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Listings of Nuera by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
501-673501673Nuera Refurbished 501673 Ethernet A+ Module
504-193504193Nuera Refurbished 504193 Orca GX-21 UPMX/T1 Quad T1 Module
590-029590029Nuera Refurbished 590029 Orca GX-21 Chassis Dual DC Power no cards installed
504-107504107Nuera Refurbished NUERA 504107 ORCA HUBX/ETH HUB Module for the Orca BTX-21 NU
FP100Nuera Refurbished Nuera FP100 Frame relay
501-214501214Nuera Refurbished 501214 DIGITAL/VOICE FAX-4CHL
502-033502033Nuera Refurbished 502033 DSM Digital Subscriber Module
504-088504088Nuera Refurbished 504088 Orca GX-21 CM3 Module
504103Nuera Refurbished NUERA 504103- ORCA CONTROL MODULE NUERA 504103
504-109504109Nuera Refurbished 504109 Orca GX-21 LOADX Module
504-163504163Nuera Refurbished 504163 Orca GX-21 HUB2x/1000Base-SX Module
504-164504164Nuera Refurbished 504164 Orca GX-21 Hub2 Module
504-186504186Nuera Refurbished 504186 Orca GX-21 UPM3 Module
504-301504301Nuera Refurbished 504301 NUERA 504-301- VPM/DS3 MEDIA 1000 BASE-SX NUERA 504-301
504-100-0150410001Nuera NUERA 504-100-01- UPMX/T1 1- TERMINAL PORT 2-SERIAL PORTS NUERA
504-100-0250410002Nuera NUERA 504-100-02 UPMX/E1-120 1xE1-120 PORT 2xSERIAL PORT MODUL
50410007Nuera NUERA 504-100-07- 404-089 REV 4 UPMX/T1 1 - T1 PORT 2- SERIAL PO
504-106504106Nuera NUERA 504-106 ORCA HUB Module FRT NUERA 504-106
50419307Nuera NUERA 504-193-07 UPMX/T1 1-T1 PORT 2-SERIAL PORT MODULE NUERA
504-366504366Nuera NUERA 504-366 ORCA GX-21 CM3 Module NUERA 504-366
50437201Nuera Nuera 50437201 UPMX/T1 rear module for the Nuera Orca BTX 21 Cha
10A0024-00310A0024003Nuera NUERA 10A0024-003 HSD1524-C1740 ORCA GX-12 DC POWER SUPPLY NUERA
504-368504368Nuera NUERA 504-368 ORCA UPM3 MODULE NUERA 504-368
504-286504286Nuera Nuera 504-286 BITS Clock Module for the Orca BTX-4K Chassis Syst
504-288504288Nuera Nuera 504-288 3 port DS3 Moodule for the Orca BTX-4K High Dens

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