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Listings of Micom by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
100-13761001376Micom Refurbished 1001376
100-15851001585Micom Refurbished 1001585
100-17851001785Micom Refurbished 1001785
100-19251001925Micom Refurbished 1001925
100-19281001928Micom Refurbished 1001928
100-19311001931Micom Refurbished 1001931
100-22851002285Micom Refurbished 1002285
100-2363-210023632Micom Refurbished 10023632
150-0528-1021500528102Micom Refurbished 1500528102 INSTAMUX470 LOCAL Multiplexer
5000D/MR-25000DMR2Micom Refurbished 5000DMR2 FRONTRUNNER MR-2 WITH AC ADAPTER
M401Micom New Short Haul Asynchronous Modem 19.2K
M478-2M4782Micom Refurbished M4782 INSTAMUX470 LOCAL Multiplexer
WP572416CGMicom New AC ADAPTER 16.5-Volt 1.45A FOR USE WITH MICOM 5000D/MR-2
WP572416CGMicom Refurbished AC ADAPTER 16.5-Volt 1.45A FOR USE WITH MICOM 5000D/MR-2
151-1180-0011511180001Micom MICOM 151-1180-001 INSTAGATE MICOM 151-1180-001
M1501/LAT-1M1501LAT1Micom MICOM 151-1180-001 M1501/LAT-1 Instagate Rackmountable chassis M

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