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Listings of Netlist by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
NLD327R23215F-D32KSCNLD327R23215FD32KSCNetlist Refurbished NLD327R23215FD32KSC NetList 256MB PC2-3200 DDR2-400MHz ECC Registered 240-Pin DIMM M
NL86464D32072-D27JICNL86464D32072D27JICNetlist Refurbished NL86464D32072D27JIC 512MB DDR SODIMM
NL9127RD64042D21JNetlist Refurbished NL9127RD64042D21JSE 184-Pin DDR-1GB-PC2100 ECC Registered
NL9127RD64042D21JNBNetlist Refurbished NL9127RD64042D21JSE 184-Pin DDR-1GB-PC2100 ECC Registered
NL9257RD12042-D21JSBNL9257RD12042D21JSBNetlist New NL9257RD12042D21JSB 184-Pin DDR-2GB-PC2100 ECC Registered
NL96472D32082-D32KICNL96472D32082D32KICNetlist Refurbished NL96472D32082D32KIC 184-Pin DDR-512MB-PC3200-ECC.
NLD127R21203F-D32KNANLD127R21203FD32KNANetlist Refurbished NLD127R21203FD32KNA 1Gb Dimm pc2-3200r-333 240 1RX4 Red sleeves
NV9257RD1206A-D32KIBNV9257RD1206AD32KIBNetlist Refurbished NV9257RD1206AD32KIB 2GB 184-Pin Memory PC3200 CL3 36c 128x4 Registered ECC DDR DIMM VLP-NOB Le
NV9257RD1206A-D32KSCNV9257RD1206AD32KSCNetlist Refurbished NV9257RD1206AD32KSC 2GB 184-Pin Memory PC3200 CL3 36c 128x4 Registered ECC DDR DIMM VLP NOB Le
NV9647RD6407AD32KSC1Netlist Refurbished 512MB PC3200 ECC REG VLP 184 pin
PC2-6400F-555-11-V0PC26400F55511V0Netlist Refurbished PC26400F55511V0 2GB PC2-6400F-555-11-V0
NV9257RD1206A-D32KNV9257RD1206AD32KNetlist 2GB PC3200 CL3 PC3200R-333-10
NLD517P22503F-D64NLD517P22503FD64Netlist Netlist 4GB PC2-5300P ECC Registered Memory Module NLD517P22503F
NVD257R21206F-D53MSCNVD257R21206FD53MSCNetlist NETLIST 2GB 2RX4 PC2-5300P
NT2GT72U8PD1BD-3CNT2GT72U8PD1BD3CNetlist 1GB DDR 266MHz CL2.5

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