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Listings of Lattice Semiconductor by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
3305Lattice Semiconductor Refurbished ETHERNET UTP HOST MODULE
3313Lattice Semiconductor Refurbished 360 WATT POWER SUPPLY
4868-8994868899Lattice Semiconductor Refurbished 4868899 460 WATT POWER SUPPLY
73-2087-06-D073208706D0Lattice Semiconductor Refurbished 73208706D0 1-PORT ISDN BRI WIC WITH S/T INTERFACE
800-01833-048000183304Lattice Semiconductor Refurbished 8000183304 1-PORT ISDN BRI WIC WITH S/T INTERFACE
920-036-A920036ALattice Semiconductor Refurbished 920036A POWER DISTRIBUTION PCB FOR FAN MODULE PULLED FROM LATTISNET 3000
PACPOWR605-P-EVNPACPOWR605PEVNLattice Semiconductor New PACPOWR605PEVN Lattice ProcessorPM Development Kit P/N:PACPOWR605-P-EVN
3001Lattice Semiconductor 360 WATT POWER SUPPLY
3002Lattice Semiconductor 460 WATT POWER SUPPLY
505Lattice Semiconductor TRANSCEIVER

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