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Listings of Oregon Scientific by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
SL103Oregon Scientific New Touch Advanced Weather Station
RGR126NOregon Scientific New Wireless Rain Gauge with OUT Thermometer
THN132NOregon Scientific New Temperature Remote Sensor
WR608Oregon Scientific New Desktop Weather Radio 03/01
BPU321Oregon Scientific New Blood Pressure Monitor
WMR89AOregon Scientific New SEMI-PRO Weather Station
JW108AOregon Scientific New Jumbo Atomic Wall Clock
WMR86AOregon Scientific New Pro Weather Station
RRM222PA-BKRRM222PABKOregon Scientific New Projection Radio Clock
AW133Oregon Scientific New Bluetooth BBQ Oven Thermometer
BAR268HGA-BKBAR268HGABKOregon Scientific New Alize Advanced Weather Station BLACK
BAR268HGA-WBAR268HGAWOregon Scientific New Alize Advanced Weather Station WHITE
RAR213HGOregon Scientific New Bluetooth Thermo-Hygro Clock
BAR266-BKBAR266BKOregon Scientific New Alize Weather Station BLACK
BAR266-WBAR266WOregon Scientific New Alize Weather Station WHITE
EMR211HGOregon Scientific New Bluetooth Thermometer
RMR262-BKRMR262BKOregon Scientific New Alize Thermometer BLACK
RMR262-WRMR262WOregon Scientific New Alize Thermometer WHITE
AWP133Oregon Scientific New Temperature Probe for AW133
PE320Oregon Scientific New Pedometer with Distance Counter
AW131BLROregon Scientific New Talking Wireless BBQ/Oven Ther
BAR208HGAOregon Scientific New Advanced Weather Station 03/01
EW102Oregon Scientific Elements Large Digit Temp and Humidity
THGR122NXOregon Scientific New Thermo-Hygrometer Remote Senso 07/29

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