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Listings of Mcdata by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
002-002468-100002002468100Mcdata Refurbished 002002468100 250-Watts PSU ( Power Supply Unit )
470-000439-004 A470000439004AMcdata Refurbished 470000439004A 4-Port SWITCH PORT CARD
470-000439-056A470000439056AMcdata Refurbished 470000439056A 4-Port SWITCH PORT CARD
470-439-004 A470439004AMcdata Refurbished 470439004A 4-Port SWITCH PORT CARD
470-E00474-108470E00474108Mcdata Refurbished 470E00474108 McData UPM 4-Port Switch Mod No Gibics470-E00474-108
480-000439-000480000439000Mcdata Refurbished 480000439000 4-Port SWITCH PORT CARD
816-000083-001816000083001Mcdata New 816000083001 PCI 64-BIT 66MHZ Fibre Fiber CHANNEL HBA ( Host Bus Adapter )
A6574-62002A657462002Mcdata Refurbished A657462002 4-Port SWITCH PORT CARD
AM870-00084AM87000084Mcdata Refurbished AM87000084 McDATA Teradyne 4-Port Switch Port Card AM870-00084
AV955-00023AV95500023Mcdata Refurbished AV95500023 4-Port SWITCH PORT CARD
IN-1620IN1620Mcdata Refurbished IN1620
10002679Mcdata Refurbished XPiQ Power Supply 721-E00091-200 for IN-2640 EclIPse SAN Router
002-002274-200002002274200Mcdata Refurbished 002002274200 DS-32M Power Supplies
002-002487-300002002487300Mcdata Refurbished IBM MCDATA SAN DIRECTOR 2-140 SERIAL CROSSBAR
100-619-004100619004Mcdata Refurbished 100619004 McData FTA
201-055-900201055900Mcdata Refurbished 201055900 EMC Mcdata CTP2 control modulel
201-600-900201600900Mcdata Refurbished 201600900 McDataEMC ED 5000 GSM card rev A
IN-2640IN2640Mcdata Refurbished IN2640 Brocade McData Eclipse 16-Port 12x 2GB FC 4x GE SAN 007-E00004-1
4314Mcdata Refurbished 2Gb McData/Dell Fiber Fibre Channel Switch Module FC2 4 x 2Gb SFP Ports
470000237120Mcdata Refurbished 470000237120 II
470-000244-100470000244100Mcdata Refurbished 470000244100 II
470-000445-200470000445200Mcdata Refurbished 470000445200 2-Port SWITCH PORT CARD
470-000445-201 A470000445201AMcdata Refurbished 470000445201A 2-Port SWITCH PORT CARD
470-000445-202470000445202Mcdata Refurbished 470000445202 MCDATA 470-00045-202 CTP2 1-PORT CARD 470-00045-202
470-000453470000453Mcdata Refurbished 470000453 Mcdata HP Storageworks 470-000453 2140 4-Port module 201-626-90
470-000453-400470000453400Mcdata Refurbished NET/4-PORT 2GB SFP SWITCH UPM CARD
470-000453-403470000453403Mcdata Refurbished 470000453403 MCDATA 2GB 4-Port CARD UPM
470-000453-410470000453410Mcdata Refurbished NET/4-PORT 2GB SFP SWITCH UPM CARD
470-000496-000470000496000Mcdata Refurbished 470000496000 McDATA eS-4300 12-Port Main Board 480-000465-100
470-E00497-303470E00497303Mcdata Refurbished 470E00497303 Mcdata 10Gbps XPM Port Card w/1 10km LW Optic for Intrepid 6064
470-E00510-201470E00510201Mcdata Refurbished 470E00510201 MCDATA 470-E00510-201 LOGIC BOARD
470-E00510-201E470E00510201EMcdata Refurbished 470E00510201E Sphereon 4700 Logic Board
470-E00531-101470E00531101Mcdata Refurbished 470E00531101 QPM 4gb Port Card
480-000453-402480000453402Mcdata Refurbished 480000453402 McData San-Director 2GB UPM 4-Port Module 480-000453-402 WE MA
480-000474-100480000474100Mcdata Refurbished 480000474100 4 Fiber Fibre CHANNEL UPM CONTROLLER CARD
480-E00521-200480E00521200Mcdata Refurbished 480E00521200 McDATA 16-Port SAN16M-2 470-000521-201D Main Board
ES4700-24ES470024Mcdata Refurbished ES470024 ES4700 4GB 32-port 24-Active
721-000086-001721000086001Mcdata Refurbished 125W SPHEREON 4700 PSU Power Supply
73-610-04473610044Mcdata Refurbished 73610044 DS-32M PSU Power Supply Unit
73-610-057B73610057BMcdata Refurbished 73610057B 250W PSU Power Supply Unit
ES-4400ES4400Mcdata Refurbished ES4400 16-Port-4Gbps SAN SWITCH.8-Ports ACTIVE-/W/8SFPS NEW-OPEN BOX
801-000035-010801000035010Mcdata New 801000035010 CABLE
ES-4500ES4500Mcdata Refurbished ES4500 McData ES-4500 4GB Fibre Fiber CHANNEL Single AC power
NPC3Mcdata Refurbished Memory Module Series 1.3
PSE1-115/230-CI-044PSE1115230CI044Mcdata Refurbished PSE1115230CI044 DS-32M PSU Power Supply Unit
SP5193AMcdata Refurbished Power Supply
UPMMcdata Refurbished Mcdata HP EMC Storageworks 470-000453 2140 4-Port module 201-626
25420G-40287-D0025420G40287D00Mcdata MCDATA 25420G-40287-D00 FAN Assembly
25420G-40562-S0025420G40562S00Mcdata MCDATA 25420G-40562-S00 FAN Assembly SAN ACE40
10003932Mcdata XPiQ Power Supply 721-E00091-200 for IN-2640 EclIPse SAN Router
80-1000786-0180100078601Mcdata Refurbished 80-1000786-01 IN-2640 EclIPse SAN Router 80-1000786-01 12x 2Gb Fiber Ports
07H6007Mcdata CTP CARD for IBM 9037-002 B-1-2
44P3955Mcdata FC 4048 CLO CARD for IBM 9037-002 B-1-2
470-000351-205470000351205Mcdata FC 4048 CLO CARD for IBM 9037-002 B-1-2
470-000351-300B470000351300BMcdata FC 4048 CLO CARD for IBM 9037-002 B-1-2
470-351-205470351205Mcdata FC 4048 CLO CARD for IBM 9037-002 B-1-2
480-E00497-300480E00497300Mcdata Singlemode 10GB XPM Card B-1-1
76H7770Mcdata FC 4048 CLO CARD for IBM 9037-002 B-1-2
ES-3016ES3016Mcdata 16 Port 1Gb Fiber Channel Switch - COMPLETE
11F4689-US11F4689USMcdata USA WH 9032 BOARD
2031-2242031224Mcdata McData ES-4500 2031-224 4GB FIBRE CHANNEL Single AC power ES-450
470-000453-403A470000453403AMcdata 4-Port 2GB Fiber Channel FC UPM Module
470-E00531-101A470E00531101AMcdata McData 4GB Long Wave QPM 4GB
470-E00531-102A470E00531102AMcdata 4 Port 4GB QPM Module
721-000058-001721000058001Mcdata MCDATA 1200W POWER SUPPLY MODULE
470-000453-412470000453412Mcdata McData 4-Port UPM Exp Module walt

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