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Listings of Newbridge by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
90-2517-0190251701Newbridge Refurbished NEWBRIDGE 90-2517-01 - T1 CE 8 PORT R2.3
90-0041-0290004102Newbridge Refurbished 90004102 DNIC LINE CARD
90-0090-0590009005Newbridge Refurbished KIT - DUAL SHELF CABLE 8UCS--9-10-2013
90009006Newbridge Refurbished NO CABLE Duplex SHELF Cable. Assembly 2 CARDS ONLY
90-0156-0790015607Newbridge Refurbished 90015607 LGS Mod. Dual Voice. FXSPLAR or DPO
90-0156-07/B90015607BNewbridge Refurbished 90015607B LGS MODULE
90-0555-0190055501Newbridge Refurbished 90055501 AMP CHAMP MALE/FEMALE
90-0566-0490056604Newbridge Refurbished 90056604 VOICE COMPRESSION MOD
90-0567-0190056701Newbridge New 90-0567-01 T1 LIM Module from the T1 Cards
90056701Newbridge Refurbished 90-0567-01 T1 LIM Module from the T1 Cards
90-2115-01/ZB90211501ZBNewbridge Refurbished 90211501ZB ATM 19-Inch Rack 12 Twisted Pair Ethernet Port 1 Fiber Fibre Optic P
90-2152-0390215203Newbridge Refurbished ALCATEL 90-2152-03 3645 MAINSTREET CONTROL CARD DMM GENERIC D115
90-2153-0390215303Newbridge Refurbished ALCATEL / Newbridge 90-2153-03 NEWBRIDGE DAUGHTER CARD FOR 90-06
90-1210-0190121001Newbridge NEWBRIDGE 90-1210-01-03-G- 8230 MAINSTREET BRDG
90-1210-03/039012100303Newbridge Newbridge 90-1210-03 8230 Mainstreet Eth. Little bridge no power
90-6229-2590622925Newbridge NEWBRIDGE 90-6229-25 3609 MAINSTREET PACKET ACCESS MUX NEWBRIDGE

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