001971151900Intermec Refurbished 1-971151-900 612 PM4i Console board
1-971156-9001971156900Intermec New 612 INTERMEC PF2D/PF4D/PM4D/PX4D - MAIN LOGIC - D STYLE-612
1-971161-00197116100Intermec New 197116100
1-971166-00197116600Intermec New 197116600
1-971166-9001971166900Intermec New 612 INTERMEC PD41/PD42 - POWER SUPPLY-612 30 Day warranty
1-9716031971603Intermec Refurbished 1971603
1-971603-00197160300Intermec Refurbished 197160300
1-971603-02-P01197160302P01Intermec Refurbished 197160302P01
1-971603-28197160328Intermec Refurbished 197160328
1-971605-02197160502Intermec Refurbished 197160502 BOOT FLASH SIMM MODULE
1-971605-26197160526Intermec Refurbished 197160526
1-971608-00197160800Intermec Refurbished 197160800
1-971608-01197160801Intermec Refurbished 197160801
1-971608-03197160803Intermec Refurbished 197160803
1-971608-55197160855Intermec Refurbished 197160855
1-971608-90197160890Intermec Refurbished 197160890
1-971609-00197160900Intermec Refurbished 197160900
1-971609-03197160903Intermec Refurbished 197160903
1-971609-25197160925Intermec Refurbished 197160925
1-971609-28197160928Intermec Refurbished 197160928
1-971609-95197160995Intermec Refurbished 197160995
1-971610-25197161025Intermec Refurbished 197161025
1-971614-90197161490Intermec New 197161490
1-971614-90197161490Intermec Refurbished 197161490
1-971630-00197163000Intermec Refurbished 197163000
1-971630-51197163051Intermec Refurbished 197163051
1-971630-9001971630900Intermec Refurbished 612 INTERMEC EASYCODER PF4I - CPU Board Assembly-612 30 Day warr
1-971633-00197163300Intermec Refurbished 197163300
1-971633-25197163325Intermec Refurbished 197163325
1-971633-95197163395Intermec Refurbished 197163395 INTERMEC EASYCODER PF4I - Cover Assembly Metallic Gray
1-971645-51197164551Intermec Refurbished 197164551 Intermec PM4I - EASYLAN 10i2 ETHERNET KIT
1-971647-50197164750Intermec Refurbished 197164750
1-974005-0131974005013Intermec Refurbished 1974005013 RIBBON OPTICAL SENSOR INTERMEC
1-975559-02197555902Intermec Refurbished LABEL STOP SENSOR
1-975609-80197560980Intermec Refurbished 197560980
1-975609-90197560990Intermec Refurbished 197560990
1-995101-24199510124Intermec New 199510124
1-995101-43199510143Intermec New 199510143 PX4i / PX6i - Tooth belt 118 MXL 025 T=118 -612 30 Day Warranty
1-995101-53199510153Intermec New 612 PX4i / PX6i- Tooth belt 162 MXL 025 T=162-612 30 Day warran
1-995101-80199510180Intermec New 199510180
1-995103-01199510301Intermec New 199510301 PM4i - Belt CLEI PM4I
1-995103-05199510305Intermec Refurbished 199510305 PM4i - Timing Belt CLEI PM4I
1-C40000-211C4000021Intermec New 1C4000021 EasyCoder C4 S/N C4T-006-00017
203-183-410203183410Intermec New Intermec Ethernet IEEE 802.3 Print Server Module for PC43D PC4
203-183-420203183420Intermec WLAN (802.11 b,g,n) / Bluetooth, Dual Radio Module FOR PC43D
203-188-200203188200Intermec New 203188200 Media Cover Lock Bracket FOR THE PC43D
203-754-001203754001Intermec New PISTOL GRIP KIT W/TRIGGER CK30/31 ROHS AH1; FITS ALL CK30/CK31
203-778-001203778001Intermec New 203778001 BATTERYCN2REPLACEMENT/SPARE BATTERY PACK FOR CN2
203-876-002203876002Intermec WALL MOUNT/VEHICLE MOUNT HOLDERACCS SR61T
203-921-001203921001Intermec New FLEXDOCK CUP MOBILE COMPUTER Power CK70/71
203-955-001203955001Intermec New 203955001 KIT CV61 AC Wall Chgr-US IntlRoHS
210205Intermec Refurbished Intermec 3100Logic/fargo
PM43A12000000201Intermec New PM43 TT 203DPI WL FULL TOUCH Printer ROW FIXED HANGER US PC
224-237-100A224237100AIntermec Refurbished 224237100A VIDEO DISPLAY CARD FOR 5055 TERMINAL
224-292-400A-019431224292400A019431Intermec Refurbished 224292400A019431 I/O ASSEMBLY FOR 5055 TERMINAL
224-315-101A224315101AIntermec Refurbished 224315101A VIDEO DISPLAY CARD FOR 5055 TERMINAL
224-630-001224630001Intermec New 224630001 Intermec Control Motherboard for Handheld Computer Scanner
225-686-002225686002Intermec New 225686002 700 COLOR SCANNER ADAPTER Assembly FOR TETHERED SCANNING
PM43A11000040401Intermec New Intermec EasyCoder PM43 Thermal Printer with Ethernet with Rewin
PM43CA0100000201Intermec New Intermec PM43c Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Printer - Monochr
236-090-002236090002Intermec New 236090002 CN2 Cable Hirose to DB9M 6 ROHS
236-155-001236155001Intermec Refurbished 236155001 Intermec 236-155-001 236155001 Rj45 Extension Cable
236-184-001236184001Intermec New CABLE FOR CV30/CV60 RS232 6.5FT 9PIN COIL
23LM-003523LM0035Intermec Refurbished 23LM0035
23LM-0035-22V23LM003522VIntermec Refurbished 23LM003522V
PM4C910000300020Intermec Refurbished INT EasyCoder PM4I Printer Thermal
318-011-004318011004Intermec Refurbished 318011004 3.6V 2400mAh Lithium-ion Li-ion Battery for 710/720
318-013-002318013002Intermec Refurbished 318-013-002 700 Series Lithium-ion Li-ion Battery
318-013-004318013004Intermec New 318013004 Replacement Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack 7;2V 17;3 WH
321-611-102321611102Intermec New 321611102 CABLEUSB-A TO USB MINI B PLUG 2MROHS
3-360029-01336002901Intermec New 336002901
3-360058-01336005801Intermec New 336005801
3-369057-71336905771Intermec Refurbished 336905771
340-049-001340049001Intermec Refurbished 340049001 PROPRIETARY HARDENED KEYBOARD
340-053-003340053003Intermec New 340053003 KEYBD101 KEYBACKLIT SLK-101 WINROHSCOMP G9A-KB001 CV60C
3440B00000Intermec Refurbished 3440B00000 II Barcode Printer - Serial - 110V - Intermec 3440B with 2 business day lead time
346-061-001346061001Intermec Refurbished 346061001 SVGA DISPLAY FOR 5055 TERMINAL
346-085-001346085001Intermec New Screen Protector Kit CN51, 10 Each RoHS
3600A0010000Intermec Refurbished Intermec Easycoder 3600A Thermal Printer Serial interface -612 CLEI 3600

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