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Listings of Oregon Scientific by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
SL103Oregon Scientific New Touch Advanced Weather Station
THN132NOregon Scientific New Temperature Remote Sensor
BPU321Oregon Scientific New Blood Pressure Monitor
JW108AOregon Scientific New Jumbo Atomic Wall Clock
RRM222PA-BKRRM222PABKOregon Scientific New Projection Radio Clock
BAR268HGA-BKBAR268HGABKOregon Scientific New Alize Advanced Weather Station BLACK
BAR268HGA-WBAR268HGAWOregon Scientific New Alize Advanced Weather Station WHITE
BAR266-BKBAR266BKOregon Scientific New Alize Weather Station BLACK
BAR266-WBAR266WOregon Scientific New Alize Weather Station WHITE
RMR262-BKRMR262BKOregon Scientific New Alize Thermometer BLACK
RMR262-WRMR262WOregon Scientific New Alize Thermometer WHITE
AWP133Oregon Scientific New Temperature Probe for AW133
AW131BLROregon Scientific New Talking Wireless BBQ/Oven Ther
EW102Oregon Scientific Elements Large Digit Temp and Humidity
OR-SL103ORSL103Oregon Scientific Touch Advanced Weather Station
OR-THN132NORTHN132NOregon Scientific Temperature Remote Sensor
OR-AWP133ORAWP133Oregon Scientific Temperature Probe for AW133
OR-BAR266-BKORBAR266BKOregon Scientific Alize Weather Station BLACK
OR-BAR266-WORBAR266WOregon Scientific Alize Weather Station WHITE
OR-BAR268HGA-BKORBAR268HGABKOregon Scientific Alize Advanced Weather Station BLACK
OR-BAR268HGA-WORBAR268HGAWOregon Scientific Alize Advanced Weather Station WHITE
OR-BPU321ORBPU321Oregon Scientific Blood Pressure Monitor
OR-RMR262-BKORRMR262BKOregon Scientific Alize Thermometer BLACK
OR-RMR262-WORRMR262WOregon Scientific Alize Thermometer WHITE

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