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Listings of Procom Technologies by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
ATOM1300TP2UProcom Technologies Refurbished 1.3GB 2.5-Inch INTERNAL IDE HARD DRIVE IBM TP
ATOM2000TPProcom Technologies New 2GB 2.5-Inch INTERNAL IDE HARD DRIVE IBM TP
ATOM3000TP2UProcom Technologies Refurbished Thinkpad IDE Hard Drive 3GB 2.5-Inch
PIRAProcom Technologies Refurbished PROCOM PIRA 1689 IDE CONTROLLER
BD0030Procom Technologies Refurbished ISA CARD WITH 1/8 IN JACK
CA001Procom Technologies Refurbished
V6090-3792V60903792Procom Technologies Refurbished V60903792 ISA CARD WITH 1/8 IN JACK
DF310R-30FEDF310R30FEProcom Technologies Procom DF310R-30FE DataForce with 5 disc CD changer DVD Rom and
8004930610Procom Technologies VESAL LOCAL BUS VLB VGA CIRRUS LOGIC CL-GD5428-80QC-A

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