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Listings of Nintendo by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
NES-002NES002Nintendo Refurbished NES002 9VAC 1.3A AC Adapter
SNS-002SNS002Nintendo Refurbished SNS002 AC ADAPTER 10V DC 850MA FOR USE WITH
REDSUBAANintendo New 3DS XL Galaxy Style
CTRPAMKENintendo Nintendo Mario Kart 7 - Racing Game Retail - Cartridge - Nintend
CTRPAXCENintendo Super Smash Bros 3DS
CTRPABEENintendo New Super Mario Bros 2 3DS
CTRPASRENintendo Brain Age Concentration 3DS
CTRPAY6ENintendo Code Name STEAM 3DS
CTRPADNENintendo LBX Little Battlers eXper 3DS
CTRPBXLENintendo Chibirobo Zip Lash 3ds
WUPPAVXENintendo Mario Tennis Ultra Smash WiiU
WUPRAALENintendo Animal Crossing amiibo Festiva
NVLCAEABNintendo amiibo Inkling Boy WiiU
CTRPAQE2Nintendo Legend of Zelda Ocarina 3DS
CTRPAYT2Nintendo Donkey Kong Country Return 3DS
CTRPBFYENintendo Fire Emblem Conquest 3DS
NVLCAACHNintendo amiibo Ryu WiiU
CTRPBCAENintendo Metroid Prime Fed Force 3DS
NVLCAEAFNintendo amiibo Inkling Girl Alt Color

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