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Listings of Octel by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
044-1070-0020441070002Octel Refurbished 0441070002 OCTEL PID/R BOX
044-2532-0000442532000Octel Refurbished 0442532000 Octel Fax Voice line TIC Avaya v2.0
044-2532-0100442532010Octel Refurbished 0442532010 Octel Fax Voice Line TIC Avaya V2.0
244-2000-0012442000001Octel Refurbished 2442000001 GSLS TRUNK Interface CD CLEI VSPQ12KDAA
244-2002-0032442002003Octel Refurbished 2442002003 Octel T1 Telephony Interface Card
244-2003-0012442003001Octel Refurbished 2442003001 DIG LN CD-1 CLEI VSCP20G6AA
244-2039-0102442039010Octel Refurbished 2442039010 Octel Asynch Communications Processor Card Rev B VSPQA39DAA
244-2058-0102442058010Octel Refurbished 2442058010 Octel Universal Digital line casrd Rev C VSCPVDE6AA
244-2083-0032442083003Octel Refurbished 2442083003 CPU CP31 V1.3 VSPQA8JDAB
244-2106-0012442106001Octel Refurbished 2442106001 SIERRA T1 Trunk Interface CD CLEI VSIUR30AAA
244-2131-0052442131005Octel Refurbished 2442131005 Octel RAID FILE CARD
244-2501-0082442501008Octel Refurbished 2442501008 Octel CCR CPFile V1.10 RC2
244-2532-0102442532010Octel Refurbished 2442532010 Octel FLT8 Fax LineT1C V2.0
015-1046-0000151046000Octel 9.1GB SCSI 50PIN
044-2501-0100442501010Octel OCTEL OC250 PCA CCF CARD
300-6058-0033006058003Octel Octel 300-6058-003 APIC12 card 300-6058-003

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