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Listings of Maxoptix by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
2005760rwMaxoptix New 5.2GB 5.25-Inch RW OPTICAL DISK
T5-2600T52600Maxoptix Refurbished T52600 2.6Gb INTERNAL Half Height OPTICAL DRIVE
T7-9100T79100Maxoptix Refurbished T79100 9.1GB internal MO Magneto Optical Disk Drive 8MB Cache Half Height
2015383CWMaxoptix New 1.2GB 512 BYTE SECTOR PLASTIC WORM
2015385RWMaxoptix New 1.3GB 1024B/S PLASTIC RW OPTICAL MEDIA
3015385OWMaxoptix New 2.6GB RW OVERWRITE 1024B/S
TMT3-1300TMT31300Maxoptix Refurbished TMT31300 1.3GB SCSI Optical external with power cable
M2532B1PMaxoptix Refurbished OPTICAL JUKEBOX 640MB 3.5-Inch DISKS
MX335Maxoptix Refurbished OPTICAL JUKEBOX 640MB 3.5-Inch DISKS
TMT52600Maxoptix Refurbished Maxoptix 2.6GB MO Magneto Optical Optical Drive, External SCSI
T4-1300T41300Maxoptix Maxoptix T4-1300 1.3GB MO Optical Drive Internal H/H 5.25 P/N -
T5-2600--REPAIRT52600REPAIRMaxoptix Optical Drive Repair, . Call for info.
T5-2600 STAR--REPAIRT52600STARREPAIRMaxoptix Optical Drive Repair, . Call for info.
1015382-001210153820012Maxoptix 650mb 512 Worm JBX
1015384-001210153840012Maxoptix 650mb 1024 b/s CW JBX
1015387-005010153870050Maxoptix 1.0GB MAGNETO OPTICAL CARTEIDGE
1015387CWMaxoptix 1gb 512 b/s JBX Worm
1015389-004010153890040Maxoptix 1GB Tahiti Optical Disk
1015389-005010153890050Maxoptix 1.0GB MAGNETO OPTICAL CARTEIDGE
1015389CWMaxoptix 1gb 1024 byte sector MAX-EP WORM
1015389RWMaxoptix 1gb 1024 byte sector Plastic RW CTA high
2005760CWMaxoptix 5.2gb Worm Optical Media
2005761CWMaxoptix 4.8gb 1024b/s WORM
2006414Maxoptix 5.2gb MX-DVD Cartridge Type 1 single
2006746CWMaxoptix 2.3gb Write Once Medical Grade
2015382RWMaxoptix 1.3gb 512 byte sector Glass JBX
2015384CWMaxoptix 1.3 gb WORM media
2015384RWMaxoptix 1.3gb 1024 b/s RW Optical Media
2015385-996220153859962Maxoptix 1.3gb 1024 b/s Worm Optical Media
3015383OWMaxoptix 2.3Gb 512b/s Limdow Optical Media

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