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Listings of MUSTANG by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
234011Mustang New Mustang Manual 100in 43 Matte White 43 Aspect Ratio
234010Mustang New Mustang Manual 84in 43 Matte White
CA-BUNDLECABUNDLEMustang New Mustang Wire Management Kit
234015Mustang New Mustang Manual 120in 169 Matte White 169 aspect ratio
SC-M100D169SCM100D169Mustang New Mustang Custom 16;9 100 in Manual Proj Screen
SLB-MINI-VID-RCASLBMINIVIDRCAMustang New SP Controls Mini Patch Module VideoRCA
DMW300Mustang New Mustang Manual 135in 169 Matte White
PDM110FMustang New Mustang FP 38-61in 200lbs Bracket for MT-CEILINGMT3 note
MS-5.1SILVERMS51SILVERMustang New MS51SILVER Mustang 5.1 Audio Package 100-w 8 in sub NEW
MV-ARM-XLMVARMXLMustang New MVARMXL Articulating Dual Arm; 42in-65in NEW
MV-SLIM-LMVSLIMLMustang New MVSLIML Slim Flat Panel Mount 30-inch- 50in NEW
MV-TILT1MVTILT1Mustang New MVTILT1 Mustang Flat panel tilt mt 13-24in 40lbs NEW
SC-P40D43SCP40D43Mustang New SCP40D43 Mustang Table Top Screen 40-inch 4:3 NEW
SE-691ESE691EMustang New SE691E Mustang 5.25-Inch 2 Way in Wall Speaker NEW
SE-LCRKESELCRKEMustang New SELCRKE Mustang 5.25in HT Dual-Magnetic Shielded NEW
MV-ARM-MMVARMMMustang New Articulating Single Arm 26 IN- 47 IN VESA 400 mm x 600 mm
1002197Mustang FLAT PANELl42-6-Inch; 200lbs;silv er; tilt U3T
517-315BK517315BKMustang New 15 foot HDMI cable 1.4 male to male ethernet high speed
106001407900Mustang New Mustang Screen Spare Parts End Cap Left NEW
106001507900Mustang New Mustang Screen Spare Parts End Cap Right NEW
106001700000Mustang New Mustang Screen Spare Parts End Cap Right NEW
260-012260012Mustang New 12f T-T Digital Optical Cable
254-506IV254506IVMustang New 6f Ivory Component Video Cable
17FM-T17FMTMustang New 17FMT Mustang flat panel tilt mt 13-24in 40lbs NEW
200-038200038Mustang New 200038 F Crimp-On Prof RG6 Long Barre NEW
200-050200050Mustang New 200050 F Coupler Jack-Jack NEW
200-059200059Mustang New 200059A1 3GHz F81 F Coupler Jack-Jack NEW
200-963BK200963BKMustang New 200963BKA1 STEREN Single GRIP-CLIP BLACK
200-964BK200964BKMustang New 200964BK STEREN Dual GRIP-CLIP BLACK P/
253-250BK253250BKMustang New 50FT SVGA DE15HD with 3.5mm Stereo
234016Mustang New Mustang Electric 84-inch 43 Matte White NEW
234021Mustang New Mustang Electric 120in 169 Matte White NEW
SM-MSW4X4SMMSW4X4Mustang New Mustang 4x4 VGA/XGA/Audio Matrix Switch. EOL when sold o
254-207IV254207IVMustang New 254207IVA1 6in-Inch Y RCA-Jack to 2-RCA Pl NEW
255-206255206Mustang New 255206 25f S-VHS Cable 4C M-Din Plug- NEW
517-350BK517350BKMustang New 517-350BK 50ft HDMI High Speed w/ Ethernet
253-206BK253206BKMustang New 6' SVGA DE15HD + 3.5mm Stereo
517-306BK517306BKMustang New 6 ft High Speed HDMI cable wit ethernet cable
37FBHD-T37FBHDTMustang New Mustang Pro Tilt Wall Mount Holds 23-37 Panel UL Apporved
517-330BK517330BKMustang New 517330BK high definition; high speed HDMI and NEW
54FBT-T-B54FBTTBMustang New Mustang Pro Tilt Portrait Mount Holds 32-63 Panels UL Ap
646000050810Mustang New Mustang Screen Spare Part IR Ctrl box 16 NEW
800015Mustang New 800015A1 Mustang Fixed 84-inch 43 HC White NEW
800016Mustang New Mustang Fixed 100in 43 HC White NEW
800020Mustang New Mustang Leg Kit for Fixed Frame Screen NEW
800025Mustang New Fixed Frame 106in HD High Contrast Grey Acoustic Transpa
SE-14X6SE14X6Mustang New SE-14X6 PDM Extension Arms 4 pack
MP-EXTCOL12MPEXTCOL12Mustang New Professional Series 12in Extension Column
EXTCOL3Mustang New Professional Series 3in Extension Colmn Column
AV813Mustang New Mustang Universal Projector Mount w/Adjustable Col NEW
AV817-BlackAV817BlackMustang New AV817BLACK Mustang Projector 6inx9in 33lbs Low Profile NEW
BCA6206Mustang New Mustang 6ft BNC-5 Male to Male Cable NEW
BCA6212Mustang New Mustang 12ft BNC-5 Male to Male Cable NEW
BCA6225Mustang New Mustang 25ft BNC-5 Male to Male Cable NEW
MC-DJIPHMCDJIPHMustang New Mustang Hard Case for DJI Phantom Series
CPM100Mustang New ceiling pipe mount pipe not incl NEW
CVCA2125Mustang New Mustang 15ft RGB Cable NEW
DCMUAMustang New Mustang Pro Dual Tilt Ceiling Unv Mount NEW
DMS120Mustang New Essential Support - Academic - 500 Node - 1Year
DMS160Mustang New Mustang Manual Screen 60x60in NEW
DMS180Mustang New Mustang Manual Screen 70x70in NEW
DPV120Mustang New Mustang Portable 60-Inch 43 Matte White
DPV160Mustang New Mustang Portable 80-inch 43 Matte White NEW
EAW300Mustang New Mustang Electric 135in 169 Matte White NEW
ELS240Mustang New Mustang Electric 120in x 120in NEW
MSF4270Mustang New Basic Maintenance - Government - Unlimited Node - 1Year
MST3260Mustang New Mustang Flat Panel TILT 42in- 52-inch NEW
MT-CEILINGMT2MTCEILINGMT2Mustang New MTCEILINGMT2 Tilt Display 26in- 42in Holds 200lbs NEW
MT-PROJSPMTPROJSPMustang New MTPROJSP Mustang Universal Flush Ceiling Projector Mount
MV-ADAPTARM3MVADAPTARM3Mustang New MVADAPTARM3 Mustang MV Arm adapter for 400 vesa NEW
MV-EXT006WMVEXT006WMustang New MVEXT006W Fixed Extension Column 6-Inch WHITE NEW
MV-SLIM-MMVSLIMMMustang New Slim Flat Panel Mount 20-inch - 40-inch
MV-STAT1MVSTAT1Mustang New MVSTAT1 Mustang Flat panel 13-24in 40lbs static NEW
MV-STAT2PROMVSTAT2PROMustang New MVSTAT2PRO Mustang 23-37 in. Flat Panel Unv. Mt. NEW
MSF2346Mustang New Mustang Flat Panel STATIC 23in- 40in VESA 330X470; 100 L
S40Mustang Articulating Single Arm 26-Inch - 40-Inch
SC-E100D4:3SCE100D43Mustang New Mustang Electric 100in 43 Matte White NEW
SC-E106D16:9SCE106D169Mustang New SCE106D169 MUSTANG SC-E106D169 106 169 Projector Screen
SC-E120D4:3SCE120D43Mustang New SCE120D43 MUSTANG SC-E120D43 120 43 Projector Screen
SC-F106CW169SCF106CW169Mustang New SCF106CW169 MUSTANG SC-F106CW169 106 Cinema White Fixed Frame
SC-F92CW169SCF92CW169Mustang New SCF92CW169 MUSTANG SC-F92CW169 92 Cinema White Fixed Frame
SC-M106D16:9SCM106D169Mustang New SCM106D169 MUSTANG SC-M106D169 Matte White 106 169 Manual Projector Screen
SC-M120D4:3SCM120D43Mustang New SCM120D43 MUSTANG SC-M120D43 Manual Projection Screen
SC-M92D16:9SCM92D169Mustang New SCM92D169 MUSTANG SC-M92D169 Matte White 92 169 Manual Projector Screen
SC-REMOTE-IRSCREMOTEIRMustang New SCREMOTEIR IR Remote For Mustang Electric Screens NEW
SC-REMOTERFSCREMOTERFMustang New SCREMOTERF Remote for Mustang Electric Screen RF NEW
SE-694KESE694KEMustang New SE694KE Mustang 5.25-Inch 2 Way in Wall Speaker NEW
SE-790KESE790KEMustang New SE790KE Mustang 6.5-Inch 2 Way in Wall Speaker NEW
SE-891SE891Mustang New SE891 Mustang 8.0-Inch 2 Way in Wall Speaker NEW
SE-892KESE892KEMustang New SE892KE Mustang 8.0-Inch 2 Way in Wall Speaker NEW
SE-893KESE893KEMustang New SE893KEA1 Mustang 8.0-Inch 3 Way in Wall Speaker NEW
SVCA3103Mustang New Mustang 3 ft Male to Male S-Video Cable NEW
SVCA3106Mustang New Mustang 6 ft Male to Male S-Video Cable NEW
SVCA3115Mustang New Mustang 15 ft Male to Male S-Video Cable NEW
SVCA31175Mustang New Mustang 175 ft Male to Male S-Video Cable. NEW
SVCA3125Mustang New Mustang 25 ft Male to Male S-Video Cable NEW
SVCA3175Mustang New Mustang 75ft M/M S-Video Cable NEW
SVCA3215Mustang New Mustang 15 ft Male/Female S-Video Cable NEW
SVCA3250Mustang New Mustang 50 ft Male/Female S-Video Cable NEW
TRS180Mustang New Mustang Tripod 70x70in 98.99D 11 MW NEW
TRS220Mustang New Mustang Tripod 84x84in 119D 11 MW NEW
U3EXTMustang New Allows for larger panels on reg mts NEW
UPM50SPMustang New Mustang Projector 9 1/16inx7in 80lbs
VBAC71100Mustang New Mustang 100ft M/M VGA to BNC-5 NEW
VBAC7175Mustang New Mustang 75 ft VGA Male to BNC-5 Male NEW
VM-L01VML01Mustang New Mustang FP 13-30in 30lbs flat
DDCA7125Mustang Mustang 5m DVI-D male to DVI-D male
200-933BK200933BKMustang 1000f RG6 UL Coaxial Cable Pul
201-108201108Mustang 1GHz/130dB 8-Way Dig-Ready Spl
203-250203250Mustang TV to PC Monitor AdapterTuner
255-932WH255932WHMustang 500f 16ga/2C Speaker Wire
255-936WH255936WHMustang 500f 18ga/2C Speaker Wire
516-612BK516612BKMustang 12f HDMI to HDMI Hi Speed
AV803Mustang Extension Legs for PROJ-SP
CPA400Mustang Barebone Drywall ceiling plate 1.5in threaded collar -
DDCA7106Mustang Mustang 2m DVI-D male to DVI-D male
DMS240Mustang Mustang Manual 95x95in 96D 11 MW
FP-AD14FPAD14Mustang Adapter Plate for Med/LG Flat Panels
M84UWHMustang 80in Manual Pulldown Screen 169 black Border 39x70in view
MT-CEILINGMT3MTCEILINGMT3Mustang Tilt Display 38-61in Holds 200lbs-Black Incl SE-14X6 PDM
MT-SPDROPCEILBMTSPDROPCEILBMustang Mustang Proj 80lbs complete drop ceil mt 1.5in NPT adapter
PDM120FMustang Mustang FP 23-37in 200lbs Bracket see notes
PM1Mustang Mustang Proj 9 X 11in 30lbs ext col
PMMICROMustang Mustang Proj 5.5x7.53in 20lbs ext col ext col 10.9 - 1
SC-502ESC502EMustang Mustang 5.25 inch 2 Way Speaker Round
SC-822KSC822KMustang Mustang 8.0 in 2 Way Single Point Stereo
300-251300251Mustang Handset Detangler Low-Profile

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