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Listings of Motorola by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
01-W1251B0501W1251B05Motorola Refurbished 01W1251B05 50MB EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE WITH FLOPPY
MVME132XTMotorola Refurbished VME Processor. BOARD
MVME141-2MVME1412Motorola Refurbished MVME1412 VME BOARD
MVME147SAMotorola Refurbished MOTOROLA VME 25MHX 8MB
MVME16703AMotorola Refurbished MVME16703A VME CPU BOARD
MVME372AMotorola Refurbished VME BOARD
XIP68-1120XIP681120Motorola New XIP681120 1GHZ/1GB/DUAL PMC SINGLE BOARD COMP.
01-W3577B02G01W3577B02GMotorola MOTOROLA VME BOARD
01-W3869B01W3869BMotorola Refurbished 01W3869B single-height 6U SB
572961-001-0057296100100Motorola Refurbished MOTOROLA 572961-001-00 DOCSIS/Euro 3.0 RX48 HD
MVME297-001MVME297001Motorola Refurbished MVME297001 MVME RAM 32MB
MC92N0-G30SXERA5WRMC92N0G30SXERA5WRMotorola Motorola MC9200 Mobile Computer - Texas Instruments OMAP 4 1 GHz
MC92N0-GJ0SYEQA6WRMC92N0GJ0SYEQA6WRMotorola Motorola MC9200 Mobile Computer - Texas Instruments OMAP 4 1 GHz
WT41N0-T2H27ERWT41N0T2H27ERMotorola WT41N0 CE7 11ABGN 512/2GB EXTD

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