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Listings of Performance Technology by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
SS5-VMESS5VMEPerformance Technology Refurbished Performance Technologies/Force SS5-VME CPU Module keyboard port
100P150470Performance Technology Refurbished Quad ports T1-E1-J1 PCI384 PCI card COMBO PK11C6-M5-B1N8-1C
120P037520Performance Technology Refurbished 24-PORT 10/100 LIM CARD
120P039830Performance Technology Refurbished Quad ports T1-E1-J1 PCI384 PCI card COMBO PK11C6-M5-B1N8-1C
CPC4400Performance Technology Refurbished PERFORMANCE TECH CPC4400 24-PORT 10/100 TX + 2 PORT FIBER ETHERN
PT-PCI372PQPTPCI372PQPerformance Technology Refurbished PTPCI372PQ E1/External Synchronous WAN ADAPTER CARD
CPC308Performance Technology Refurbished Performance Tech CPC308 T1/E1/J1 Edge Processor
CPC358Performance Technology Refurbished MVME OCTAL SYNCSERIAL
CPC395Performance Technology Refurbished CPC395 dual T3DS3 adapter
CPC44XXPerformance Technology Refurbished Performance Technology 24+2 Switch CPCI
CPC6620Performance Technology Refurbished CPCI 24 10/100/1000 Base-T ports + two 10 GbCX-4-Ports Front ca
N4723APerformance Technology Refurbished Quad ports T1-E1-J1 PCI384 PCI card COMBO PK11C6-M5-B1N8-1C
PIC344Performance Technology Refurbished 4-Port PowerQUICCR-based WAN communications adapter PCI
PT-SBS430DPTSBS430DPerformance Technology New PTSBS430D SCSI-2 SBUS Module Differential for all SUN SPARC w/QLogic FAS101 Channel
PT-VME 141PTVME141Performance Technology Refurbished PTVME141 25Mhz 68030 MPU w/MMU
PT-VME-330APTVME330APerformance Technology Refurbished MVME Asynchronous Serial Card
PT-VME340PTVME340Performance Technology Refurbished PTVME340 PT-VME 340 High Speed Synchronous Communications Controller with
3702BLPerformance Technology New XB360 AFTERGLOW CONTROLLER BLUE
3702GRPerformance Technology New XB360 AFTERGLOW CONTROLLER GREEN
3702REPerformance Technology New XB360 AFTERGLOW CONTROLLER RED
PT-CPC4400PTCPC4400Performance Technology PERFORMANCE TECH PT-CPC4400 24+2 Switch Compact PCI Module ETHER
120P039620Performance Technology PERFOMANCE TECHNOLOGIES 120P039620 8-Port Ethernet Module LIM 38
120P139610Performance Technology PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGIES 120P139610 T1/E1/J1 8-Port Ethernet Mod
120P037510Performance Technology Performance Technologies 120p037510 cpc44xx 24 Port 10/100 LIM P
120P035640Performance Technology Performance Technologies 120P035640 CompactPCI CPC388 Octal T1/E
120P0367A0Performance Technology COMPACTPCI CPC4400 24+2 SWITCH
900P087710Performance Technology COMPACTPCI CPC4400 24+2 SWITCH
CPC7301Performance Technology Performance Tech CPC7301 PT-CPC7301-91342 Intelligent Shelf Mana
037-008-BKBL037008BKBLPerformance Technology XB360 AFTERGLOW CHAT COM BLUE
120P026510Performance Technology Performance Technologies SCSI SINGLE-END Sbus Adapter GP22A#92-
037-011-NA037011NAPerformance Technology XB1 CHARGER
085-006-YO085006YOPerformance Technology WIRED FIGHT PAD FOR WII U - YOSHI
900P092520Performance Technology Performance Technologies 900P092520 24x 10/100 + 2 1000 base TX
PT-CPC4406PTCPC4406Performance Technology PERFORMANCE TECH PT-CPC4406 CPC4406 Node 24+2 Switch Compact PCI
051-031051031Performance Technology PS4 AFTERGLOW LVL 1 CHAT HEADSET
085-006-LK085006LKPerformance Technology WIIU WIRED FIGHT PAD LINK
CPC6622Performance Technology Refurbished Performance Tech CPC6622 CPC662X 24 1Gbit / Two 10Gbit CompactPC
051-032051032Performance Technology PS4 AFTERGLOW LVL 3 STEREO HEADSET
051-033-X051033XPerformance Technology PS4 AFTERGLOW LVL 5 PLUS STEREO HEADSET
051-038-NA051038NAPerformance Technology PS4 MEDIA REMOTE - SONY LICENCED
051-044-NA-BK051044NABKPerformance Technology PS4 AFTERGLOW AG 9 WIRELESS HEADSET NA
085-006-LU085006LUPerformance Technology WIIU WIRED FIGHT PAD LUIGI
085-006-WA085006WAPerformance Technology WIIU WIRED FIGHT PAD WARIO
9920Performance Technology UNIV. ENERGIZER 2 1AC/DC ADAPT-3DS
CPC4411FPerformance Technology Perfomance Tech CPC4411F 24 10/100 + 2 Fiber Gb Ethernet ports W
064-015-NA-BL064015NABLPerformance Technology PS3 AFTERGLOW WIRELESS CONTROLLER
085-022-NA-BL085022NABLPerformance Technology WIIU AFTERGLOW CONTROLLER BUNDLE
051-037051037Performance Technology Enrgzr2X ExtraLifeChrgSys PS4 051037
0019Performance Technology Energizer 2X Charging Sys PS4 0019
048-085-NA048085NAPerformance Technology NFL Prem FO Controller XOne 048085NA

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