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Listings of Output Technology by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
8XXC100Output Technology New 8XXC100 OEM Output Technologies OTC Black Ribbon Box of 3 - Exchange only
001-0002000100020Output Technology Refurbished 00100020 MAIN CARRIAGE SUPPORT SHAFT - OTC 560DL/850XL (SB-68)
002-0026100200261Output Technology Refurbished 00200261
021-00339-000210033900Output Technology New Carriage Motor Assembly
021-00339-000210033900Output Technology Refurbished Carriage Motor Assembly
0210058100Output Technology Refurbished 0210058100
021-00585-000210058500Output Technology New 0210058500
041-00018-030410001803Output Technology Refurbished 0410001803
046-00045-000460004500Output Technology Refurbished PIVOT ARM Assembly
046-0005804600058Output Technology Refurbished 04600058
046-00058-000460005800Output Technology Refurbished 0460005800
046-00061-010460006101Output Technology Refurbished 0460006101
046-00183-000460018300Output Technology New 0460018300 850Xl Pressure Strip
046-0018404600184Output Technology New OTC 560/7XX/8XX | KIT-RADIUS AND PRESS STRIP
046-00184-000460018400Output Technology New 0460018400 Radius and Pressure Strip
0460018401Output Technology New OTC 850XL PRESSURE STRIP.
046-0028004600280Output Technology New OTC 560/700A/8XX| BELT KIT W/ IDLER
046-00280-000460028000Output Technology New OTC 8XX CARRIAGE BELT Assembly 1/4
0461026700Output Technology New NANO2 FUSE 250V TELECOM TIN PLATED 2A
0461030000Output Technology New PRESSURE STRIP (5 PACK)
0461031000Output Technology New NANO2 FUSE 250V TELECOM TIN PLATED 2A
046-1085704610857Output Technology New 04610857
0461085700Output Technology New CARRIAGE BELT/Pulley KIT
080-00047-000800004700Output Technology New 0800004700
082-0003008200030Output Technology New 08200030
0820003000Output Technology New OTC XL850 CARR BELT ASSY w/ serial less than 181592
08200328Output Technology New CARRIAGE BELT
0820032800Output Technology New OTC 41XX CARRIAGE DRIVE BELT
097-0004109700041Output Technology Refurbished 09700041 PAPER OUT SWITCH
097-00041-000970004100Output Technology Refurbished PAPER OUT MICRO SWITCH
2160-P1002160P100Output Technology Refurbished 2160P100 HIGH SPEED DOT MATRIX PRINTER
3000C100Output Technology New Lenovo 3000 C100 0761 (Pentium M 730 1.6 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD)
700-E700EOutput Technology Refurbished 700E
0460011800Output Technology OTC PRINTHEAD

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