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Listings of Ortronics by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
FC01U-PFC01UPOrtronics Refurbished FC01UP 1U rack for optical cable management
FC02U-PFC02UPOrtronics Refurbished FC02UP 1U rack for optical cable management
OR-2124OR2124Ortronics Refurbished OR2124 Balun Adapter Coaxial Balun RJ45 Keyed to BNC Male for Extended
OR-2480OR2480Ortronics Refurbished OR2480 Balun Adapter Coaxial Balun RJ45 Keyed to BNC Male for Extended
OR-601002424OR601002424Ortronics Refurbished OR601002424 Balun Adapter Coaxial Balun 93 Ohm RJ45 Keyed to BNC Male for E
OR808004996Ortronics New OR808004996 96-PORT PATCH PANEL CAT5
OR-808044317OR808044317Ortronics Refurbished OR808044317 48-Port PATCH PANEL
OR-Cable-10ORCable10Ortronics Refurbished ORCable10 25 PP 10 Cable 50-Pin Telco M to M 10 Feet
OR-Cable-AssyORCableAssyOrtronics Refurbished ORCable Assembly Rackmount 24xRJ45 Conns to 4 x 50-Pin Telco M Cable 5 Feet
OR-60950012OR60950012Ortronics PCB Module 2/8 P8C 110 CAT5 568A Fog Wh Ukey
OR-838045326OR838045326Ortronics New OR838045326 48-Port 10/100Base T Communication Circuit Assembly
OR-63730003OR63730003Ortronics Ortronics OR-63730003 8P8C 110 568 A/B Cat 3 Fog White Tracjack
OR-PHD66U48ORPHD66U48Ortronics Clarity 6 48-port Category 6 patch panel six-port modules 19

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