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Listings of Jarden by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
HRH7403ERE-DMHRH7403EREDMJarden New Holmes Infrared Console Heater (HRH7403EREDM)
HFF2014CR-BMHFF2014CRBMJarden New Holmes 20" 3Spd Pwr Fan DrkGry (HFF2014CRBM)
HAP9412B-UHAP9412BUJarden New H Aer1 HEPA Type Mini Tower (HAP9412BUA)
HBF2001DP-BMHBF2001DPBMJarden New Holmes 20" Performance Box Fan (HBF2001DPBM)
000732-500-000000732500000Jarden New Sunbeam Moist Heat Pad King (000732500000)
HWM5850MM-UMHWM5850MMUMJarden New Holmes Warm Mist Humidifier (HWM5850MMUM)
000828-511-002000828511002Jarden New Dual Side Microplush Pad (828511)
HAWF2021-NHAWF2021NJarden New H Dual-Blade Window Fan (HAWF2021)
000645-800-001N000645800001NJarden New Sunbeam Cool Mist Humidifier (64500)
HWF80-UHWF80UJarden New AH 4Pk Demineral Cartridges (HWF80U)
000764-511-000000764511000Jarden New Sunbeam Heating Pad King Size (000764511000)
HAPF30AO-U4RHAPF30AOU4RJarden New H aer1 Odor Eliminator Replace (HAPF300AOU4)
HFF2015C-GMHFF2015CGMJarden New Holmes 20" Power Fan LightGray (HFF2015CGM)
HWF65PDQ-UHWF65PDQUJarden New HWF65PDQU Humidifier Filter HM1865
HAPF300AH-U4RHAPF300AHU4RJarden New H Aer1 Allergen Remover Replac (HAPF300AHU4)
BTF4011AR-BUBTF4011ARBUJarden New B SlopeFlow 40" Tower Fan Remo (BTF4011ARBU)
HAP726-NUHAP726NUJarden New Holmes Large HEPA Air Purifier (HAP726U)
HAP716-NUHAP716NUJarden New H Allergen Remover Tower Purif (HAP716U)
000300-000-001000300000001Jarden New Sunbeam Back Heating Pad (300000000)
HWM6008-NUMHWM6008NUMJarden New Holmes 1.17Gal WarmMist Hmdfr (HWM6008NUM)
HAP1200-NUHAP1200NUJarden New H LifeLong HEPA Air Purifier (HAP1200U)
HAP424-NUHAP424NUJarden New Holmes Tower Air Purifier (HAP424U)
HM630-NUHM630NUJarden New Holmes CoomlMist Tower Humid (HM630U)
HFH441-NUHFH441NUJarden New Holmes 1500w Wall Mnt Heater (HFH441NU)
HAPF30AT-U4RHAPF30ATU4RJarden New H aer1 Total Air Replacement (HAPF30ATU4)
HWF100-UC3HWF100UC3Jarden New 3-pk. Humidifier Filter (HWF100UC3)
BUL7933CT-UMBUL7933CTUMJarden New Bionaire Ultrasonic Humidifier (BUL7933NUM)
BSV9MKS-R310-12A00BSV9MKSR31012A00Jarden New Sunbeam Velvet King Blnkt Grnt (BSV9MKSR31012A0)
BW2300-NBW2300NJarden New Bionaire 9" Window Fan (BW2300)
MSU1GKS-N000-11A00MSU1GKSN00011A00Jarden New Sunbeam Heatd Mttrss Pad King (MSU1GKSN00011)
MSU1GQS-N000-11A00MSU1GQSN00011A00Jarden New Sunbeam Heatd Mttrss Pad Queen (MSU1GQSN00011)
BWF0522MJarden New B Low Profile Window Fan (BWF0522M)
MSU1GFS-N000-11A00MSU1GFSN00011A00Jarden New Sunbeam Heated Mttrss Pad Full (MSU1GFSN00011)
HEH8044EE-BMHEH8044EEBMJarden New Holmes EcoSmart 1500W Heater (HEH8044EEBM)
MSU1GTS-N000-11A00MSU1GTSN00011A00Jarden New Sunbeam Heated Mttrss Pad Twin (MSU1GTSN00011)
HFH421-NUHFH421NUJarden New Pivoting Heater Fan ViziHeat (HFH421U)
HFH442-NUMHFH442NUMJarden New Holmes 1500w Wall Mnt Heater (HFH442NUM)
HAOF90-NTUCHAOF90NTUCJarden New H Oscillating Table Fan (HAOF90UC)
MSU1XTF-N000-51A00MSU1XTFN00051A00Jarden New Sunbeam Htd Mttrss Pad TwnFull (MSU1XTFN00051A0)
HFH111T-NUHFH111TNUJarden New Holmes 1500W Heater Fan (HFH111TNU)
HAOF87BLZ-NUCHAOF87BLZNUCJarden New H Blizzard 7" Table Fan (HAOF87BLZUC)
HABF120W-NHABF120WNJarden New Holmes Personal Box Fan (HABF120W)
ADC14-UMADC14UMJarden New AH 4Pk Demineral Cartridges (ADC14UM)
HAP9243-UAHAP9243UAJarden New H Tower Air Purifier w VisiPur (HAP9243UA)
HAPF600DM-U2HAPF600DMU2Jarden New 2pk Air Purifier Filter HAP726 (HAPF600DU2)
BDF1011A-GUBDF1011AGUJarden Bionaire 9-Inch Table Fan Oscillat (BDF1011AGU)
HAPF60-U3HAPF60U3Jarden New HAPF60U3 4pk Carbon Filter for HAP726
HAPF624R-UCHAPF624RUCJarden H Blizzard 12-Inch Oscillating Fan (HAPF623RUC)
HCF0611A-BMHCF0611ABMJarden H 6-Inch Clip Table Fan Black (HCF0611ABM)
HCF0611A-WMHCF0611AWMJarden New HCF0611AWM H 6 Clip On Table Fan White
HDTM012DQ-69HDTM012DQ69Jarden New HDTM012DQ69 Healthometer Digital Body Tape Measure
HM2610-TUMHM2610TUMJarden 1.5-Inch Gal. Ultrasonic Humidifier (HM2610TUM)
HWF62PDQ-UHWF62PDQUJarden New HWF62PDQU Humidifier Filter HM1761/2409
HWF75PDQ-UHWF75PDQUJarden New HWF75PDQU Humidifier Filter HM3501
000722-810-000000722810000Jarden Sunbeam King Size Heating Pad
HTF3110A-BTMHTF3110ABTMJarden 31-inch 3-Spd Oscillating Tower Fan. Black
001388-800-001N001388800001NJarden Sunbeam Warm Steam Vaporizer
HM1300-NUHM1300NUJarden H 24hr Sm Cool Mist Rm Humidif
HWM6000-NUMHWM6000NUMJarden 0.9Gal Holmes Warm Mist Humid
PUH680-NUPUH680NUJarden Patton Milkhouse UtilityHeater
BAB901KD-95BAB901KD95Jarden Borg Rotating Dial Scale
HTF3110A-WMHTF3110AWMJarden Holmes 31 3 Spd Tower Fan White
BFM147DQ-01BFM147DQ01Jarden Bluetooth Bath Scale White
HDM459DQ-05HDM459DQ05Jarden Extra Wide Bath Scale Blk
HAWF2041-NHAWF2041NJarden H 3Speed Window Fan Thermostat HAWF2041
HANF76BLZ07-UCHANF76BLZ07UCJarden H Blizzard Jr. 7 Personal Fan HANF76BLZ07UC
HAP9422-NUAHAP9422NUAJarden H Aer1 HEPA Type Tower Air Pur HAP9422UA
HAPF30ATD-U4RHAPF30ATDU4RJarden Holmes Air Purifier Filter 2pk
PUF1810C-BMPUF1810CBMJarden Patton PUF1810B-BM 18 High Velocity Fan black will manage ai
771-810771810Jarden Sunbeam Standard Size Heat Pad 771810
BFH2242M-SMBFH2242MSMJarden Heat Circulator Rotating Grill BFH2242MSM

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