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Listings of Intermec by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
0115Intermec Refurbished ACCESS POINT
030202901Intermec New 030202901 Internal Power Supply Unit,120VAC 60Hz, 5V DC 600 mAh
PX4C011000000040Intermec New PX4I TT 400DPI PARALLEL PRNT 16MB/32MB ETHERN
054896Intermec Refurbished Main Logic PCB - 4400A
057617-002057617002Intermec Refurbished 057617002 Main Logic Board MAXICHIP FIRMWARE
058217-001058217001Intermec Refurbished 058217001 PRINTHEAD ASSEMBLY FOR 4400 THERMAL PRINTER
058273-004058273004Intermec Refurbished 058273004 FRAM WITH PRINTHEAD Assembly AND CALBES
058996-009058996009Intermec New 058996009 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
059003S-001059003S001Intermec New Printhead 203 dpi 4.09 in 5 mil for 3400 3400 A-B-C
059689S-008059689S008Intermec Refurbished 059689S008 INTERMEC 3240 - TAKE-UP CLUTCH ASSEMBLY
061542-002061542002Intermec New 061542002 Platten Roller Intermec 3600 Series (SB-146)
061551-003061551003Intermec New 061551003 MAIN MOTOR DRIVE Assembly STEPPER 3600/3600A/3600B/4420
061551-003061551003Intermec Refurbished 061551003 MAIN MOTOR DRIVE Assembly STEPPER 3600/3600A/3600B/4420
061611Intermec Refurbished PRINTHEAD - 203DPI - INTERMEC 3600A/B SB-60
062430S-002062430S002Intermec Refurbished 062430S002 062430S-002 Printhead for 4400 Printer 203
062682S-00062682S00Intermec New 062682S00 406-DPI printhead
062682S-001062682S001Intermec New 062682S001 Replacement Print Head for 3440 /4440/3400e/4440e 406-DPI
062927S-001062927S001Intermec Refurbished 062927S001 CLUTCH Assembly RBN T/U SPARE INTERMEC 3600
063179-008063179008Intermec Refurbished 063179008 MAIN LOGIC BOARD PCB Printed Circuit Board Assembly. - 3600A/3600B
063716S-001063716S001Intermec New 063716S001 4420 PRINTHEAD- 4.4-Inch 203 DPI
063716S-001063716S001Intermec Refurbished 063716S001 4420 PRINTHEAD- 4.4-Inch 203 DPI
063716S-002063716S002Intermec New 063716S002 REPLACEMENT PRINTHEAD:4420/e 4.4-Inch 203-DPI SP
065655-009065655009Intermec Refurbished 065655009 MAIN LOGIC BOARD PCB Printed Circuit Board - 4420B
066070-005066070005Intermec Refurbished 066070005 MAIN LOGIC BOARD PCB Printed Circuit Board - 3400C
066070-009066070009Intermec Refurbished 066070009 MAIN LOGIC BOARD PCB Printed Circuit Board - 3400C
066070-010066070010Intermec Refurbished 066070010 II 3400D Main Logic Board
066070-011066070011Intermec Refurbished 066070011 MAIN LOGIC BOARD PCB Printed Circuit Board - 3400C
066070-012066070012Intermec Refurbished 066070012 MAIN LOGIC BOARD PCB Printed Circuit Board - 3400C
066070S-005066070S005Intermec Refurbished 066070S005 MAIN LOGIC BOARD PCB Printed Circuit Board - 3400C
066070S-011066070S011Intermec Refurbished 066070S011 MAIN LOGIC BOARD PCB Printed Circuit Board - 3400C
068435-001068435001Intermec Refurbished 068435001 LABEL MARK Sensor W CABLE Assembly for INTERMEC 3440 D E
069032S-002069032S002Intermec New SPARE PRINTHEAD,6.6-Inch,5 MIL 3600SP
069448S-002069448S002Intermec New Pulls 069448S-002 3400 BarCode Label Printer 203dpi Printhead Assembly (pulled from a new demo head)
072884Intermec New 072884 Easylan 10I2 Ethernet Card - 3400E/4420/4440 CLEI 3400E/4420
072894Intermec New 10Base-T Ethernet Board - 3400/4420 CLEI 3400/4420
072894Intermec Refurbished 10Base-T Ethernet Board - 3400/4420 CLEI 3400/4420
1-010043-9001010043900Intermec New 1010043900 Replacement Print head for PM4i 200-DPI / 7MIL
1-010044-9001010044900Intermec New 1010044900 Replacement PRINTHEAD FOR PM4I 300-DPI / 7 MIL
1-010102-90101010290Intermec New EasyCoder F2- Thermal Printhead Assembly - 203DPI
1-010103-90101010390Intermec Refurbished 101010390 REPLACEMENT PRINTHEAD FOR F4/ F4Ci203 DPI
1-040082-9001040082900Intermec Refurbished 1040082900 PX4I 203-DPI REPLACEMENT THERMAL PRINTHEAD ASSEMBLY
1-040083-9001040083900Intermec New 1-040083-900 PRINTHEAD REPLACEMENT FOR PX4i 300-DPI
1-040084-9001040084900Intermec New 1040084900 PRINTHEAD Replacement:PX6i THERMAL 203-DPI
1-040085-9001040085900Intermec New Intermec PX6i - Thermal printhead assembly 11.81 dots/mm 300 d
1-040230-93104023093Intermec New 104023093 Platen roller- 501XP / PX4i (SB-129)
11066706Intermec New THERMAMAX 1500 STANDARD WAX Ribbon BLACK 170 2 MM X 152
1-206248-01120624801Intermec New 120624801 Guide Link PM4I
1-206278-04120627804Intermec New 1-206278-04 Tear Bar - Intermec F4 / PF4i / PM4i (SB-39G) Compatible only
1-301100-90130110090Intermec New 130110090 Printheads EasyCoder 301 E4 replacement printhead 203-DPI CLEI 301
CK3XAA4M000W4100Intermec New CK3XA, Alphanum, EX25, , WLAN,
141-000044-962141000044962Intermec New 612 INTERMEC PD41 - TPH module 200 dpi-612 30 Day warranty
141-000045-962141000045962Intermec New 612 INTERMEC PD41 - TPH module 300 dpi-612 30 Day warranty
1-936009-9001936009900Intermec Refurbished 1936009900 REAL TIME CLOCKRTCPROGRAMMEDSPARE
1-971630-90197163090Intermec Refurbished 197163090 PM4i - PCBA - MAIN LOGIC BOARD - PF/PM/PX SERIES SB-39_ CLEI PM4I
1-974028-0251974028025Intermec New 1-974028-025 Power cable - 8 ft 1-974028-025
1-995101-54199510154Intermec New 199510154
PM43A14000011201Intermec New PM43A FT NA ABGNWIFI LG L HGR PRNT RTC US
203-670-001203670001Intermec New 203670001 POWER SUPPLY 12V 4.2A HIGHLY PROPRIETORY 3 PRONG UNIT
225-687-002225687002Intermec New 700 Series Adapter Snap-on Modem
236-209-001236209001Intermec New 236209001 CK3 CABLE Assembly USB-A TO USB MICROB
236-219-001236219001Intermec New 3FT TO 8FT CABLE USB POWERED COILED
23LM-C035-22V23LMC03522VIntermec Refurbished 23LMC03522V
2K210-0804C2K2100804CIntermec Refurbished 2K2100804C PRINTHEAD ASSEMBLY FOR 4400 THERMAL PRINTER
318-011-007318011007Intermec Refurbished 318011007 BATTERY PACK3.7-Volt 2400MAH Single CELL ROHS
318-020-001318020001Intermec New 318020001 7.4-Volt 2400mAh Lithium-ion Li-ion Battery for CK30/CK31
318-030-003318030003Intermec Battery Pack 7.4-Volt 2.30AH
3400A000Intermec Refurbished Intermec 3400A Thermal Barcode/Label Printer Serial interface
3400A010Intermec Refurbished BARCODE PRINTER - SERIAL - 3400A
3400B0000000Intermec Refurbished BARCODE PRINTER - SERIAL - 32K RAM - INTERMEC 3400B
3400B0010000Intermec Refurbished 3400B Barcode Printer Serial Interface
3400DIntermec New Intermec EasyCoder 3400D Model D Ethernet Thermal Label Printer 203DPI with network
3400DIntermec Refurbished Intermec EasyCoder 3400D Model D Ethernet Thermal Label Printer 203DPI with network
3400D0010000Intermec Refurbished 3400D0010000 3400D Thermal Barcode/Label Printer with power cord
3400D0110000Intermec Refurbished EasyCoder 3400 Direct Thermal-Thermal Transfer Label Ticket T_
3400D0410000Intermec Refurbished 3400D0410000 Intermec 3400D Thermal Barcode Label Printer with Ethernet
3400E00400200Intermec Refurbished EasyCoder 3400e Direct Thermal, Transfer Label, Ticket & Tag Printer
3400E01000400Intermec Refurbished EasyCoder 3400E 400-DPI Thermal Printer 1MB DRAM 128KB Flash CLEI 3400 with network card
350-23502Intermec Refurbished 3502 INDUSTRIAL LASER SCANNER
871-228-201871228201Intermec New Single Dock, CK3 (AD20)
3100Intermec Refurbished - 3100 Thermal Barcode/Label Printer
3600Intermec Refurbished 3600 Main Logic Assembly - Intermec 3600A (SB-51 & SB-202)
3400Intermec Refurbished EasyCoder 3400A/B/C/D/E Thermal Printer
4400Intermec Refurbished Thermal Printer Rev C and D
4400CIntermec Refurbished - EasyCoder 4400C Thermal Barcode/Label Printer
4400C0200000Intermec Refurbished EASYCODER 4400 THERMAL LABEL PRINTER
1-040082-02104008202Intermec Refurbished 1-040082-02 PA30 PX4I 203 dpi Thermal Printhead
1-010043-91101004391Intermec Refurbished INTERMEC PM4i - PRINTHEAD 203dpi
501XPIntermec Refurbished - 501XP Thermal Barcode/Label Printer
590442-002590442002Intermec Refurbished 590442002 Transformer 100/120v - 4420/4440 -
805-611-001805611001Intermec New Vehicle dock mounting kit consists of one 4.75 adjustable pivot
815-067-001815067001Intermec New UF-550 770 TONER KATUN UG-3313
851-082-003851082003Intermec New Universal POWER SUPPLY,12 VDC 50W FW5012, NOT FOR NORTH AMERICA
852-915-001852915001Intermec New BATTERY CHARGER-QUAD FOR PB32 PB50 AC ADAPTER REQ #DQ8524
871-035-001871035001Intermec New VEHICLE DOCK CK70/71 USB/RS232 805-638-001 MNT KIT & Power REQ.
871-230-101871230101Intermec New 871230101 QUAD CHARGER CK3 AC20 REQUIRES POWER SUPPLY 851 061 207 AND COUN_
871-236-001871236001Intermec New 871236001 CK3 NON-POWERED VEHICLE HOLDER DOES NOT INCL HW FOR MTNG
851-089-316851089316Intermec New 1810 INTERMEC SD62 SG20 POWER SUPPLY 5 VOLT WITH FERRITE
PC4B00000000Intermec Refurbished Easycoder PC4B Direct Thermal Printer
8E100-000518E10000051Intermec Refurbished 8E10000051 THERMAL PRINTHEAD FOR 3600
PC4A00001000Intermec Refurbished Intermec EasyCoder C4 - Label printer - B/W - direct thermal - R
9510Intermec Refurbished 9510 Base no power supply
9512Intermec Refurbished Wedge Config 9512B010203 with 2 Line LCD Screen 2xDB25 1xDB9
9710Intermec Refurbished 9710F02 Wedge Reader
9730Intermec Refurbished MICRO BAR 3-Port
066070-013066070013Intermec Refurbished 066070013 MAIN LOGIC BOARD PCB Printed Circuit Board - 3400C
C6925-9212KC69259212KIntermec Refurbished C69259212K MAIN STEPPER MOTOR WITH CABLE Assembly.
061578-001061578001Intermec Refurbished NOB HP Proliant MicroServer G7 N40L AMD Turion II Neo 1.5GHz 4GB
1-971045-0011971045001Intermec Refurbished Intermec PM4iEasyLAN Ethernet Interface Kit
DX2A2BB10Intermec New 4-position Battery Charger CK CK70/71 NA Power Cord
EASYCODER 3400EASYCODER3400Intermec Refurbished - 3400A/B/C/D Thermal Barcode/Label Printer
EASYCODER 3400AEASYCODER3400AIntermec Refurbished - 3400A Thermal Barcode/Label Printer
EIA606-014EIA606014Intermec Refurbished EIA606014 POWER TRANSFORMER FOR 4420 PRINTER
203-917-001203917001Intermec New 1810 INTERMEC FLEXDOCK CUP BATTERY PACK CK70/71/CK3
IN-BH2435-03INBH243503Intermec Refurbished N95 SILVERTAN UNLOCKED GSM 3G System HSDPA W/ 5 Megapixels CAMERA PHONE GP
PC23DA0010021Intermec New PC23d, Display, adjustable gap RTC, 203 dpi,Power Cord
PC41A001000Intermec Refurbished Intermec EasyCoder PC41 Thermal Label Printer
PC43DA00000201Intermec PC43d, Icon, 203 DPI,Power Cord
PC43DA00100201Intermec PC43d, Display, adjustable gap RTC, 203 DPI, Power CORD
PD41AC1100002030Intermec CHINA/FP/LAN/1284/LTS/300-DPI
PD42A01000012020Intermec New PD42AUS/IPLEASYLAN ENETLTS TT 200-DPI
PF2IB40100001120Intermec New Intermec EasyCoder PF2i 2-Inch 203Dpi Direct Thermal Label Printer
PF4IIntermec New Intermec PF4I 203DPI Thermal Printer -612 30 Day Warranty
PM43A01000000201Intermec New PM43, OB,ROW,Ethernet,HGR,TT203,US PC -TOP RUNNER
PM43A11000000201Intermec New PM43 TT 203DPI Ethernet FULL TOUCH Printer ROW FIXED HANGER US PC
PM4C010000300020Intermec Refurbished INTERMEC PM4i Thermal Printer -612 30 Day Warranty
PM4D010000000020Intermec Refurbished PM4DDT/TTRUNIV FW16M/32M 203 DPI
PM4IIntermec Refurbished EasyCoder PM4i Industrial Barcode Shipping Label Thermal Printer
PX4C010000000020Intermec New PX4C DT/TT Direct Thermal Thermal Transfer 203DPI 16MB/32MB Printer ETHERN SELF STRIP+LABEL TAKEN S
PX6C010000000020Intermec New 9 in/s - 203 DPI - 32 MB RAM - 16 MB Flash - Fast Ethernet - Series
SG20T1D-USB001SG20T1DUSB001Intermec New USB Kit,1D Imager w/ cable
068832-001068832001Intermec Refurbished ETHERNET ASSY - VERT - INTERMEC 3400 SERIES SB-136
3240B0110000Intermec Refurbished Intermec 3240B Direct Thermal /Transfer PRINTER
655-156-001655156001Intermec New TEAR BAR Assembly REPLACED 1-206278-04
0058-044-01005804401Intermec Refurbished 005804401 ETHERNET Interface OPTION WITH PARALLEL I/O ADAPTER
0-230019-10023001910Intermec Refurbished 023001910 MICROBAR 9730
852-073-001852073001Intermec New Desktop Adapter USB CN50 Series - Docking - Mobile Computer -
0-360039-00036003900Intermec New 036003900 1800 ScanPlus SR 0-360039-00 CCD
0-360058-01036005801Intermec New 036005801
0-366030-00036603000Intermec Refurbished 036603000
046791Intermec Refurbished POWER SUPPLY - 120V - INTERMEC 9510 / 9511 / 9512 / 9154
046792Intermec Refurbished POWER SUPPLY
052713-002052713002Intermec Refurbished - Parallel Interface PCB - 3400A
053866Intermec Refurbished I/O SLOT COVER
054896-001054896001Intermec Refurbished 054896001 MAIN LOGIC BOARD Assembly - INTERMEC 4400A
055028Intermec Refurbished HEAD LIFT ASSEMBLY - 4400A
055028-001055028001Intermec Refurbished 055028001
055028-002055028002Intermec Refurbished 055028002
055028-003055028003Intermec Refurbished 055028003
055028-004055028004Intermec Refurbished 055028004
055028S-001055028S001Intermec Refurbished 055028S001
055028S-002055028S002Intermec Refurbished 055028S002
055028S-003055028S003Intermec Refurbished 055028S003
055028S-004055028S004Intermec Refurbished 055028S004 HEAD LIFT Assembly INTERMEC 4400
056830Intermec New INTERMEC 3400A-D / 3240 / 3400/4400 - CENTRONIC PARALLEL I/O BOA
057026-002057026002Intermec Refurbished 057026002 COAX INTERFACE FOR 3400 3600 AND 4400 THERMAL Printer
057617Intermec Refurbished PCBA - MAIN LOGIC BOARD ASSY - INTERMEC 4100B SB-27
057617-003057617003Intermec Refurbished 057617003
057617S-001057617S001Intermec Refurbished 057617S001
057617S-002057617S002Intermec Refurbished 057617S002
057617S-003057617S003Intermec Refurbished 057617S003
057775Intermec New HOOK LATCH
057775-001057775001Intermec New 057775001
057775S-001057775S001Intermec New 057775S001
058509-001058509001Intermec Refurbished 058509001
058509-002058509002Intermec Refurbished 058509002
058509S-001058509S001Intermec Refurbished 058509S001
058509S-002058509S002Intermec Refurbished 058509S002
058509S-004058509S004Intermec Refurbished 058509S004
058996Intermec New
058996-003058996003Intermec New 058996003 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
058996-005058996005Intermec New 058996005 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
058996-007058996007Intermec New 058996007 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
058996-008058996008Intermec New 058996008 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
058996S-007058996S007Intermec New 058996S007 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
058996S-008058996S008Intermec New 058996S008 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
058996S-009058996S009Intermec New 058996S009 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
058996S-010058996S010Intermec New 058996S010 Platen Roller - 3400A/3400B
059003-001059003001Intermec New Printhead 203 dpi 4.09 in 5 mil for 3400 3400 A-B-C
059016-001059016001Intermec Refurbished 059016001 Transformer 100V/120V - 3400A/3400B
059021-001059021001Intermec Refurbished 059021001 Main Motor Stepper w/Cable Assembly. - 3400A/3400B
059021-002059021002Intermec Refurbished 059021002 Main Motor Stepper w/Cable Assembly. - 3400A/3400B
059021S-001059021S001Intermec Refurbished 059021S001 Main Motor Stepper w/Cable Assembly. - 3400A/3400B
059021S-002059021S002Intermec Refurbished 059021S002 Main Motor Stepper w/Cable Assembly. - 3400A/3400B
059028Intermec Refurbished Platen Gear - 3400A/3400B CLEI 3400
059028-006059028006Intermec Refurbished 059028006 Platen Gear - 3400A/3400B
059028-007059028007Intermec Refurbished 059028007 Platen Gear - 3400A/3400B
059028S-007059028S007Intermec Refurbished 059028S007 Platen Gear - 3400A/3400B
059044Intermec Refurbished GEAR / PULLEY - CLUSTER - L/H LOCK - INTERMEC 3400 SB-302
059044-007059044007Intermec Refurbished 059044007 Gear / Pulley Cluster Left Lock - 3400A/3400B/3400C CLEI 3400
059052-002059052002Intermec Refurbished 059052002 Control Panel PCB Assembly. w/Bezel - 3400C/4420E
059115-005059115005Intermec Refurbished 059115005
059124-003059124003Intermec Refurbished 059124003 CLAMP LINER HUB
059245-008059245008Intermec Refurbished 059245008 CAMERA CONTROLLER
059367-002059367002Intermec Refurbished 059367002 I/O CARD
059511Intermec Refurbished Gear / Pulley Cluster Right Lock - 3400A/3400B CLEI 3400
059511-005059511005Intermec Refurbished 059511005 Gear / Pulley Cluster Right Lock - 3400A/3400B
059511S-005059511S005Intermec Refurbished 059511S005 Gear / Pulley Cluster Right Lock - 3400A/3400B
059689Intermec Refurbished PULLEY TAKE-UP CLUTCH - INTERMEC 3400 / 3240 / 3440 SB-134
059689-006059689006Intermec Refurbished 059689006 Pulley Take-Up Clutch - 3400A/3400B CLEI 3400
059689-008059689008Intermec Refurbished 059689008
059689S-006059689S006Intermec Refurbished 059689S006
059729-001059729001Intermec Refurbished 059729001
059729-002059729002Intermec Refurbished 059729002
059729-003059729003Intermec Refurbished 059729003 LABEL MARK SENSOR 4440B/4420
059729SIntermec Refurbished MARK LABEL SENSOR W/CABLE ASSY - 3400 / 3440 / 3600 SB-135
059729S-001059729S001Intermec Refurbished 059729S001
059729S-002059729S002Intermec Refurbished 059729S002
059729S-003059729S003Intermec Refurbished 059729S003
059885-003059885003Intermec Refurbished - Power Supply - 4400B/4400C/4400D
059886-003059886003Intermec Refurbished 059886003 EASYCODER 4400 POWER SUPPLY
059911001Intermec Refurbished 4400 Sensor
059912-001059912001Intermec Refurbished 059912001 INTERMEC PCB ASSEMBIY SENSOR4400
059912S-001059912S001Intermec Refurbished 059912S001 PCB ASM SENSOR
0-604027-01060402701Intermec Refurbished 060402701
060543-003060543003Intermec Refurbished 060543003 DUAL MOTOR ASSEMBLY
061392-001061392001Intermec Refurbished 061392001 FINDER CARD
061510-002061510002Intermec Refurbished 061510002 C30 POSTNET PROCESSOR
061542Intermec New
061542-001061542001Intermec New 061542001
061542-003061542003Intermec New 061542-003 Platen Roller - 3600A/3600B CLEI 3600 (Compatible only)
061542-004061542004Intermec New 061542004
061542-005061542005Intermec New 3600 Platen Roller
061542-006061542006Intermec NEW INTERMEC 3600 SERIES PLATEN ROLLER
061542SIntermec New
061551Intermec Refurbished Main Motor Drive Assembly Stepper - 3600/3600A/3600B/4420 CLEI 3600/4420
061551-001061551001Intermec Refurbished 061551001 MAIN MOTOR DRIVE Assembly STEPPER 3600/3600A/3600B/4420
061551-002061551002Intermec Refurbished 061551002 MAIN MOTOR DRIVE Assembly STEPPER 3600/3600A/3600B/4420
061551S-001061551S001Intermec Refurbished 061551S001 MAIN MOTOR DRIVE Assembly STEPPER 3600/3600A/3600B/4420
061551S-002061551S002Intermec Refurbished 061551S002 MAIN MOTOR DRIVE Assembly STEPPER 3600/3600A/3600B/4420
061551S-003061551S003Intermec Refurbished 061551S003 MAIN MOTOR DRIVE Assembly STEPPER 3600/3600A/3600B/4420
061562Intermec Refurbished Hub Assembly. - 3600A/3600B CLEI 3600
061562-005061562005Intermec Refurbished Hub Assembly - 3600A/3600B
061564-001061564001Intermec New 612 Intermec 3600 - BEZEL TOP COVER BLUE-612 30 Day warranty
061566Intermec Refurbished BRACKET - CORE LOCKING - INTERMEC 3600 SB-180
061566-003061566003Intermec Refurbished 061566003 BRACKET CORE LOCKING
061569Intermec Refurbished Drive Gear/Pulley Cluster Right - 3600A/3600B/4420 CLEI 3600/4420
061569-001061569001Intermec Refurbished 061569001 Drive Gear/Pulley Cluster Right - 3600A/3600B/4420
061569-002061569002Intermec Refurbished 061569002 Drive Gear/Pulley Cluster Right - 3600A/3600B/4420
061569-003061569003Intermec Refurbished 061569003 Drive Gear/Pulley Cluster Right - 3600A/3600B/4420
061569S-001061569S001Intermec Refurbished 061569S001 Drive Gear/Pulley Cluster Right - 3600A/3600B/4420
061569S-002061569S002Intermec Refurbished 061569S002
061569S-003061569S003Intermec Refurbished 061569S003
061611-001061611001Intermec Refurbished 061611001
061611SIntermec Refurbished PRINTHEAD - 203DPI - INTERMEC 3600A/B SB-60 -612 30 Day Warranty
061611S-001061611S001Intermec Refurbished 061611S001
061811-002061811002Intermec New 061811002
062396-002062396002Intermec Refurbished 062396002 INTERMEC 3400/4420 SERIES - PLASTIC MOUNT FOR GAP SENSOR
062430Intermec Refurbished PRINTHEAD - 203DPI - INTERMEC 4400 SERIES SB-25A / SB-34
062430-001062430001Intermec Refurbished 062430001 INTERMEC 4400 Series - PRINTHEAD 203DPI - NEW-612 30 Day Warranty
062430-002062430002Intermec Refurbished 062430002
062430S-001062430S001Intermec Refurbished 062430S001
062624-001-G062624001GIntermec New 062624001G
062624-002062624002Intermec New 062624002 3240 Platen Roller (Generic)
062624-002-G062624002GIntermec New 062624002G
062624-003062624003Intermec New 612 INTERMEC 3240 - ROLLER PLATEN-612 30 Day warranty
062624-003-G062624003GIntermec New 062624003G
062646-002062646002Intermec New INTERMEC 3240 - CBL Assembly GAP SENSE
062785Intermec Refurbished 512K MEMORY EXPANSION INTERMEC 3240B / 3400D / 3600B SB-101
062862-002062862002Intermec Refurbished 062862002
062927Intermec Refurbished RIBBON PULLY -TAKE UP CLUTCH - INTERMEC 4420/4440 SB-139 / #31
062927-001062927001Intermec Refurbished 062927001 Take-Up Clutch Assembly. - 3600
063436-001063436001Intermec Refurbished 063436001 INTERMEC 3240 - Cable Assembly LABEL TAKEN
063436S-001063436S001Intermec Refurbished 063436S001
063469-001063469001Intermec Refurbished 063469001
063469-002063469002Intermec Refurbished 063469002 INTERMEC 3240 - COLLET HUB CLUTCH
063470-001063470001Intermec Refurbished 063470001
063471Intermec Refurbished MEDIA SUPPORT PLATE - BLACK - INTERMEC 3400 / 3440 SB-302
063471-001063471001Intermec Refurbished 063471001 3400E MEDIA SUPPORT PLATE
063643-004063643004Intermec Refurbished 063643004 AUTO PEEL MOTOR
063716-001063716001Intermec New INTERMEC Easycoder 4420 - PRINTHEAD Assembly - 203 DPI - 4.4
063716-002063716002Intermec New INTERMEC Easycoder 4420 - PRINTHEAD ASSY - 203 DPI - 4.4
064397-001064397001Intermec New 612 INTERMEC 3240 - SWITCH ROCKER TOP OF FORM-612 30 Day warra
065344-001065344001Intermec Refurbished 065344001 FINDER CARD
065396-002065396002Intermec Refurbished 065396002 FINDER CARD
065587-001065587001Intermec Refurbished 065587001 C30 POSTNET PROCESSOR
066211-004066211004Intermec Refurbished 066211004 System Board ( Motherboard ) FOR 3400D PRINTER
066268-001066268001Intermec New 066268001 Operator Control Panel PCB - 3400C/4420E -
066454-001066454001Intermec Refurbished 066454001 READER ASSEMBLY
066632-001066632001Intermec Refurbished 066632001 POWER SUPPLY CARD
066638-002066638002Intermec Refurbished 066638002 CAMERA CONTROLLER
066639-002066639002Intermec Refurbished 066639002 CAMERA CONTROLLER
066695-001066695001Intermec Refurbished 066695001 I/O CARD
066696-001066696001Intermec Refurbished 066696001 I/O CARD
066845Intermec New CABLE, 151X TO T2455,6FT
066900Intermec New
067470-003067470003Intermec Refurbished 067470003 C30 POSTNET PROCESSOR
067470-005067470005Intermec Refurbished 067470005 C30 POSTNET PROCESSOR
067471-003067471003Intermec Refurbished 067471003 C30 MASTER PROCESSOR
067472-003067472003Intermec Refurbished 067472003 C30 SLAVE PROCESSOR
067472-005067472005Intermec Refurbished 067472005 C30 SLAVE PROCESSOR
067653-001067653001Intermec Refurbished - Main Logic PCB - 4400C/4400D
068151-001068151001Intermec New 068151001
068435Intermec Refurbished MARK LABEL SENSOR W/CABLE ASSY - 3400 / 3440 / 3600 SB-135
068435S-001068435S001Intermec Refurbished 068435S001
068435S-002068435S002Intermec Refurbished 068435S002
068486Intermec New
068486-003068486003Intermec New 068486003 CENTRONIC PARALLEL I/O BOARD - INT
068487Intermec New
068487-003068487003Intermec New 068487003 3400d parallel card
068487S-003068487S003Intermec New 068487S003
068832Intermec Refurbished - Ethernet Interface PCB - 34XX
069228Intermec Refurbished II
069444-002069444002Intermec Refurbished CABLE ASSEMBLY WAND 10 PIN 8 FEET 128D
069448-002069448002Intermec New 069448002
070064-001070064001Intermec New 070064001 PS-2 DIRECT CONNECT WITH W/LOCK
071848Intermec Refurbished HEATSINK FOR MAIN PCBA - INTERMEC 3400D/4420/4440 #177 / SB-137
071848-003071848003Intermec Refurbished 071848003
071848S-002071848S002Intermec Refurbished 071848S002
071848S-003071848S003Intermec Refurbished 071848S003
072750-001072750001Intermec New 072750001 INT 44xx Paper Path Assembly
072807-001072807001Intermec Refurbished EASYLAN TO System Board ( Motherboard ) CABLE FOR INTERMEC 3400E PRINTER
072894-001072894001Intermec Refurbished 072894001 10Base-T Ethernet Board - 3400/4420
072894S-001072894S001Intermec Refurbished 072894S001 10Base-T Ethernet Board - 3400/4420
073339-001073339001Intermec Refurbished 073339001 EASYCODER 3400E MOTOR PLATE ASSEMBLY
073341-001073341001Intermec Refurbished 073341001 44XX MOTOR PLATE ASSEMBLY
074500-001074500001Intermec Refurbished 074500001 EASYLAN TO SYSTEM BOARD CABLE FOR INTERMEC 3400E PRINTER
0-900029-01090002901Intermec New 090002901
1-010043-90101004390Intermec New 101004390 Printhead 203dpi for PF4i PM4i
1-010105-9001010105900Intermec New 612 INTERMEC PD41 - Thermal printhead 200 dpi-612 30 Day warrant
1-010110-90101011090Intermec NEW GENERIC PLATEN ROLLER - INTERMEC PX6i
1-040083-01104008301Intermec New 104008301
1-040086-9001040086900Intermec New 1040086900
1-040109-02104010902Intermec New 1-040109-02 PX4I PA30 Label Stop Sensor Assembly
1-040163-00104016300Intermec New 104016300 PX6i - Knob crank shaft assembly -612 30 Day Warranty
1-040198-90104019890Intermec New 104019890 PX6i ribbon supply unit assembly
1-040216-00104021600Intermec New INTERMEC PX4i/PX6i - Guide Cable
1-040230-20104023020Intermec New 104023020
1-040230-90104023090Intermec New 104023090 Platen / Pressing / Ribbon Return Roller 501 Series
1-040248-02104024802Intermec New 104024802 Intermec Crank Shaft Cam Handle for PX4i/PX6i Printers -612 30
1-040254-90104025490Intermec New 104025490 Head pressure link assembly PX4i -612 30 Day Warranty
1-040321-00104032100Intermec New 104032100 SPRING FOR LABEL SLACK ABSORBER - INTERMEC 501 SERIES (SB-143
1-040329-00104032900Intermec New 1-040329-00 Edge Guide
1-040329-00104032900Intermec Refurbished 1-040329-00 Edge Guide
1-040443-11104044311Intermec New 612 INTERMEC 501 / 601 / PX SERIES SB-96 - BOBBIN PLATE -612 3
1-040602-00104060200Intermec Refurbished 104060200
1-040609-00104060900Intermec Refurbished 104060900
850-565-001850565001Intermec New 1810 INTERMEC ETHERNET SNAP-ON ADAPTER FOR 70 SERIES
10969521Intermec Refurbished TRANSFORMER FOR 3100 PRINTER
11043304Intermec New 7421/7422 TERMAMAX RIBBONS 3-Inch X 3-588-Inch
1-196260-90119626090Intermec New 119626090 PX6i - Hinge kit - Includes hinges front cover/side door
1-196260-90119626090Intermec Refurbished 119626090 PX6i - Hinge kit - Includes hinges front cover/side door
1-206039-02120603902Intermec Refurbished 120603902
1-206043-01120604301Intermec New 1-206043-01 203DPI Printhead for PM4I PF4i (Media Thickness max 175)
1-206113-00120611300Intermec Refurbished 120611300
1-206113-01120611301Intermec Refurbished 120611301
1-206138-00120613800Intermec Refurbished 120613800 PM4i - Hinge Assembly
1-206141-00120614100Intermec New 120614100 PM4i - Door Front-612 CLEI PM4I
1-206147-01120614701Intermec New 120614701 PM4I Label Stop Sensor
1-206147-01120614701Intermec Refurbished 120614701 PM4I Label Stop Sensor
1-206203-95120620395Intermec New 1-206203-95 PLATEN ROLLER / LINER DRIVE ROLLER - F4 / PF4i / PM4i
1-206206-02120620602Intermec Refurbished 120620602
1-206210-00120621000Intermec Refurbished 120621000
1-206247-01120624701Intermec New 120624701 INTERMEC EASYCODER PF4I - Edge Guide
1-206247-01120624701Intermec Refurbished 120624701 INTERMEC EASYCODER PF4I - Edge Guide
1-206250-00120625000Intermec Refurbished 120625000
1-206266-01120626601Intermec New 120626601 PM4i - Bobbin Plate CLEI PM4I
1-206286-01120628601Intermec Refurbished 120628601
1-206288-00120628800Intermec Refurbished 120628800 Plastic Retaining Clip for Shaft Guide - Intermec F4 / PF4
1-206301-90120630190Intermec New 120630190 CAM HANDLE Assembly PM4I
1-206335-90120633590Intermec Refurbished 120633590 EasyCoder F4 - Side door for 8-inch Roll Cover light gray No
1-206335-95120633595Intermec Refurbished 120633595 EasyCoder F4 - Side door for 8-inch Roll Cover blue gray-Incl
1-206358-04120635804Intermec New 120635804
1-206359-04120635904Intermec New 120635904
1-2063681206368Intermec Refurbished 1206368
1-206383-90120638390Intermec New 120638390 PM4i - Media supply roll post assembly-612 CLEI PM4I
1-206383-90120638390Intermec Refurbished 120638390 PM4i - Media supply roll post assembly-612 CLEI PM4I
1-206384-05120638405Intermec Refurbished 120638405 EDGE GUIDE LARGE
1-206438-01120643801Intermec Refurbished 612 INTERMEC PM4i - EDGE GUIDE SMALL-612 30 Day warranty
1-206562-90120656290Intermec Refurbished 120656290 INTERMEC EASYCODER PF4I - Quick Load Guide Kit 2 Inches
1-206564-90120656490Intermec Refurbished 120656490 EasyCoder F2- Door Short light gray
1-206569-90120656990Intermec Refurbished 120656990 INTERMEC EASYCODER PF4I - Quick Load Guide Kit 4 Inches
1-206571-90120657190Intermec Refurbished 120657190 INTERMEC EASYCODER PF4I - Liner Takeup Unit Assembly
1271-A011271A01Intermec New Dumb Pencil Wand/Barcode Wand;coiled; High Resolution Hi-Res;
1272-A011272A01Intermec New 1272A01 Barcode WAND MED-RES
851-082-106851082106Intermec Refurbished 851082106 Intermec Power Supply 12V 4.15A R/A 1.4 x 3.5 FWC5012 CEC/ROH
141-000042-902141000042902Intermec New 612 INTERMEC PD41 - Sensor label module-612 30 Day warranty
144-816-004144816004Intermec Refurbished 144816004 I/O ASSEMBLY FOR 5055 TERMINAL
1516-A021516A02Intermec New 1516A02 Laser Barcode Hand Scanner with 583380-008 RJ45 to DB25S Interface Cable
1516-A021516A02Intermec Refurbished 1516A02 Laser Barcode Hand Scanner with 583380-008 RJ45 to DB25S Interface Cable
1518-A021518A02Intermec Refurbished 1518A02 Laser Barcode Hand Scanner 10 Conductor RJ type Interface
157278Intermec Refurbished MAIN DRIVE MOTOR INTERMEC 4100
1800SRIntermec New like new CCD Scanner
1-936009-0101936009010Intermec Refurbished 1936009010
1-956009-90195600990Intermec Refurbished 195600990 REAL TIME CLOCK - NON-ROHS - INTERMEC PF/ PM/ PX (SB-71)
1-959006-13195900613Intermec Refurbished 195900613
1-959033-0021959033002Intermec New 1959033002
1-959070-00195907000Intermec Refurbished 195907000
1-971031-0011971031001Intermec Refurbished 1971031001 POWER SUPPLY Assembly
1-971033-0011971033001Intermec Refurbished 1971033001
1-971130-9011971130901Intermec New 612 INTERMEC EASYCODER PF/PM/PX - MAIN LOGIC BOARD-612 30 Day wa
1-971131-0011971131001Intermec Refurbished 1971131001 INTERMEC PF/PM/ - Power Supply Assembly -612 30 Day Warranty
1-971131-0021971131002Intermec Refurbished 1971131002 INTERMEC PF/PM/ - Power Supply Assembly -612 30 Day Warranty
1-971133-0011971133001Intermec Refurbished 1971133001 CONSOLE PANEL ASSEMBLY W/LCD - INTERMEC F2/F4/PF2i/PF4i (SB-72C)
1-971133-9001971133900Intermec Refurbished 1971133900
1-971143-8001971143800Intermec New 1971143800 UART+IND INTERFACE RS232 KIT ASXINDUSTRIAL INTERFACE CARD
1-971145-0011971145001Intermec Refurbished 1971145001 EASYLAN ETHERNET BOARD ONLY - INTERMEC PF / PM SERIES SB-104
1-971145-8001971145800Intermec New 1971145800 EASYLAN ETHERNET KIT 10/100Base-T BI-DIRECTIONAL
1-971145-8001971145800Intermec Refurbished 1971145800 EASYLAN ETHERNET KIT 10/100Base-T BI-DIRECTIONAL
1-971151-9001971151900Intermec Refurbished 1-971151-900 612 PM4i Console board
1-971156-9001971156900Intermec New 612 INTERMEC PF2D/PF4D/PM4D/PX4D - MAIN LOGIC - D STYLE-612
1-971161-00197116100Intermec New 197116100
1-971166-00197116600Intermec New 197116600
1-971166-9001971166900Intermec New 612 INTERMEC PD41/PD42 - POWER SUPPLY-612 30 Day warranty
1-9716031971603Intermec Refurbished 1971603
1-971603-00197160300Intermec Refurbished 197160300
1-971603-02-P01197160302P01Intermec Refurbished 197160302P01
1-971603-28197160328Intermec Refurbished 197160328
1-971605-02197160502Intermec Refurbished 197160502 BOOT FLASH SIMM MODULE
1-971605-26197160526Intermec Refurbished 197160526
1-971608-00197160800Intermec Refurbished 197160800
1-971608-01197160801Intermec Refurbished 197160801
1-971608-03197160803Intermec Refurbished 197160803
1-971608-55197160855Intermec Refurbished 197160855
1-971608-90197160890Intermec Refurbished 197160890
1-971609-00197160900Intermec Refurbished 197160900
1-971609-03197160903Intermec Refurbished 197160903
1-971609-25197160925Intermec Refurbished 197160925
1-971609-28197160928Intermec Refurbished 197160928
1-971609-95197160995Intermec Refurbished 197160995
1-971610-25197161025Intermec Refurbished 197161025
1-971614-90197161490Intermec New 197161490
1-971614-90197161490Intermec Refurbished 197161490
1-971630-00197163000Intermec Refurbished 197163000
1-971630-51197163051Intermec Refurbished 197163051
1-971630-9001971630900Intermec Refurbished 612 INTERMEC EASYCODER PF4I - CPU Board Assembly-612 30 Day warr
1-971633-00197163300Intermec Refurbished 197163300
1-971633-25197163325Intermec Refurbished 197163325
1-971633-95197163395Intermec Refurbished 197163395 INTERMEC EASYCODER PF4I - Cover Assembly Metallic Gray
1-971645-51197164551Intermec Refurbished 197164551 Intermec PM4I - EASYLAN 10i2 ETHERNET KIT
1-971647-50197164750Intermec Refurbished 197164750
1-975559-02197555902Intermec Refurbished LABEL STOP SENSOR
1-975609-80197560980Intermec Refurbished 197560980
1-975609-90197560990Intermec Refurbished 197560990
1-995101-24199510124Intermec New 199510124
1-995101-43199510143Intermec New 199510143 PX4i / PX6i - Tooth belt 118 MXL 025 T=118 -612 30 Day Warranty
1-995101-53199510153Intermec New 612 PX4i / PX6i- Tooth belt 162 MXL 025 T=162-612 30 Day warran
1-995101-80199510180Intermec New 199510180
1-995103-01199510301Intermec New 199510301 PM4i - Belt CLEI PM4I
1-995103-05199510305Intermec Refurbished 199510305 PM4i - Timing Belt CLEI PM4I
1-C40000-211C4000021Intermec New 1C4000021 EasyCoder C4 S/N C4T-006-00017
203-183-410203183410Intermec New Intermec Ethernet IEEE 802.3 Print Server Module for PC43D PC4
203-188-200203188200Intermec New 203188200 Media Cover Lock Bracket FOR THE PC43D
203-754-001203754001Intermec New PISTOL GRIP KIT W/TRIGGER CK30/31 ROHS AH1; FITS ALL CK30/CK31
203-845-001203845001Intermec New 203845001 SR30 HANDS FREE STAND
203-921-001203921001Intermec New FLEXDOCK CUP MOBILE COMPUTER Power CK70/71
210205Intermec Refurbished Intermec 3100Logic/fargo
224-237-100A224237100AIntermec Refurbished 224237100A VIDEO DISPLAY CARD FOR 5055 TERMINAL
224-292-400A-019431224292400A019431Intermec Refurbished 224292400A019431 I/O ASSEMBLY FOR 5055 TERMINAL
224-315-101A224315101AIntermec Refurbished 224315101A VIDEO DISPLAY CARD FOR 5055 TERMINAL
225-686-002225686002Intermec New 225686002 700 COLOR SCANNER ADAPTER Assembly FOR TETHERED SCANNING
236-090-002236090002Intermec New 236090002 CN2 Cable Hirose to DB9M 6 ROHS
236-155-001236155001Intermec Refurbished 236155001 Intermec 236-155-001 236155001 Rj45 Extension Cable
23LM-003523LM0035Intermec Refurbished 23LM0035
23LM-0035-22V23LM003522VIntermec Refurbished 23LM003522V
2918Intermec Refurbished 4911-1 Drive PH/L 5190 Ruby Wand Lite Pen 1xDB9 for Caere Easy S
PM4C910000300020Intermec Refurbished INT EasyCoder PM4I Printer Thermal
318-011-004318011004Intermec Refurbished 318011004 3.6V 2400mAh Lithium-ion Li-ion Battery for 710/720
318-013-002318013002Intermec Refurbished 318-013-002 700 Series Lithium-ion Li-ion Battery
3-360029-01336002901Intermec New 336002901
3-360058-01336005801Intermec New 336005801
3-369057-71336905771Intermec Refurbished 336905771
340-049-001340049001Intermec Refurbished 340049001 PROPRIETARY HARDENED KEYBOARD
3440B00000Intermec Refurbished 3440B00000 II Barcode Printer - Serial - 110V - Intermec 3440B with 2 business day lead time
346-061-001346061001Intermec Refurbished 346061001 SVGA DISPLAY FOR 5055 TERMINAL
3600A0010000Intermec Refurbished Intermec Easycoder 3600A Thermal Printer Serial interface -612 CLEI 3600
3-604027-01360402701Intermec Refurbished 360402701 CABLE DIN/MINI DIN ADAPTER
3-900029-01390002901Intermec New 390002901 EASYSET SOFTWARE - CD - INTERMEC SCANPLUS 1800
225-756-001225756001Intermec New TAG RFID IT67 QTY 10
40DIntermec Refurbished 40D COMMUNICATION DOCK
40ZIntermec Refurbished NiCad Battery Pack Charger for 9465 Reader Trakker Hand Terminal
4400C0100000Intermec New Direct Thermal Transfer Printer
4440E-000-004-004440E00000400Intermec Refurbished 4440E00000400 Printer:4440E Base Model Light Gray 115V_
46792Intermec Refurbished AC Adapter 11V .04A 5V 1.8A 5V .75A 10V .2A
47200302CIntermec Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard ) FOR 3100 PRINTER
4PC7C001824Intermec Refurbished Backlit LCD Monitor DISPLAY FOR 5055 TERMINAL
501055-001501055001Intermec Refurbished 501055001
501056Intermec Refurbished PCBA - FRONT PANEL BOARD ASSY - INTERMEC 4000 / 4100
501462-002501462002Intermec New 501462-002 Intermec Drive Belt / O-Ring - 3400A/3400B/3400C
501462-002_5PAK5014620025PAKIntermec New 501462002 5PAK 612 Drive Belt / O-Ring - 3400A/3400B/3400C
501462-003501462003Intermec New 501462003 Main Belt Ribbon Drive O-RING BELT 2.8IDX.21TK
501462-003_5PAK5014620035PAKIntermec New 5014620035PAK
501462-005501462005Intermec New 501462-005 4420 / 4440 (SB-70D) O-ring drive belt (for 1 belt only)
501462-005_5PK5014620055PKIntermec New 501462005_5PK O-Ring Drive Belt Intermec 4420 / 4440 (5pcs./pack)
501462S-002501462S002Intermec New 501462S002 Drive Belt / O-Ring - 3400A/3400B/3400C CLEI 3400
501462S-002_5PAK501462S0025PAKIntermec New 501462S0025PAK Drive Belt / O-Ring - 3400A/3400B/3400C
501462S-003501462S003Intermec New 501462S003
501462S-003_5PAK501462S0035PAKIntermec New 501462S0035PAK
501462S-005501462S005Intermec New 501462S005
501462S-005_5PK501462S0055PKIntermec New 501462S0055PK
5055Intermec Refurbished MODEL 5055 VEHICLE MOUNT TERMINAL
5055B3498021704000Intermec Refurbished MODEL 5055 VEHICLE MOUNT TERMINAL

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