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Listings of Mechatronics by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
F8025H12B1Mechatronics Refurbished FAN 12VDC 0.145AMP 3 WIRE 80X80X25MM
E1225E12B1Mechatronics Refurbished Tampa - 12V DC BRUSHLESS FAN
F8025E12B1Mechatronics Refurbished HP NONOIse 12VDC 0.24AMP 80X80X25MM Fan 3-WIRE
0815-12M081512MMechatronics Refurbished 081512M FAN 12V DC .280A 90MM 3 9/16-Inch BY 25MM 1-inch 14-Inch THRE
B1232L12B1Mechatronics New DC BRUSHLESS FAN Assembly
E1225E12B2Mechatronics New FAN DC 12V .58A 119MM BY 25MM 3WIRE CABLE WITH CUT ENDS
E1225E12B2Mechatronics Refurbished FAN DC 12V .58A 119MM BY 25MM 3WIRE CABLE WITH CUT ENDS
E1225E12BTMechatronics New FAN 12VDC 120MM BY 25MM WITH 2PIN 1/8-Inch QUICK DISCONNECTS
E1225H12BMechatronics Refurbished FAN 12V DC .385A 120MM BY 25MM 4 3/4 BY 1-inch 4-Inch 2 WIRE C
E1225M24BMechatronics Refurbished FAN DC 24V
E9225E12BMechatronics Refurbished DC BRUSHLESS FAN
E9225M05B2Mechatronics Refurbished FAN DC 5V 0.560A Made in Indonesia
F1238M24B3Mechatronics Refurbished FAN 24VDC 0.180AMP 2BALL BRUSHLESS 118X118X38MM
F1238M24B-FSRF1238M24BFSRMechatronics Refurbished F1238M24BFSR 120 X 120 X 38MM 24V DC 0.180AMP BALL BEARING 2 WIRE
F1238N248Mechatronics Refurbished FAN DC 24V .18A 119MM BY 38MM 2WIRE 6-Inch CABLE WITH 2PIN IDC CO
F1238N24BMechatronics Refurbished FAN 24V .18A 119MM BY 38MM 12INCH 2WIRE CABLE WITH 2PIN CONNECTO
F6025E12B3Mechatronics New Mechatronics 60mm 12V 5000 RPM Cooling Fan F6025E12B3
F6025M12BMechatronics Refurbished FAN 12V DC .095AMP
F8025E05B2Mechatronics Refurbished FAN DC 5V 0.800A Made in Indonesia
F8025X12BMechatronics Refurbished FAN DC 12V 0.480A
G9225H12D1+3G9225H12D13Mechatronics Refurbished G9225H12D13 FAN 12V DC .16A 80MM 3 1/8 INCHES BY 15MM 5/8-Inch 10-Inch TWO
G9225H12D1+3-CLONEG9225H12D13CLONEMechatronics New G9225H12D13CLONE FAN 12V DC .16A 80MM 3 1/8 INCHES BY 15MM 5/8-Inch 10-Inch TWO
UF12B12Mechatronics Refurbished MECHATRONICS 14/16 WATT FAN
UF15AC23Mechatronics Refurbished FAN 5 BLADE 230V 26/27 WATT 6X7X1.5
WS-INV-L18WSINVL18Mechatronics Refurbished WSINVL18 FAN DC 12V .58A 119MM BY 25MM 3WIRE CABLE WITH CUT ENDS
F1238E12B1Mechatronics Axial Fan: 12VDC 0.700AMP 3WIRE 126CFM 120X120X38MM
F8025S12BMechatronics FAN DC BRUSHLESS FAN 12V 0.075A BALL 80X80X25MM 2WIRE
F1238E24BMechatronics 24VDC .350A 2-WIRE FAN Assembly
E1225E24BMechatronics Fan from LD8100

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