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Listings of Magnavox by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
964TMagnavox Refurbished MAGNAVOX 14MON.
CM2089Magnavox Refurbished 14-Inch VGA MONITOR GRADE B .28DOT BEIGE NO SWIVEL BASE
CM9079964TMagnavox Refurbished PHILIPS MAGNAVOX CM9079964T DISPLAY CM9079 964T
CM-9089CM9089Magnavox Refurbished CM9089 MAGNAVOX 14MON.
M31330511Magnavox Refurbished HEADSTART 500 COMPUTER SYSTEM
M33454GY0Magnavox Refurbished HEADSTART 500 COMPUTER SYSTEM
A21T0MMAMagnavox Magnavox 39MF412B/F7 Main Board A21T0MMA
A21UG-MPWA21UGMPWMagnavox Magnavox Power Supply A21UG-MPW for 50MF412B/F7 BA21T0F0102 4
A21UGUHMagnavox Magnavox Main Board A21UGUH for 50MF412B/F7 BA21F0G0401 Z-2
A31M1022Magnavox Magnavox Power Supply A31M1023 for 29ME403V/F7 BA31M0F0102 2
A3ATFMMAMagnavox Magnavox Main Board A3ATFMMA for 39ME313V/F7 BA31T0G0201 2
A3ATFMPWMagnavox Magnavox Power Supply A3ATFMPW for 39ME313V/F7 BA3AT0F0102 2
NH304UDMagnavox Magnavox Remote Control NH304UD
6871L-3471F6871L3471FMagnavox Magnavox 6871L-3471F T-Con Board 6870C-0471D E88441 94V-0
A04A0M1V-001-IVA04A0M1V001IVMagnavox Magnavox 26MD350B/F7 Backlight Inverter A04A0M1V-001-IV
A1DA6UHMagnavox Magnavox 26MD301B/F7 Main Board A1DA6UH BA9DF3G0401 3
N7EX2KUPMagnavox Emerson / Magnavox / Sylvania N7EX2KUP DVD Player N7EX2KUP 7EX
R51960-W222R51960W222Magnavox TERMINAL

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