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Listings of Interphase by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
4511-00L451100LInterphase Refurbished 451100L Interphase PMC ( PCI Mezzanine Card ) 2-Port Fiber Fibre card
4535-0004535000Interphase New 4535000 INTERPHASE Dual T1E1 Communications Controller -- 2-Port 50 - 66
5526-0185526018Interphase Refurbished 5526018 5526 PCI 1-Gbps. Single port Fibre Fiber. Channel adapter. - 32bit 33MH
5536-0015536001Interphase Refurbished 5536001
5536-0045536004Interphase Refurbished 5536004
5536-0055536005Interphase Refurbished 5536005
5536-0065536006Interphase New 5536006 - Adapter -
5536-2P-PRI-12DM-01055362PPRI12DM010Interphase Refurbished 55362PPRI12DM010
5536-2P-PRI-24DM-01055362PPRI24DM010Interphase Refurbished 55362PPRI24DM010
5536-2P-PRI-30DM-01055362PPRI30DM010Interphase Refurbished 55362PPRI30DM010
5536-4P-BRI-ST55364PBRISTInterphase New 55364PBRIST - Adapter -
H03207-001H03207001Interphase Refurbished H03207001 VME LAN board 1xAUI port
H05515-003H05515003Interphase Refurbished H05515003 PCI ATM Gigabit Card
H05526-008-A00H05526008A00Interphase Refurbished H05526008A00 GIGABIT ADAPTER 5526-018
H5539F-005-A00H5539F005A00Interphase Refurbished 4 PORT T1/E/J1nDB PMC Card
HO554E-002HO554E002Interphase Refurbished HO554E002
SI-40023SI40023Interphase Refurbished SI40023
V/SCSI-2-4220VSCSI24220Interphase Refurbished VSCSI24220 INTERPHASE V/SCSI-2-4220 SCSI CARD V/SCSI-2-4220
V/TAPE-3209VTAPE3209Interphase Interphase V/TAPE-3209 VME-Bus SCSI Tape Controller Interphase V

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