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Listings of Mck Communications by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
E-6000G-SLL12E6000GSLL12Mck Communications Refurbished E6000GSLL12 BRANCH OFFICE EXTENDER 12-Port PBX 408332195
E-6000G-SLM12E6000GSLM12Mck Communications Refurbished MCK E-6000G-SLM12 EXTENDER 6000 PBX GATEWAY 12 PORT UNIT MCK E-6
E-1000P-SNME1000PSNMMck Communications Refurbished E1000PSNM MCK Citel E-1000P-SNM Switch Module 1000 Nortel
E-1000U-RLME1000URLMMck Communications Refurbished E1000URLM MCK Citel E-1000U-RLM 1000 Lucent Remote Module
E-1000U-SLME1000USLMMck Communications Refurbished E1000USLM MCK Citel E-1000U-SLM 1000 Lucent Switch Module
E-4000P-RPME4000PRPMMck Communications Refurbished E4000PRPM MCK EXTender 4000 E-4000P-RPM
E-4000-RLME4000RLMMck Communications Refurbished E4000RLM MCK Citel E-4000-RLM 4000 E4000 Lucent IP EXTender
E-4000-RWME4000RWMMck Communications New E4000RWM NEW MCK Citel E-4000-RWM E4000 Iwatsu IP EXTender
E-6000Z-REE08E6000ZREE08Mck Communications Refurbished E6000ZREE08 MCK NEC E-6000Z-REE08 Remote Branch Office EXTender
E-GWY2-SLL24EGWY2SLL24Mck Communications Refurbished EGWY2SLL24 MCK Citel E-GWY2-SLL24 Definity Lucent IP Gateway
E-GWY2-STM24EGWY2STM24Mck Communications Refurbished EGWY2STM24 MCK Citel E-GWY2-STM24 Gateway Main Office PBX II
E-GWY2-SUMEGWY2SUMMck Communications Refurbished MCK Citel E-GWY2-SUM IP Avaya Nortel Switch Gateway
H-SIPG1Z-RUC12HSIPG1ZRUC12Mck Communications Refurbished HSIPG1ZRUC12 MCK H-SIPG1Z-RUC12 SIP Digital to VOIP Handset Gateway
EXTENDER-3000EXTENDER3000Mck Communications MCK EXTender-3000 Module 893 3000E extender 3000 switch Module M
EXTENDER-RM-KITEXTENDERRMKITMck Communications MCK Extender 6000 / 7000 EXTENDER-RM-Kit Rack Mount Bracket Kit
E-1000U-RNME1000URNMMck Communications MCK Citel E-1000U-RNM 1000 Nortel Remote Module
E-4000-RNME4000RNMMck Communications MCK Citel E-4000-RNM 4000 E4000 Nortel IP EXTender

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