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Listings of MEADE INSTRUMENTS by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
TE653ELW-MTE653ELWMMEADE INSTRUMENTS New Atomic Weather Station in Gift Box
TS34C-MTS34CMMEADE INSTRUMENTS New Wireless Long Range Remote Temp Sensor
TE636WMEADE INSTRUMENTS New Slim Line Station with Time/Pressure/Tem
TE388WMEADE INSTRUMENTS New Weather Station with Atomic Clock
TE109NL-MTE109NLMMEADE INSTRUMENTS New Inside/Outside Thermometer
TE346WMEADE INSTRUMENTS New Slim Line Station with Time/Temp/Forecas
TM005X-MTM005XMMEADE INSTRUMENTS New Meade Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermo
TE688WMEADE INSTRUMENTS New Meade Weather Forecaster
TE256WMEADE INSTRUMENTS New Slim Line Station with IN/-Outlet Temp/Humid
TE278WMEADE INSTRUMENTS New Atomic Inside/Outside Thermometer
TE827WMEADE INSTRUMENTS Weather Staion IN/-Outlet temp/rain/wind/hum (03/04)
TS33C-MTS33CMMEADE INSTRUMENTS New 3 Channel Temp/Humidity Sensor LCD
TS33F-MTS33FMMEADE INSTRUMENTS New dTemp/Humidity Sensor LCD with Probe

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