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Listings of Lifesize Communications by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
1000-0000-1178100000001178Lifesize Communications New EU Req ICON FLEX DIGTL MICPOD
1000-0000-0887100000000887Lifesize Communications LIFESIZE LINK ADAPTER
1000-0000-1171100000001171Lifesize Communications EU Req ICON 600-10X OP PTZ CAM MICPOD 1080P
1000-0000-1175100000001175Lifesize Communications EU Req ICON 400 2ND GEN PHONE
1000-0000-0594100000000594Lifesize Communications CABLE FOR LIF-1000-000C-1175-K No Return
1000-0000-0889100000000889Lifesize Communications EU Req ICON 600 CODEC ONLY SGL Display 1080P
1000-0000-0161100000000161Lifesize Communications LIFESIZE CAMERA CABLE - 7.5M / 25FT No Return
1000-0000-0410100000000410Lifesize Communications LIFESIZE CAMERA 10X No Return
1000-0000-0593100000000593Lifesize Communications LIFESIZE DIGITAL MICPOD No Return
1000-0000-0758100000000758Lifesize Communications LIFESIZE LINK CABLE - 4M PHONE
1000-0000-0759100000000759Lifesize Communications LIFESIZE LINK CABLE - 15M PHONE
1000-0000-1177100000001177Lifesize Communications LIFESIZE ICON FLEX - PHONE
1000-0000-0126100000000126Lifesize Communications New LifeSize Video Systems Power Supply
1000-0000-0200100000000200Lifesize Communications New MICROPHONE - VIDEO CONFERENCING SYSTEM - WIRED No Return
1000-0000-0222100000000222Lifesize Communications New Lifesize Communications Micpod Audio 50 Foot Extension Cable 10
1000-0000-0223100000000223Lifesize Communications New LifeSize MicPod-Splitter
1000-0000-0224100000000224Lifesize Communications New LIFESIZE REMOTE CONTROL BLACK - ENGLISH No Return
1000-0000-0234100000000234Lifesize Communications New LifeSize Camera 200/Passport Power Supply
1000-0000-0599100000000599Lifesize Communications New LifeSize Power Supply Passport/Icon 600
1000-0000-0784100000000784Lifesize Communications New LIFESIZE ICON 600 REMOTE CONTROL No Return
1000-0000-0906100000000906Lifesize Communications New Lifesize Icon Remote 2.0 for Flex
1000-0000-0798100000000798Lifesize Communications New PHONE 2ND GENERATION ICON SERIES
1000-0000-1176100000001176Lifesize Communications New LIFESIZE ICON 400 DIGITAL MICPOD No Return
1000-0000-0592100000000592Lifesize Communications PHN2NDGE F/DEMOORDERS MUST PROVIDE PRTNR No Return
1000-0000-1179100000001179Lifesize Communications LIFESIZE ICON 400 - PHONE HD No Return
440-00002-90544000002905Lifesize Communications 1st Generation Conference Phone
1000-0000-0918100000000918Lifesize Communications Lifesize Phone HD Icon Series
1000-000C-11791000000C1179Lifesize Communications Lifesize Icon 400 - Phone HD - DEMO

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