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Listings of Mitel Semiconductor by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
580.22015802201Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished Mitel 5000 HX DDM-16 Digital Desktop Module 580.2201
580.10005801000Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished Inter-Tel Mitel 5000 Network Communication Solution 580.1000 IP
50005421Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished MITEL 5302 IP PHONE
A6725-0131-20-55A672501312055Mitel Semiconductor New 6725i Microsoft Lync OCS 2010 R14 Phone Charcoal POE Optional A
50004894Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished DIGI 16-Port CONCENTRATOR
50006819Mitel Semiconductor New 6873W/O AC ADAPTER (Aastra label)
50004459Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit
9109036000Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9109615001 Mitel SX-200 Main Control Card
9110-104-0009110104000Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9110104000 Mitel SX-200 Scanner
A6735-0131-1001A673501311001Mitel Semiconductor New 6735i - VoIP phone - SIP RTCP RTP SRTP - multiline
56008564AMitel Semiconductor Refurbished MITEL IP CORDLESS HANDSET W/OUT CHARGING PLATE 56008564A
50006269EW60Mitel Semiconductor New EXT WAR 3300 MXE III CONTROLLER
50006431EW60Mitel Semiconductor New EXT WAR MXe III Raid Sub-System
50003696EW60Mitel Semiconductor New EXT WAR DUAL FIM 1300NM SNGLE MODE MMC
50003695EW60Mitel Semiconductor New EXT WAR DUAL FIM 1300NM MULTI MODE MMC
50006432EW60Mitel Semiconductor New EXT WAR Processor-MXe III Controller
A6731-0131-1001A673101311001Mitel Semiconductor New Mitel 6731i - VoIP phone - SIP - multiline
LR5836.06200LR583606200Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished 4100 DSS CONSOLE
50006634Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished Mitel 5320e (50006634) Ip Phone Backlit Open
50005104EW60Mitel Semiconductor New EXT WAR 4 PLUS 12 PORT COMBO
50005160EW60Mitel Semiconductor New EXT WAR T1/E1 COMBO MMC II
580.1003EW605801003EW60Mitel Semiconductor New EXT WAR TEN ASSEMBLY HX CONTROLLER
580.3000EW605803000EW60Mitel Semiconductor New EXT WAR MT5000 HX Processor Mdl (HPM)
51301829Mitel Semiconductor New Monitoring 10 x Switch max 48ports
50005991EW60Mitel Semiconductor New EXT WAR 5360 IP PHONE
51301830Mitel Semiconductor New Monitoring 50 x Switch max 48ports
50005105EW60Mitel Semiconductor New EXT WAR ASU II
51301826Mitel Semiconductor New Monitoring 10 x Switch max 24port
51301843Mitel Semiconductor New Monitoring, 10 x SIP Trunk/MBG
50005071Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished MITEL 5340 IP TELEPHONE DUAL MODE
50006191EW60Mitel Semiconductor New EXT WAR 5320 IP Phone
50006122EW60Mitel Semiconductor New EXT WAR 8528 Telephone
53003165Mitel Semiconductor New MiCD/MCD Monitoring /mth - 1 yr
53003166Mitel Semiconductor New MiCD/MCD Monitoring /mth - 2 yrs
53003167Mitel Semiconductor New MiCD/MCD Monitoring /mth - 3 yrs
53003168Mitel Semiconductor New MiCD/MCD Monitoring /mth - 4 yrs
53003169Mitel Semiconductor New MiCD/MCD Monitoring /mth - 5 yrs
53003170Mitel Semiconductor New 5000/MCD Monitoring /mth - 1 yr
53003171Mitel Semiconductor New 5000/MCD Monitoring /mth - 2 yrs
53003172Mitel Semiconductor New 5000/MCD Monitoring /mth - 3 yrs
53003173Mitel Semiconductor New 5000/MCD Monitoring /mth - 4 yrs
53003174Mitel Semiconductor New 5000/MCD Monitoring /mth - 5 yrs
53003175Mitel Semiconductor New MAS/App Monitoring /mth - 1 yr
53003176Mitel Semiconductor New MAS/App Monitoring /mth - 2 yrs
53003177Mitel Semiconductor New MAS/App Monitoring /mth - 3 yrs
53003178Mitel Semiconductor New MAS/App Monitoring /mth - 4 yrs
53003179Mitel Semiconductor New MAS/App Monitoring /mth - 5 yrs
53003180Mitel Semiconductor New Access Router Monitoring /mth- 1 yr
53003181Mitel Semiconductor New Access Router Monitoring /mth- 2 yrs
53003182Mitel Semiconductor New Access Router Monitoring /mth- 3 yrs
53003183Mitel Semiconductor New Access Router Monitoring /mth- 4 yrs
53003184Mitel Semiconductor New Access Router Monitoring /mth- 5 yrs
53003185Mitel Semiconductor New Access Router QOS Monitoring /mth- 1 yr
53003186Mitel Semiconductor New Access Router QOS Monitoring /mth- 2 yrs
53003187Mitel Semiconductor New Access Router QOS Monitoring /mth- 3 yrs
53003188Mitel Semiconductor New Access Router QOS Monitoring /mth- 4 yrs
53003189Mitel Semiconductor New Access Router QOS Monitoring /mth- 5 yrs
20000012999Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished DUAL T1 CARD
20002614Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished DUAL T1 CARD
50003728Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished MITEL 50003728 3300 DUAL DSP MITEL 50003728
50005521Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished CORDLESS ACCESSORIES MODULE NA DECT
50005664Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished 50005664 Mitel 5324 IP Display Phone Black
50002815Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished 5201 IP PHONE DARK GREY
580.10015801001Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished Black DEI - Digital Expansion Interface
50006371Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished MITEL GIGABIT ETHERNET STAND V2
9108-002-0009108002000Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9108002000 Mitel SX-200 Digital Interface
9109-008-000-NA9109008000NAMitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9109008000NA Mitel SX-200 Bay PSU Power Supply Unit
9109010000Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9109615001 9109-615-001 - PRI Card - Mitel SX-200
9109011001SAMitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9109615001 9109-615-001 - PRI Card - Mitel SX-200
9109-012-001-NA9109012001NAMitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9109012001NA 12-Port Digital Line Card
9109-012-001-SA9109012001SAMitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9109012001SA DIGITAL LINE 12CCT
9109-021-000-SA9109021000SAMitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9109021000SA 9109-021-000-SA - T1 CARD CLEI 9109-021-0
9109-125-000-SA9109125000SAMitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9109125000SA DISK DRIVE
9110005Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9110005 SX200 TONE CONT CARD
9110006Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9110006 SX200 CSL CONT CARD
9110-1109110110Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9110110 Mitel SX-200 Line Circuit 8 Station
9110211000Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9110211000 C.O. TRUNK CIRCUIT 4 TRUNKS
9110410000Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9110410000 SUPERSET LINE CIRCUIT
9112-200-001-NA9112200001NAMitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9112200001NA CUT WIRE 10V AC 1.0A AC ADAPTER
9400 100 303 NA9400100303NAMitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9400100303NA CONTROL RESOURCE
9400-300-3079400300307Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished 9400300307 9400-300-307 - Control Resource Card II - Mitel
MB89110Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished DUAL T1 CARD REV 2.11
MC243BAMitel Semiconductor Refurbished MC243BA - Circuit Switch Matrix II Card - Mitel SX-2000
MC312ABMitel Semiconductor Refurbished Peripheral Switch Controller Card
MC330ABMitel Semiconductor Refurbished MC330AB - DNI Line Card - Mitel SX-2000
MC340BAMitel Semiconductor Refurbished MC340BA - LSGS Trunk Card
MP914AAMitel Semiconductor Refurbished Mitel Power supply
P0092ADMitel Semiconductor Refurbished DUAL T1 CARD
P0092DD1Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished DUAL T1 CARD
SX2000Mitel Semiconductor Refurbished Mitel SX-2000 Chassis with AC power
50006476Mitel Semiconductor New 50006476 Mitel 5330E IP Telephone
80C00001AAA-A80C00001AAAAMitel Semiconductor Mitel Hardware
80C00002AAA-A80C00002AAAAMitel Semiconductor Mitel Hardware
80C00005AAA-A80C00005AAAAMitel Semiconductor Mitel Hardware
50001754EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY 5485 IP PAGING UNIT
50002979EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY QUAD DSP MMC
50003560EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY DUAL T1/E1 TRUNK MMC
50005731EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY 24 PORT ONSP CARD
50006123EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY 8568 TELEPHONE (NA)
50006507EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY AX CONTROLLER
50001247EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY 3300-128 CH ECHO CANCELLR ROHS5
50001248EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY DUAL FIM 820NM MULTI MODE MMC
50004070EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY QUAD BRI MMC
50004871EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY 3300 ANALOG OPTION BRD II
50005664EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY 5324 IP PHONE
50005751EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY DSP II MMC
50005847Mitel Semiconductor New Mitel 5312 IP Phone Dual Mode
50005847EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY 5312 IP PHONE
50006093EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY 3300 CX II CONTROLLER
50006094EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY 3300 CXI II CONTROLLER
51301820Mitel Semiconductor REM MON AND ACCESS 10XREM PRB
51301821Mitel Semiconductor REM MON AND ACCESS 50XREM PRB
51301823Mitel Semiconductor MAS MSL SVR MON 50XMAS INST
51301831Mitel Semiconductor MON 10XRTR MAX 5PT
51301832Mitel Semiconductor MON 50XRTR MAX 5PT
51301833Mitel Semiconductor MON 1XRTR MAX 5PT
51301834Mitel Semiconductor MON 10XRTR MAX 5PT
51301835Mitel Semiconductor MON 50XRTR MAX 5PT
51301840Mitel Semiconductor MON 10XTELEWORKER SET MBG
580.2020EW605802020EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY INTER-TEL EXAPANSION CARD
580.2100EW605802100EW60Mitel Semiconductor New EXT WAR SLM CS-5200
580.2200EW605802200EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY DIG EP MODULE (DEM-16)
580.2202EW605802202EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY MT5000 DDM-16B CCA FOR HX NO CBL
580.2304EW605802304EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY QUAD LOOPSTART TRNK MD LSM4
580.2702EW605802702EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY PCBA DUAL T1/E1/PRI
A1265-0000-10-05A126500001005Mitel Semiconductor M9116 Charcoal, LP
A1753-0131-10-01A175301311001Mitel Semiconductor 53i English Text (6753i) includes AC adapter (PoE compatible)
A1264-0000-10-05A126400001005Mitel Semiconductor M9110 Charcoal Generic E/F
D0062-0011-34-00D006200113400Mitel Semiconductor DHSG Cable Kit
580.1001EW605801001EW60Mitel Semiconductor EXT WTY ITDE-5200 DIG EXP INTERFACE
80C00007AAA-A80C00007AAAAMitel Semiconductor Mitel M685i
50006580Mitel Semiconductor New MiVoice Conference Phone
80C00003AAA-A80C00003AAAAMitel Semiconductor Mitel 6869 SIP Phone - VoIP phone - SIP RTCP RTP SRTP - 24 li
A1219-0000-1000A121900001000Mitel Semiconductor Aastra 8004 - Corded phone - charcoal
A6737-0131-1001A673701311001Mitel Semiconductor Mitel 6737i - VoIP phone - SIP RTCP RTP SRTP - multiline - ch
A6739-0131-1001A673901311001Mitel Semiconductor Mitel 6739i - VoIP phone - SIP - multiline
50006478Mitel Semiconductor New 50006478 5340e IP Backlit Dual Mode VoIP Gigabit Set Telephone Phone
80C00009AAA-A80C00009AAAAMitel Semiconductor Aastra S850I - VoIP conferencing system - DECT 6.0 - SIP RTCP
A6731-0131-1002A673101311002Mitel Semiconductor Mitel 6731i - VoIP phone - SIP - multiline
D0061-1093-0000D006110930000Mitel Semiconductor Aastra - Phone cable - RJ-11 M - RJ-11 M - for Aastra 6721
LR5811.06200LR581106200Mitel Semiconductor CO Line Module 2 Lines
D0067-0002-0000D006700020000Mitel Semiconductor Aastra - Wall mount kit - for Aastra 6721ip 6725ip
50005105Mitel Semiconductor New Mitel 3300 ICP ASU II Analog Services Unit 50005105
9110-016-0039110016003Mitel Semiconductor RECEIVER DUAL
A1735-0131-1005A173501311005Mitel Semiconductor New AASTRA 9480i (35i) CHAR SIP NA
A1760-0000-1055A176000001055Mitel Semiconductor New M675 Expansion Module formerly known as 560M
D0063-2000-0075D006320000075Mitel Semiconductor HD Phone Handset Wideband for 675xi Series 673xi Series Skyp
54004001Mitel Semiconductor New S/W Assur MiVoice Border Gateway 1 yr
54004850Mitel Semiconductor New SRC SOFTWARE ASSURANCE
54005198Mitel Semiconductor New STD SWAS MCS BASE INCL 16 U.
54005226Mitel Semiconductor New Stnd S/W Assur Mobile Extension User
54005227Mitel Semiconductor New STD SWAS MAS UCM CLIENT
54005228Mitel Semiconductor New Stnd S/W Assur Mobile Extension Base
54005231Mitel Semiconductor New Stnd S/W Assurance MiCollab Bus Dash
54005334Mitel Semiconductor New STD SWAS MCD FOR MICD SP USER CAP
54005377Mitel Semiconductor New S/W Assur MBG Service ProviderClient
54005652Mitel Semiconductor New PREM SWAS ENTMGR BASE.
54005653Mitel Semiconductor New PREM SWAS ENTMGR NODE.
54005658Mitel Semiconductor New PREM SWAS MCS BASE INCL 16 U
54005660Mitel Semiconductor New PREM SWAS NPM SPEECH PORT.
54005664Mitel Semiconductor New PREM SWAS NPM 640 VMPORT
54005676Mitel Semiconductor New Prem S/W Assurance MiCollab Client
54005680Mitel Semiconductor
54005681Mitel Semiconductor
87-00082AAA-A8700082AAAAMitel Semiconductor New 6800i Blank Logo Plate(Qty 50)
54004002Mitel Semiconductor New MBG SERVICE PROVIDER SWA 1YR
54005234Mitel Semiconductor New Stnd S/W Assurance MiCollab CSM
2110-211-0002110211000Mitel Semiconductor SX-200 TRUNK 4CCT CIRCUIT CARD
50002820Mitel Semiconductor Mitel 5240 IP Speaker Display Phone Internet Device Dark Gray
9110-0049110004Mitel Semiconductor SCANNER CARD
9110-203-2179110203217Mitel Semiconductor INTEGRATED PROCESSOR CONTROL
9132-001-200-NA9132001200NAMitel Semiconductor New MITEL 9132-001-200-NA SUPERSET 4001 7 PROGRAMABLE KEYS MITEL 913
9109-061-000-SA9109061000SAMitel Semiconductor Mitel T1 clock module stratum 4 V5.4. UPC 710980019908
9116-000-001-NA9116000001NAMitel Semiconductor Mitel 430 Superset PBX Phone white w/accessories.
9132-025-200-NA9132025200NAMitel Semiconductor Mitel Superset 4025 - Digital Phone - Dark Charcoal Gray
9132-150-200-NA9132150200NAMitel Semiconductor Mitel Superset 4150 Charcoal Backlit TouchScreen Speakerphone
50006815Mitel Semiconductor Aastra 6863 SIP Desktop Phone with 2.75 Monochrome LCD Display
50006816Mitel Semiconductor Aastra 6865 - 9-Line SIP Desktop Phone with 3.4 Backlit Display
50006817Mitel Semiconductor Aastra 6867 - 9-Line SIP Desktop Phone with 3.5 QVGA Color Disp
50006820Mitel Semiconductor Aastra M685 Expansion Module for 6865 6867 and 6869 Phones
51009841Mitel Semiconductor Mitel Gigabit Ethernet Stand
51300183Mitel Semiconductor 3300 AMB/AOB Connection Unit-America
51301151Mitel Semiconductor Gb 802.3at Pwr Adptr Unvrsl 90-264Vdc C8
50006822Mitel Semiconductor AC Adapter L6 48V NA
80-00003AAA-A8000003AAAAMitel Semiconductor Mitel 622/650 Rotary Belt Clip
80E00005AAA-A80E00005AAAAMitel Semiconductor Mitel 600 Desktop Charger
A1757-0131-1001A175701311001Mitel Semiconductor 6757i 57i CHAR SIP NA ENG
50006489Mitel Semiconductor 3300 160G SATA HD 2 PACK CNTR-SERVER
51300646Mitel Semiconductor CC SOFTWARE ASSURANCE STD
51300648Mitel Semiconductor CC SOFTWARE ASSURANCE PREM 24/7
51300649Mitel Semiconductor CC SOFTWARE ASSURANCE TSP PREM 24/7
51301812Mitel Semiconductor SOLUTION PRV SUB 10ADMIN ACCOUNTS
51301813Mitel Semiconductor SOLUTION PRV SUB 50ADMIN ACCOUNTS
51301822Mitel Semiconductor MAS MSL SVR MON 10XMAS INST
51301827Mitel Semiconductor MON 50XSWCH MAX 24PT
51301828Mitel Semiconductor MON 1XSWCH MAX 48PT
51301837Mitel Semiconductor MBG SVR MON 10XMBG INST
51301838Mitel Semiconductor MBG SVR MON 50XMBG INST
51301841Mitel Semiconductor MON 50XTELEWORKER SET MBG
51301842Mitel Semiconductor MON 1XSIP TRUNK MBG
51301844Mitel Semiconductor MON 50XSIP TRUNK MBG
54005675Mitel Semiconductor PREM SWAS MAS UCM USER
50006500Mitel Semiconductor Mitel 5000 2GB Compact Flash Card 50006500 License Package 1

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