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Listings of Mountain by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
01-05760-01010576001Mountain Refurbished 010576001 MOUNTAIN 01-05760-01 40MB INTERNAL TAPE BACKUP
45-33709-01453370901Mountain Refurbished FILESAFE TD-250 FLOPPY TAPE DRIVE
TD-250TD250Mountain Refurbished FILESAFE TD-250 FLOPPY TAPE DRIVE
01-30096-01013009601Mountain Refurbished 013009601 MOUNTAIN 01-30096-01 40MB INTERNAL TAPE DRIVE
01-30525-01013052501Mountain Refurbished 013052501 Internal Tape Drive with Edge Connector
01-31180-01013118001Mountain Refurbished 013118001 External TAPE Drive
01-32820-01013282001Mountain Refurbished 013282001 FilesSafe 8500 IDE Internal Tape Drive
01-33190-01013319001Mountain Refurbished 013319001 MOUNTAIN FILESAFE 71000 Tape Drive 01-33190-01
04-30526-01043052601Mountain Refurbished 043052601 LEGACY DRIVE
05-24699-01052469901Mountain Refurbished 052469901 PC/AT SCSI HOST ADAPTER
05-30208-01053020801Mountain Refurbished 053020801 MOUNTAIN 05-30208-01 PCBA
120-040-1012004010Mountain Refurbished 12004010 COPPER MOUNTAIN 120-040-10 004921-1-01 G LITE 24-Port MODULE D CLEI DML2LJDBAA
45-32675-01453267501Mountain Refurbished 453267501 INTERNAL SCSI TAPE DRIVE WITH MANUAL AND Floppy
45-33103-01453310301Mountain Refurbished 453310301 40MB INTERNAL TAPE DRIVE
45-35692-01453569201Mountain Refurbished 453569201 EXTERNAL TAPE DRIVE
45-36533-01453653301Mountain New 453653301 MOUNTAIN RETAIL BOX 420MB INTERNAL
FILESAFE 7500FILESAFE7500Mountain Refurbished FILESAFE7500 External TAPE Drive
SM564328574N03RSCHMountain Refurbished RAM MODULE
SMM12419-22058SMM1241922058Mountain Refurbished SMM1241922058 RAM MODULE
01-37360-01013736001Mountain MOUNTAIN RETAIL BOX 420MB INTERNAL
0080345-03008034503Mountain Copper Mountain 0080345-03 Vantedge 3000 OC-3C/STM-1 WAN 1310nm
01-33560-01013356001Mountain FileSafe TD-250 Tape Drive 45-35668
DML2LJDBAAMountain Copper Mountain 120-040-10 DML2LJDBAA 004921-1-01 G LITE 24 Port
05-00726-01050072601Mountain MOUNTAIN IBM/QIC-02 HOST ADAPTER 05-00726-01
05-09148-01050914801Mountain MOUNTAIN 05-09148-01 MCA QIC-02 HOST ADAPTER
18-33068-01183306801Mountain MOUNTAIN NETWORK SOLUTIONS 18-33068-01 TAPE BACKUP ADAPTER ISA

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