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Listings of Newport by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
ORION-CMORIONCMNewport Refurbished Newport ORION-CM Single Mode Fiber Alignment System Controller C
A2516A/TPA2516ATPNewport Refurbished A2516ATP 128MB KIT 2 X 64mb FOR 9X7 7XX 800 11-08-0128
UTM25CC1HLNewport Refurbished Mid-Range Travel Linear Stage
UZM160PP0.1UZM160PP01Newport Refurbished UZM160PP01 UZM160 Vertical Linear Stage DC Drive for Heavy Loads
VPH-4VPH4Newport Refurbished VPH4 Optical Post Holder with Melles Griot Switchable ON OFF Magnetic
810-000195-001810000195001Newport NEWPORT SYSTEMS 810-000195-001 ISA ADAPTER 19-07103
267B-KC1-D1267BKC1D1Newport 3 Rack Mounted Celsius Temperature Meters
270-129270129Newport Pneumatic Isolation Cylinder
4832-C4832CNewport Multi Channel Optical Power Meter
815Newport Power meter
I-2000I2000Newport Pneumatic Vibration Isolator Table Legs Set of 3
MICROSCOPENewport Black Stand with Linear Stages Navitar Body Tube and Techni-Qui
MRL-6/MT-XMRL6MTXNewport Optical Stand with Holder
M-UZM160.1MUZM1601Newport Vertical Linear Stage with UE 73PP Stepper
Q2000AVR1Newport DC Voltmeter Panel Meter 1/8 DIN 120-Volt AC
Q2000BVR2Newport DC Ammeter Panel Meter 1/8 DIN 120-Volt AC
Q2000FVR2Newport AC Voltmeter Panel Meter 1/8 DIN 120-Volt AC
718-05207180520Newport Newport 718-0520 NP-T-01188 Laser beam optics collimator TX3 Div

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