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Listings of Micropolis by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
101624Micropolis Refurbished 150MB 2 7 RLL HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT ESDI 5.25-Inch
1304Micropolis Refurbished 40MB MFM 5.25-Inch HARD DRIVE
1323Micropolis Refurbished 44MB MFM 5.25-Inch HARD DRIVE
1323AMicropolis Refurbished 44MB MFM HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT ST412/506 5.25-Inch
1355Micropolis Refurbished GRADE B Hard Drive 159MB
1375Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive 5.25-Inch 153MB Full Height SCSI
1528-15152815Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive 152815 5.25-Inch 1.3GB Full Height SCSI-2
1558Micropolis Refurbished 382MB 5.25-Inch Full Height ESDI Hard Drive - P/N CS0006-01-6A
155815Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive 5.25-Inch 330MB Full Height ESDI
1568Micropolis Refurbished MICROPOLIS 1568 676MB 5.25-Inch ESDI HARD DRIVE
1578Micropolis Refurbished Micropolis 338MB 5.25-Inch SCSI hard drive used pull
1588Micropolis Refurbished Micropolis 760MB SCSI hard drive Full used
1598-15159815Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive 159815 1.2GB SCSI 50-Pin
1654-716547Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive 16547 161MB ESDI 5.25-Inch Full Height
1684-716847Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive 16847 343MB SCSI 5.25-Inch disk drive
1936Micropolis Refurbished MICROPOLIS 1936 3.6GB 5.25-Inch SCSI HARD DRIVE
1936-21193621Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive 193621 3.6GB SCSI 5.25-Inch Full Height
1991WAVMicropolis Refurbished Hard Drive 9.1GB Wide Ultra AUDIO 68-Pin
2005Micropolis Refurbished 585MB 3.5-Inch SCSI HARD DRIVE
2105Micropolis Refurbished MICROPOLIS 2105 SCSI HARD DRIVE
2112Micropolis Refurbished MICROPOLIS 2112 1GB SCSI HARD DRIVE
2210Micropolis Refurbished MICROPOLIS 1GB SCSI-2 3.5-Inch Hard Drive
3243Micropolis Refurbished 4.3GB 3.5-Inch Half Height SCSI Hard Drive 50-Pin
3243AVMicropolis Refurbished Hard Drive 4.3GB SCSI-3 Half Height 50-Pin-Audio Visual
M/NMNMicropolis Refurbished 3.6GB SCSI HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT 5.25
3391SSMicropolis Refurbished TOMAHAWK 9.1GB Wide Ultra SCSI 3.5-Inch HARD DRIVE
4110AMicropolis Refurbished MICROPOLIS HARD DRIVE 1GB
4221WAVMicropolis Refurbished Hard Drive 2.1GB SCSI
4345NSMicropolis Refurbished Hard Drive HD4.3GigU-SCSI23.5inMCRP
4345SSMicropolis Refurbished 4.3GB Hard Drive WIDE ULTRA SCSI
4345W-S4345WSMicropolis Refurbished Hard Drive 4.3GB SCSI WIDE 3.5-Inch Half Height
4110Micropolis Refurbished 1GB SCSI Hard Drive Fast 8.5ms
1548Micropolis Refurbished 5.25 1.7GB FHT SCSI
900360-11-6900360116Micropolis Refurbished 900360116 150MB 2 7 RLL HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT ESDI 5.25-Inch
900453-01-0900453010Micropolis Refurbished 900453010 35MB MFM HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT ST412/506 5.25-Inch
900505-03-2900505032Micropolis Refurbished 900505032 35MB MFM HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT ST412/506 5.25-Inch
900510-01-7900510017Micropolis Refurbished 900510017 40MB MFM HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT ST412/506 5.25-Inch
900514-05-0900514050Micropolis Refurbished 900514050 44MB MFM HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT ST412/506 5.25-Inch
900520-01-5900520015Micropolis Refurbished 900520015 40MB MFM HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT ST412/506 5.25-Inch
900544-11-5900544115Micropolis Refurbished 900544115 150MB 2 7 RLL HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT ESDI 5.25-Inch
900551-19-3900551193Micropolis Refurbished 900551193 150MB 2 7 RLL HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT ESDI 5.25-Inch
900658-03-0900658030Micropolis Refurbished 900658030 ESDI Hard Drive 385MB
AK0032-01-8AK0032018Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive AK0032018 560MB SCSI 50-Pin 3.
AK0057-01-5AK0057015Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive AK0057015 560MB SCSI 50-Pin 3.
AR1926-01-9AR1926019Micropolis New Hard Drive AR1926019 2.1GB ARRAY MODULE AR-1926-01-9
AR1936-01-8AR1936018Micropolis New Hard Drive AR1936018 RAIDION 3020MB MODULE
AS0032-01-4AS0032014Micropolis Refurbished AS0032014 1050MB SCSI HARD DRIVE
CS0002-03-1ECS0002031EMicropolis Refurbished Hard Drive CS0002031E LEGACY DRIVE
CS0006-01-6CS0006016Micropolis Refurbished CS0006016 338MB ESDI HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT 5.25-Inch
CS0007-01-4CS0007014Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive CS0007014 ESDI 338MB 18MS 5.25-Inch
CS0014-03-6CS0014036Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive CS0014036 ESDI 338MB 18MS 5.25-Inch
CS0019-019ACS0019019AMicropolis Refurbished Hard Drive CS0019019A DISK DRIVE
CS0031-01-4CS0031014Micropolis Refurbished CS0031014 338MB ESDI HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT 5.25-Inch
CS0036-14-6CS0036146Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive CS0036146 ESDI 338MB 18MS 5.25-Inch
CS0042-11-0CS0042110Micropolis Refurbished CS0042110 338MB ESDI HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT 5.25-Inch
CS0046-07-9CS0046079Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive CS0046079 ESDI 338MB 18MS 5.25-Inch
ES0007-01-2BES0007012BMicropolis Refurbished Hard Drive ES0007012B
FS0019-01-6FS0019016Micropolis Refurbished FS0019016 668MB SCSI HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT 5.25-Inch
LY0250-01-9LY0250019Micropolis Refurbished LY0250019 668MB SCSI HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT 5.25-Inch
LY025-002-7LY0250027Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive LY0250027 3GB FAST SCSI-2 DRIVE 5.25-Inch
LYX031-01-0LYX031010Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive LYX031010 3GB FAST SCSI-2 DRIVE 5.25-Inch FULL HEIGHT
MC4221AVMicropolis Refurbished Hard Drive 2.1GB 3.5-Inch SCSI 2F 8.9MS
MD4110-01-8MD4110018Micropolis New Hard Drive MD4110018 1GB RAID DRIVE
MIC-1558MIC1558Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive MIC1558 MICROPOLIS 382MB ESDI
PG0014-01-7PG0014017Micropolis Refurbished PG0014017 339MB SCSI HARD DRIVE HALF HEIGHT 27 RLL 5.25-Inch
RM2100Micropolis New Hard Drive 2.1GB ARRAY MODULE AR-1926-01-9
RM3200Micropolis New Hard Drive 3GB RAID MODULE KIT
TTSS50-04-0TTSS50040Micropolis Refurbished TTSS50040 4.3GB SCSI HARD DRIVE
YS0036-03-9YS0036039Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive YS0036039 4GB SCSI DRIVE
YS0050-03-0YS0050030Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive YS0050030 4.3GB SCSI-1 DRIVE 50-Pin
YTSS50-04-4YTSS50044Micropolis Refurbished YTSS50044 TOMAHAWK 9.1GB Wide Ultra SCSI 3.5-Inch HARD DRIVE
101405-32-5101405325Micropolis Refurbished 101405325 HARD DRIVE
14LB32750Micropolis Refurbished 3.6GB SCSI HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT 5.25-inch
1924Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive 2.1gb scsi 50-Pin
200149-01-1200149011Micropolis New Hard Drive 200149011 RAID LT SYSTEM US/Standard CABLE KIT
2170184-RS-63242170184RS6324Micropolis New 2170184RS6324 2.1GB ARRAY MODULE AR-1926-01-9
MIC1325Micropolis Refurbished 5.25 MFM HARD DRIVE
ES0003-01-1ES0003011Micropolis Refurbished ES0003011
ES0003-01-1DES0003011DMicropolis Refurbished ES0003011D
ES0003-01-1FES0003011FMicropolis Refurbished ES0003011F
ES0007-01-2CES0007012CMicropolis Refurbished ES0007012C
ES0007-01-2DES0007012DMicropolis Refurbished ES0007012D
FS0003-08-5AFS0003085AMicropolis Refurbished Hard Drive FS0003085A LEGACY DRIVE
FS0018-01-8FFS0018018FMicropolis Refurbished Hard Drive FS0018018F LEGACY DRIVE
ME0030-01-9ME0030019Micropolis Refurbished 585MB 3.5 INCH SCSI HARD DRIVE
MS0030-02-5CMS0030025CMicropolis Refurbished Hard Drive MS0030025C
PG0014Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive LEGACY DRIVE
US0031-21-7US0031217Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive US0031217
ZZSW35-02-7ZZSW35027Micropolis Refurbished Hard Drive ZZSW35027
200149-02-9200149029Micropolis RAID LT SYSTEM US/STD CABLE KIT
1664-716647Micropolis Needs Repair - 350MB 5.25, HH ESDI-15, Spins up then down, Needs
1303Micropolis 35MB MFM HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT ST412/506 5.25
1333Micropolis 42MB MFM HARD DRIVE FULL HEIGHT ST412/506 5.25
2205Micropolis 585MB 3.5 INCH SCSI HARD DRIVE
2217Micropolis 1.7GB SCSI 3.5in HDD MS0030-01-7
CS000101-7CCS0001017CMicropolis Micropolis CS000101-7C 1588 HDA No. 0410517 382MB SCSI hard driv
DS000-02-9BDS000029BMicropolis Micropolis DS000-02-9B M/N: 1578 HSA0073611 Capacity 382MB 5.25
DS0007-01-3ADS0007013AMicropolis Micropolis DS0007-01-3A M/N: 1578 HDA No. 0441104 Capacity 382MB
DS0082-02-4ADS0082024AMicropolis Micropolis DS0082-02-4A M/N: 1578 HDA No. S062531 Capacity 382MB
FS0003-07-7HFS0003077HMicropolis Micropolis FS0003-07-7H 1588 HDA No. HS7A0145539 760MB SCSI hard
FS0019-01-6DFS0019016DMicropolis Micropolis FS0019-01-6D 1588 HDA No. HS7A5004319 760MB SCSI hard
FS0019-01-6EFS0019016EMicropolis Micropolis FS0019-01-6E 1588 HDA No. HS7A0003107 760MB SCSI hard
1518-15151815Micropolis 5.25 338MB FHT ESDI
1598Micropolis New MICROPOLIS 1598 1GB SCSI HARD DRIVE SS0032-01-9B

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