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Listings of Packeteer by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
PS1550-L002MPS1550L002MPacketeer Refurbished PACKETEER PS1550-002M PACKETSHAPER 1550 WITH 2MB SHAPING PS1550
PS2500-L010MPS2500L010MPacketeer Refurbished PS2500L010M Packeteer Packetshaper 2500 10Mbps Shaping
214-001-0121400101Packeteer Refurbished 21400101 PACKET SHAPER 2000 REV E
214-001-12140011Packeteer Refurbished 2140011 Packeteer 2000 214-001-1 Rev E
PS6500-L010MPS6500L010MPacketeer Refurbished PS6500L010M Packetshpaper 6500 with 10 Mpbs ping NOB
PS2500-L002MPS2500L002MPacketeer Refurbished Packetshaper 2500 Bandwidth Management and Shaping 2MB v7.2.1
741202-002741202002Packeteer Refurbished 741202002 Packeteer ISHAPER-400 Black 3.5in Hard Drive Bracket Caddy Only
LEM-10/100TLEM10100TPacketeer Refurbished LEM10100T 2-Port 10/100Base-T LAN Expansion Module
LEM-1000M-TLEM1000MTPacketeer Refurbished LEM1000MT Copper Gigabit LAN Expansion Module 1000Base-T
PS1400-L002MPS1400L002MPacketeer Refurbished PACKETEER PS1400-L002M- PACKETSHAPER 1400 2MB SHAPING PACKETEER
PS1550Packeteer Refurbished Packetshaper 1550
PS4500-UNLIMITEDPS4500UNLIMITEDPacketeer Refurbished PS4500UNLIMITED Packetshaper 4500 Unlimited
PS8500-L200MPS8500L200MPacketeer Refurbished PS8500L200M Packeteer Packetshaper P8500-L200M with 200MB Shapping
3500Packeteer Packeteer PacketShaper 3500 Load Balancer 1Intel 1297MHz/1GB RA
PS3500-L002MPS3500L002MPacketeer Packeteer PS3500-L002M Packetshaper 3500 W/ 02MB Shaping PS3500-
PS3500-L045MPS3500L045MPacketeer Refurbished Packeteer PS3500-L045M PACKETSHAPER 3500 WITH 45MB SHAPING W/ 1
PS6500-L045MPS6500L045MPacketeer Packeteer PS6500-L045M Packetshaper 6500 with 45 Mpbs shaping

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