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Listings of Nyko Technologies by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
80017Nyko Technologies New NYKO Universal Power CordNYKO Universal Power Cord
86127Nyko Technologies New Xbox One Data Bank HD Dock
87127Nyko Technologies New WII WAND +
87152Nyko Technologies New Charge Link for Wii U (87152)
83208Nyko Technologies New Charge Base Power Plus PS4 (83208)
83204Nyko Technologies New PS4 Charger STATION
87105Nyko Technologies New WII WIRED KAMA Controller
83069Nyko Technologies New PS3 Core Controller 83069
86100Nyko Technologies New Charge Base Xbox One
86103Nyko Technologies Power Kit Plus Xbox One
86105Nyko Technologies Power Kit Xbox One
86039Nyko Technologies X360 Pro Power Kit
83111Nyko Technologies Charge Base for Sony PS3
83214Nyko Technologies Intercooler PlayStation4 Blk
83218Nyko Technologies Modular Charge Kit PS4 Black
87043Nyko Technologies WII COLORED WANDS
86125Nyko Technologies Xbox One Type Pad
86115Nyko Technologies Xbox One Charge Link 8ft
86038Nyko Technologies Xbox 360 Power Kit Black

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