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Listings of Microscan by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
MS-710MS710Microscan Refurbished FIS-0710-0002519 MS-710 Rotating Head Fixed Position Industri
98-000014-019800001401Microscan Microscan IB-131 MS-820 Interface Connectivity Module Kit 98-000
FIS-0710-0002FIS07100002Microscan MS-710 Single line low density right angle down RS-232 Rotat
FIS-0710-0005FIS07100005Microscan MS-710 Raster lines low density RS-232 Rotating Head Fixed P
FIS-0710-0019FIS07100019Microscan MS-710 Raster lines high density top mount RS-232 Rotating H
FIS-0810-0002FIS08100002Microscan MS-810 Rotating Head Fixed Position Industrial Scanner Black
MS-810MS810Microscan FIS-0810-0002 MS-810 Rotating Head Fixed Position Industrial Sc

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